5 Top Milwaukee Neighborhoods For Young Black Professionals, Singles & Black Families – Wisconsin

Best Milwaukee Neighborhoods For Young Black Professionals

The special thing about Midwestern hospitality is that you can find it anywhere, even in busy cities.

Milwaukee is no exception. It’s a vibrant city with unique neighborhoods. It also has all the comforts of the Midwest.

So, let’s get comfy and get to know the best Milwaukee neighborhoods for black families, singles, and young professionals.

3 Best Milwaukee Suburbs For Black Families

Whitefish Bay

Whitefish Bay

Niche currently rates Whitefish Bay as the best place to live and raise a family in all of Wisconsin. This is a great sign for black families looking to relocate.

This suburb has A+ scores for public schools and family life and A- scores for housing and nightlife.

The median household income is about $124,397, and the median home value is $387,000.

Whitefish Bay attracts a lot of young families and has a very family-centric culture.

It has some of the best public and private schools in the state and well-established routes for children to get to school.

This neighborhood rests right along Lake Michigan, so there are plenty of activities that you can do with your family. Klode Park and Big Bay Park are just two notable parks with beaches.

The Whitefish Bay Farmers Market is very close to Klode Park, so you can enjoy perusing through markets and eating local dishes after a fun day at the beach.

Although Whitefish Bay is family-oriented, it also has great nightlife. There are many bars to visit and try local beers. This suburb is also about seven miles away from Milwaukee, so a visit to the city is fast and convenient.



Living in Shorewood feels like a nice blend of urban and suburban life. There are plenty of things to do in this suburb. It has numerous cafes and restaurants to try out.

It’s also right between the Milwaukee River and Lake Michigan, so there are plenty of opportunities to participate in water sports. Best of all, Shorewood is about a square mile in size, so it’s easy to get around.

The median household income is $74,745, and the median home value is $338,400. It’s also common to see many residents rent their homes.

Shorewood is a good fit for young professionals, but it also has reputable school systems. A lot of schools have strong music and arts programs. Therefore, Shorewood naturally has a prominent art culture.

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is also very close to this suburb. Its most popular majors are marketing, liberal arts and sciences, and nursing. Several of its sports teams compete in NCAA Division I.



Glendale is one of the most diverse suburbs in Wisconsin, and Niche also ranks it as the 14th best suburb in the state.

The median household income is $77,58, and the median home value is $220,900.

Community involvement is a prominent part of Glendale’s culture. There are many community festivals and events scheduled throughout the year.

This suburb also has plenty of parks and trails to explore. You can hike along the 120-mile Oak Leaf Trail that runs through the neighborhood. Kletzsch Park is a popular destination for fishing, and it has soccer, lacrosse, and baseball fields.

If you’d prefer to skip the outdoor activities, you can check out the numerous commercial and local businesses. There are many locally-owned stores located on Main Street that are worth exploring.

You can also visit Bayshore, Glendale’s entertainment district. It has a shopping center that has over 75 merchants, offices, and places to eat.

2 Best Milwaukee Neighborhoods For Black Singles & Young Professionals

East Town

East Town

A lot of young professionals flock to East Town for its rich cultural scene and bustling atmosphere, making it great for black singles. You can find a lot of events taking place at Cathedral Square Park, including Bastille Days, Cathedral Square Market, and Jazz in the Park.

You’ll have plenty to do and show off when you’re hosting visitors from out of town. There are several museums and upscale eateries to explore.

East Town also has a thriving nightlife. All you have to do is walk over to Water Street to find fun bars and pubs with delicious food and drinks.

Overall, East Town is a fun and busy neighborhood. It’s very walkable and accessible, so you’ll have no trouble getting to know your way around it.

Sherman Park

Sherman Park


Sherman Park is one of Milwaukee’s largest and most diverse neighborhoods. Since it’s so big, it’s further broken down into smaller, distinct neighborhoods:

  • Sunset Heights
  • Uptown Crossing
  • Grasslyn Manor
  • St. Joseph’s
  • Roosevelt Grove
  • Metcalfe Park

Sherman Park attracts a lot of young professionals because of the comparatively low housing costs. The median home value is $67,019, and the median rent is $868.

This neighborhood also has an entrepreneurial spirit. The Sherman Phoenix project is a prime example of Sherman Park’s resilient and creative culture.

After violent unrest broke out from a fatal police shooting, several community leaders rallied together to create a safe space within the community. Their efforts led to renovating a fire-damaged building.

It’s now a thriving hub that contains 27 small businesses, many owned by people of color. You can find delicious foods and wellness services here. Many community events also take place in this space.

There is also a very strong sense of community in this neighborhood. The Sherman Park Community Association established itself in 1971. It’s committed to investing in the neighborhood so that it continues to celebrate and welcome diversity.

Is Milwaukee Safe?

Is Milwaukee Safe

In a 2019 survey, Wisconsin ranked 20th lowest in crime rates in the US. It had 293.2 offenses per 100,000 of the population.

Wisconsin also ranked 19th in the 2012 United States Peace Index.

We do acknowledge that many people may know Milwaukee as a city with high crime rates. However, as with many cities, it depends on where you are. You’re more likely, statistically, to run into trouble in a densely populated area than in a sparse rural community.

Also, Milwaukee ranked in US News & World Report’s 150 Best Places to Live in the US in 2021-2022.

Therefore, make sure to do any research before deciding where to live. Milwaukee is home to many resilient and creative people. You can end up missing out on a lot of unique experiences if you just gloss over this city.

No matter if you’re in Milwaukee or elsewhere, you should always be aware of your surroundings and be street smart. Milwaukee has a lot to offer, and you can explore while being safe at the same time.

What Is Milwaukee’s Demographic?

Milwaukee’s Demographic

According to the US Census Bureau, Black and African American people make up 38.7% of the population. They are the second-largest population in Milwaukee.

The largest population is White people at 44.4%. Asians make 4.3% of the population.

Some headlines state Milwaukee as one of the most segregated cities in the US. However, you can find some diverse communities, such as Sherman Park, throughout the city.

In terms of age, Milwaukee’s median resident age is 31.5 years. According to Health Compass Milwaukee, 25-34-year-olds are the largest population by age. This age group makes up 15.52% of the population. Then, 35-44-year-olds come second with 13.42%.

For households, one-person households are the most common in Milwaukee. They make up 34.23% of the population. Two-person households come in second at 30.28%.

30.75% of households in Milwaukee have children.

Overall, young adults and families are the majority of Milwaukee’s population.

Milwaukee is also predominantly white. However, there are several diverse neighborhoods in the city, and they advocate for diversity in ethnicity, culture, and religion.

Best Milwaukee Neighborhoods For Black Families, Conclusion

Milwaukee is a vibrant city that has a lot to offer for black people. It has a lively food scene, a devout sports culture, and numerous cultural experiences.

Many people proudly call this city home. Whether you’re in Milwaukee wanting to start your career or raise a family, there’s a place for you here.

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