5 Popular Wilmington Neighborhoods For Black Singles, Young Professionals & Families – Delaware

Best Wilmington Neighborhoods For Black Singles

As Delaware’s largest and most populous city, Wilmington offers a lot for residents and newcomers. Its location is also between most of the east coast’s major cities.

Are you looking for the right place in Wilmington to move to? Here are our picks for the best Wilmington neighborhoods for Black families, young professionals, and singles.

3 Best Wilmington Suburbs For Black Families

Are you looking for the right place to raise your kids in Wilmington? If so, then look through our picks for the best Wilmington neighborhoods for Black families.

Wawaset Park

If you want to settle down in an excellent neighborhood suitable for your kids, consider living in Wawaset Park. Although its median rent of $1,376 is slightly higher than the national average, many of its residents own their homes instead of renting.

Although most of Wilmington has an urban aesthetic, Wawaset Park caters to families seeking a suburban-like atmosphere.

Your kids can access the local public schools, including Highlands Elementary School, Alexis I. du Pont Middle School, and Alexis I. du Pont High School. They also have magnet schools for specific curriculums, including Conrad School of Science and Cab Calloway School of the Arts.

Wawaset Park has several go-to attractions in the surrounding area, including a golf club, restaurants, and parks with trails and zoos.

Little Italy

For families interested in lively areas, you might want to consider settling in Little Italy. Most of the houses in the area have vibrant colors, making them reasonably identifiable by even the youngest members of your family. You can also find colorful murals throughout the city.

Depending on where you look, homes can cost around $175K.

The Saint Anthony of Padua Roman Catholic Church hosts a week-long Italian Festival every June, celebrating the neighborhood’s Italian culture. With several games and Italian dishes to try, it’s an excellent way to spend time with your family.

This church also holds grade school for people interested in enrolling their kids in Catholic school.

Little Italy has several Italian restaurants and brunch spots you can enjoy throughout your week.

With several landmarks highlighting its Italian and church influence, Little Italy makes an ideal neighborhood for any family who wants to move to Wilmington.

Baynard Village

Compared to the previous entries in our list, Baynard Village has over 6,000 residents but has a lower cost of living than the national average. Therefore, this option is ideal for Black families who want to save extra for their amenities.

It’s located in the northwestern part of Wilmington, making it one of the safer areas within the community. However, we recommend keeping a close eye on your kids when walking or driving around the neighborhood.

Several convenience stores and churches are scattered across the neighborhood, ideal for families following their weekend routines.

On the eastern side of the neighborhood, you can find Eastlake Park and Playground, an ideal spot for getting fresh air and letting your kids have fun on a beautiful day.

2 Best Wilmington Neighborhoods for Black Professionals & Singles

Although moving with your family is a life-changing experience, seeking opportunities yourself is another reason the city entices you. Here are two places we consider the top Wilmington suburbs for young Black professionals & singles.

Trolley Square

Trolley Square


Located north of Wilmington’s business district lies Trolley Square. Named after the city’s installation of its first street railway, Wilmington eventually developed into a diverse shopping and business center, attracting young professionals from every corner.

This neighborhood might be an ideal pick if you prefer living in an urban setting with bustling nightlife establishments.

However, it’s densely populated compared to other neighborhoods, so you’re more likely to rent a home instead of buying one. Nevertheless, this option might be ideal if you don’t mind paying more than the national average for median rent.

Due to Wilmington’s placement, Trolley Square makes an ideal location for professionals who commute to major surrounding cities, such as Philadelphia.

Trolley Square also has several restaurants and bars that you can visit after a busy week. The compact, urban nature of the neighborhood makes most of these locations within walking distance from most homes.

One landmark you might enjoy visiting during your free time is Brandywine Park, which you can access within walking distance. You should also indulge in Trolley Square’s Halloween Loop, which is a city-wide costume party hosted every October.

If you’re a young Black professional or single, eager to spend a night out at every opportunity, a life in Trolley Square might be the right fit for you.

Downtown Wilmington

Downtown Wilmington

Another excellent location we recommend you relocate to is Downtown Wilmington. Many locals consider it one of the city’s top safest neighborhoods, so you can easily commute to work on foot if you stay aware of your surroundings.

The average rent costs less than $1000, making it ideal for buyers or renters eager to find a place to call their own.

This diverse neighborhood has several restaurants and bars for avid food lovers, such as Bardea, Chelsea Tavern, Cavanaugh’s, and Maker’s Alley.

Downtown Wilmington also hosts several annual events, including music festivals, a cycling Grand Prix, and art gallery presentations, making it the perfect spot for anyone interested in the city’s entertaining culture.

Is Wilmington Safe?

Is Wilmington Safe

One of the essential things you should know before moving to a new city is how safe it is. Many people assume that the larger the city, the more crime may be present. However, this measurement is also determined by the city’s population.

Unfortunately, Delaware has a reputation for being one of the nation’s top 20 states with the most reported violent crimes and highest peace index. In addition, Wilmington has Delaware’s highest crime rates, giving it the nickname “Murder City.”

Although this might feel daunting to you, you can avoid crime by paying attention to your surroundings at any time of the day. Like other large, major cities, there are safe and dangerous areas.

Thankfully, there are several safe suburbs in Wilmington where you can avoid trouble.

Wilmington can also become prone to hurricanes and flooding by its closest rivers and occasional tornadoes. Thankfully, you can follow several safety methods when preparing for natural disasters and avoiding trouble on the streets.

What is Wilmington’s Demographic?

Before moving to a new city, it would be wise to research the local demographics to deduce how many people live there, especially when breaking it down by race.

Wilmington is Delaware’s largest and most populated city, with over 70,000 residents. It’s also known for having a sizable African American population, but some people might have this question on their minds: just how much of the population is Black?

According to the US Census Bureau, Black residents make up about 58% of Wilmington’s population. This is followed by over 35% for its white population and about 10% for the Hispanic or Latino community.

The gender demographics for the city’s population are almost even, with 52.6% being women and 47.4% being men.

The largest age demographic for Wilmington residents is between 25 and 34 years of age, making it the perfect place for young professionals, rounding out at about 16.4%, followed by ages 35 to 44 with 15.6% and 45 to 54 at 12.2%.

Wilmington’s median age for city residents is 33.7, and you’re bound to find singles and young professionals walking around most of the neighborhood streets. However, you can still find families with children of many ages.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Living in Wilmington?

Pros and Cons of Living in Wilmington

When narrowing down the best Wilmington neighborhoods for Black families, you should consider the advantages and disadvantages of living there.


  • Close commutes to major east coast cities
  • Access to several healthcare providers
  • Lower cost of living
  • Excellent employment opportunities


  • Harsh summers and frigid winters
  • Dense population
  • Heavy traffic
  • Susceptible to hurricane season

Best Wilmington Neighborhoods For Black Families, Conclusion

Wilmington is a bustling city on the east coast that’s always welcoming newcomers interested in making a fresh start.

We recommend taking a trip to the city before you decide on moving there. With several outlets to explore and an affordable cost of living, these are the best Wilmington neighborhoods for Black families.

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