Is Bella Curls Black Owned? What We Found Out

Is Bella Curls Black Owned?

Some products on the market, especially in the hair and beauty space, become so popular with black people, consumers might think the company is black-owned. Of course, many black-owned companies we may not always know about. When it comes to the question of what is black-owned, you may have heard the name Bella Curls come up. Let’s find out more about this Hair Care company and who owns it.

What Is Bella Curls?

What Is Bella Curls


Bella Curls is a company that makes amazing hair care products for those with curly and tightly coiled hair. Marketing efforts tend to focus on women and girls with curly hair. Their products feature coconut milk. While their products may be popular with black people, the company itself is not owned or run by black people.

Is Bella Curls Black Owned?

At this time, it’s generally unknown if Bella Curls is black owned, or if any black people are on the board of Directors or work as executives. This is due to the lack of company transparency or official site information.

Another black hair care site states that a man started the company in 2011 with his wife and brother-in-law. He apparently wanted a hair care line that would give people good products with natural ingredients to people who wanted it. Unfortunately there isn’t a specific name for the owner, nor confirmation of this information.

Upon visiting Bella Curls website and social media pages, there is still absolutely no information about ownership. When you click the link that says “Meet Bella”, it takes you to a page that showcases a few hair models along with the company’s mission statement.

If you try to look up the owner online, you may come across someone by the name of Mahisha Dellinger. She is the Founder and CEO of CURLS. Do not confuse CURLS with Bella Curls. Bella Curls is a separate company owned by someone else that chooses to remain anonymous. Mahisha owns and runs a black-owned hair care company — but it’s not Bella Curls.

Has It Ever Been Black Owned?

There is no evidence Bella curls has ever been Black-owned.

What Is The Connection With the Black Community?

What Is The Connection With the Black Community


Do any black people work for this company? So far, the demographics of the company are not transparent.

Why Do Some People Think Bella Curls is Black-owned?

African American hair in its natural state is very curly. So many black women and girls enjoy products from Bella Curls. The company aims for products to be inclusive of all people. After all, people of all races may struggle to deal with curly hair at times.

Sometimes, when many people see the popularity of a product with black people, it’s easy to assume it is black-owned.

If you like these hair care products, keep supporting them. Just know that they are not a black-owned hair care line.

All the products contain coconut oil, which is a product that is very popular in the black hair care world. So people may have thought since the products cater to curly hair and use coconut oil, they may specifically be catering to black people.

The growing social media community for this product seems to be dominated by black consumers. I will touch on that more later in the article.

What Are Their Most Popular Products


  • Coconut Milk Nourishing Shampoo
  • Coconut Milk Nourishing Conditioner
  • Coconut Whipped Crème Leave-in Conditioner

Use the Coconut Creme Curl Defining Cream to smooth and define waves, coils, curls, twists- you name it. The Coconut Oil Deep Conditioning Mask will give you defined and natural-looking bouncy curls.

Coconut oil is a favorite ingredient in black hair care. It works well with our hair and gives it the right amount of moisture we need. Coconut oil also has vitamins and essential nutrients that help to keep your natural coils and curls healthy, strong, protected from damage, and frizz-free.

What People Love About Bella Curls

What People Love About Bella Curls


Not only does the company produce items that are specially made for curly hair, but They also use all-natural ingredients. You won’t see any sulfates, sodium chloride dyes, harsh salts, parabens, or gluten on the labels.

People love not only the results, but also the affordability of these products. Natural hair care products can often be very expensive. This is not the case with Bella Curls products.

Some reviewers mentioned buying this product at the Dollar Tree store, so you don’t have to spend a ton of money ordering it online and waiting for shipping. Look around at your local shops to see if you could pick up one of these coconut oil-based products to try on your curly hair.

The company’s popularity seems to be growing on social media thanks to YouTube and Facebook. The company’s Facebook page displays many black women showing off the beautiful Results of what these products can do for the hair. The Facebook page has about 14,000 people following it.

When you search for Bella Curls reviews on YouTube, you will notice the majority of the online reviewers are black women. So, once again, this may add to the idea that it is a black-owned company. It seems to be an endless list of YouTube videos related to this product.

Is Bella Curls Black Owned? Final Thoughts

Is Bella Curls Black Owned - Final Thoughts


Bella Curls is not black-owned or run, but they are indeed loved by many black women. On social media and blogs, the majority of the views are outright glowing. Many people seem to love this product and feel it saves their curls. Whether you have curly hair or not, you should try out these products.

It is great to see natural hair care products that don’t attempt to break the bank. Hopefully, these popular coconut oil-based products will maintain their integrity, popularity, and price point.

As long as the product continues to manage tightly curled hair, there is no reason why black people should not want to use the product. It is doing a good job.

In conclusion, black people don’t have a monopoly on beautiful, healthy curls so curl-based products are not automatically owned by a black person. While it was not easy to get more specific information about the company, customers are certainly breathing life into the marketing campaign by way of their testimonials.

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  1. I’ve used Bella Curls curl defining creme for 4-5 years. Earlier this year I began experiencing trouble locating that product. I attempted to call the corporate office but was met with a disconnect message.Do you know if they went out of business?

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