5 Best Boston Neighborhoods For Black Singles, Young Professionals & Families – Massachusetts

Best Boston Neighborhoods For Black Singles

Today, we’re exploring one of the largest cities in the Northeast and the largest in New England: Boston.

With a population of over 600,000, Boston has plenty to offer to young professionals, singles, and families.

Here are the best Boston neighborhoods to live in.

3 Best Boston Suburbs For Black Families



Belmont is one of the best suburbs in Massachusetts, especially for families. It has to offer a lot to young black families, including an excellent public school system and fantastic sports and music programs for kids. Belmont is very safe, and it’s pretty quiet and relaxed. You can walk around at any time of the day or night, and your kids can play on your front lawn safely.

Despite that, it is very close to Boston and Cambridge. Since it’s closer than other suburbs, such as Lexington, it’s in high demand. Many people see Belmont as simply an extension of Boston and Cambridge. While houses are sometimes close together in Belmont, you can still get a lot of privacy and enjoy a better quality of life when compared to the city.

Belmont is great for nature lovers; you can take your kids places like the Beaver Brook Reservation. However, you do need a car to live in Belmont, as public transportation within the town isn’t that good.



Newton is a suburb of Boston that is popular with young families. Along with Brookline, its public school system ranks as one of the highest in the state. However, it is a lot more suburban than Brookline.

Despite that, it has easy access to the city with public transportation, so you can take your kids on a day trip to one of Boston’s attractions on the weekend or when they have a vacation from school.

Newton is very liberal, with most residents tending to vote for liberal or left-leaning politicians. While diversity is low in most Boston suburbs, Newton has a small percentage of African American families, and other ethnic groups add to its diversity too.

In addition, it had an African American mayor, Setti Warren, the first popularly elected African American mayor in the entire state.



It can still be hard to find a suburb or rural area in Massachusetts with a sizable black community. If you’re looking for a more racially diverse Boston suburb, Randolph is a good one to consider.

Randolph might not be the best Boston suburb, but it’s pretty diverse, with many young families moving there for more affordable living. It has a sizable immigrant community as well.

The schools in Randolph are not the best, but you can send your kids to a school in Milton, the next town and only around 10 minutes away. Milton is a top-rated school district, with several excellent schools where your kids can get a well-rounded education.

Milton is ranked as the #29 best school district in the entire state, with a score of A+, on Niche.com.

You could live in Milton too, but its housing prices are among the most expensive in the state, so make sure you can afford it. Milton attracts many young married professionals, and it is a mostly white-collar town.

Other than that, Randolph has a lot to offer to families. There is a good selection of parks, such as Belchers Park and Powers Farm Park, which are splendid places to bring kids. If you own a dog, there are several great dog parks too.

Finally, there are many convenience stores, large chains, and restaurants where you can get anything you need and eat out.

2 Best Boston Neighborhoods For Black Singles & Young Professionals

South End

South End

The South End is one of the best places for single, young black professionals in Boston. It has many young people living there, and there are plenty of bars you can pop in for a drink or meet other people. It’s not as crowded or touristy as the North End, either.

There are a lot of jazz clubs in the area. In the area, you’ll find the famous Wally’s Cafe, a jazz club. It was founded by Joseph L. Wally Walcott, and he was the first African American to own a nightclub in New England.

In addition to bars, there are plenty of places to get a coffee, eat, and do some work.

The South End is also a great place for members of the LGBT community, as plenty of young gay people live there.

There are beautiful historic buildings throughout the South End, and it’s a pretty relaxed area overall. While some areas aren’t that great and should be avoided at night, such as the corner of Mass Ave and Melnea Cass Blvd., the vast majority of the neighborhood is very safe.

The South End is one of the more diverse areas of Boston. According to city data, while not as diverse as Dorchester or Roxbury, African Americans make up more than 17 percent of its population. Whites make up less than 50 percent, with the rest of the population consisting primarily of Asian Americans and other minorities such as Latinos.



The African American population in Roxbury is not as large as in Dorchester, but it’s still one of the highest in the city. Roxbury is a pretty cool place to live, with more and more young professionals choosing it as their place of residence. Many areas of Roxbury are very close to the T, so it’s easy to get around, and there is a nice assortment of fun cafes and bars.

Is Boston Safe?

Is Boston Safe

Nobody wants to move anywhere that isn’t safe. What about Boston — is it a safe place to live?

Boston, like any big city in the US, has crime. However, overall, it’s a pretty safe city to live in. While there are a few neighborhoods and areas that are somewhat sketchy, most people living in Boston will not experience any sort of crime, especially not violent crime.

Massachusetts, as a whole, is a pretty safe place to live in, and it doesn’t even rank in the top 35 states with the most violent crime, despite not being high on the US peace index. Of course, as with all states, suburbs and rural areas tend to see less crime than urban areas.

What Is Boston’s Demographic?

What Is Boston’s Demographic

Before moving to a new city, it’s worth getting a feel for the people’s demographics.

Boston is primarily white (over 50 percent) — that’s no surprise, given it is New England. However, that doesn’t mean it lacks diversity. Over 25 percent of the population is African American. In addition, almost 20 percent are Latino or Hispanic, and almost 10 percent are Asian.

While African Americans live throughout the city, many concentrate in areas like Mission Hill, Roxbury, Dorchester, etc. Some neighborhoods have a higher population of Haitian immigrants.

Boston is a young city. If you’re a young professional, listen to this: Less than 12 percent of the city’s population is over 65 years old! You’ll be able to meet plenty of people your age and make lifelong friends. It’s great for singles as well, as there are plenty of people ready to go on dates. Slightly more than half of the city is female, and around half male, so there are equal dating opportunities for both genders.

Top Boston Neighborhoods For Black Families, Conclusion

Boston continues to grow, and more and more cafes, bars, and restaurants keep opening up. More and more young black single professionals choose to make Boston their home, while more families move to the suburbs to give their kids a better quality of life and an excellent education.

Boston is a superb choice whether you’re looking for job stability or want to meet and date new people.

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