5 Best Nashville Neighborhoods For Black Families, Young Professionals & Singles – Tennessee

Best Nashville Neighborhoods for Black Families

Nashville is a city in the United States that offers the best neighborhoods for black families. With a population close to one million, you may be wondering which neighborhoods offer the best living experiences.

We can help by providing information on the best Nashville neighborhoods for black families, singles, and professionals.

3 Best Nashville Suburbs for Black Families

Thanks to housing numbers, relative safety, and educational factors, these neighborhoods are the best for Black families to live in Nashville.



If your job is related to information technology, and you’re looking for the best location to raise your kids excellently, Brentwood is a top pick.

Citywide, the Brentwood suburb is home to some of the top schools in the city. For families, it means quality education for the kids.

Brentwood is only ten miles away from the main sections of Nashville. You wouldn’t spend more than 15 minutes on the road trying to get to the city.

You’ll be enjoying the peace and serenity of the suburbs while remaining close to the city center.

Brentwood may not be at the center of Nashville, but the standard of living is pretty much on the high side.

Owning a home in this neighborhood can cost you up to $650,000. Conversely, renting family-appropriate homes can mean monthly expenses up to $3,000.

The slightly high housing is well worth the peace and serenity you and your family will be getting.

Plus, there’s plenty of opportunities to increase your revenue thanks to the neighborhood’s burgeoning IT scene.

There are many IT-related companies with their headquarters sitting in Brentwood, and as such, you can easily switch your jobs.

If you own your IT company, you can foster partnerships with other firms in Brentwood.

Entertainment is not zero at Brentwood, as there are plenty of great restaurants in this neighborhood. Even the legendary Dolly Parton lives in Brentwood.

Brentford is also home to the Nashville Zoo, a playground for kids in the form of Monkey’s Treehouse and Glow Galaxy for toddlers. Brentford has got something for every member of the young Black family.



Clarksville is one of the best neighborhoods for African American families in Nashville because it’s family-friendly.

 Luckily, these families don’t have to break the bank to live in Clarksville. Clarksville offers a reasonable standard of living with high quality of education for the kids.

A budget of $200,000 will get you decent housing within this suburb. Affordable housing isn’t a tradeoff for safety and harmful exposure.

Black families can expect to socialize with peers and professionals like themselves.

The neighborhood is friendly and will give you the feeling of being in a southern town. Your kids will love it in Clarksville, especially when Christmas comes calling.

Events like Clarksville Christmas Parade and the Wonder Kids Triathlon will prove to be a hit with children. The Rotary Center, Dunbar cave, and the Customs House Museum and Cultural Center are some family attractions to round out the positives in Clarksville.

Mount Juliet

Mount Juliet

With a population of around 35,000, Mount Juliet offers you one of the best locations to raise your children. The neighborhood is a growing one with low crime numbers.

The standard of living is another perk for Black families looking to move to this suburb.

You can get modest housing with a lot of space for a value between $300,000 and $350,000. And though the real estate values are rising, you can still rent an apartment in Mount Juliet for below $2000 monthly.

The schools around Mount Juliet have high standards, so there’s no need to get scared of your kids doing badly educationally.

Run by the Wilson County School District, Mount Juliet is home to some of the top private schools in Nashville.

As an advantage for you, the infrastructure and business around Mount Juliet are in their growing stages. For Black professionals with an entrepreneurial spirit, you can easily find a need and provide profitable solutions.

Entertainment and recreational activities aren’t extinct at Mount Juliet. A nickname for Mount Juliet is the “City Between the Lakes.”

For lovers of nature, there are lakes and sights like the Appalachian Mountains, where you and your family can have a great bonding time.

If you’re considering a move to Nashville, the suburbs of Mount Juliet may be the best option.

2 Best Nashville Neighborhoods for Young Black Professionals & Singles

As a single, Black professional, Nashville offers you great locations to live. In these locations, you’ll feel safe, have fun, network with young professionals and meet potential partners.

These are the top two Nashville suburbs for young Black professionals & singles.



Downtown is the part of Nashville where almost anything and everything goes down! It’s the commercial part of the city and sits right at the heart of Nashville.

While you may need to splash over $300,000 to own your home, you can rent an apartment as low as $1200 monthly. Since it’s at the heart of Nashville, you’ll be getting an elite apartment at this price.

As a single person, you have the liberty to go out, appreciate nature, party, and watch movies. Downtown is home to some of the best spots in Nashville.

Great examples of places to meet people are the Johnny Cash Museum and the Music City Walk of Fame. There’s the Segway tour that offers an informative trip across the main attractions in Downtown.

Expect to enjoy spending time at the Country Music Hall of Fame, the Farmer’s market, and the Tennessee State Capitol building.

German Town

German Town

For a single, Black professional, German Town ticks all of the boxes. There are buzzing commercial centers that provide plenty of financial opportunities.

German Town is a pretty quiet and serene neighborhood, two important qualities for professionals with deadlines to meet.

It’s not all work in German Town as there is plenty of opportunity for fun and entertainment. For instance, there are bars like The Back Corner where you have the chance to stay late at night to enjoy yourself.

You can spend time enjoying the activities at the Morgan Recreational Center, or you can visit the Tennessee State Museum to understand a bit of history.

Is Nashville Safe?

Is Nashville Safe

Safety should be an urgent concern for Black families and young professionals searching for the best Nashville neighborhoods.

Nashville is a city in Tennessee, which is safe to a degree. On a scale of 1-4.5, Tennessee has a peace index of 3.41.

From the same source, the crime rate in Tennessee is around 595.5 per 100,000. The statistics and reports above are for Tennessee as a whole and not for Nashville.

Nashville isn’t void of these crimes, but it depends on the neighborhood. According to recent crime data, the suburbs with incidences of violent crimes are Elizabeth Park and Cleveland Park.

Thankfully, they’re not on our list of best Nashville neighborhoods for African American families.

What Is Nashville’s Demographic?

Nashville’s Demographic

In terms of population, Nashville ranks as the biggest city in Tennessee. In 2020, its population count of 678,448 people was the largest in Tennessee.

With an annual growth rate of 0.57%, Nashville’s population should be well over 700,000 people.

Black people in Nashville make up 27.6% of the population. White people make up 63.5%, while the next largest population are Hispanics, who make up just over 10% of the population.

For young professionals, there’s plenty of opportunities to mingle and connect with others. Forty-one percent of the population are over the age of 25 and own a bachelor’s degree.

Top Nashville Suburbs For Black Singles, Conclusion

Although with some bad reports on safety, Nashville offers some of the best neighborhoods for Black families looking for a wholesome family experience.

Nashville is also a metro environment where there are numerous networking opportunities and social attractions. Nashville has got something for everybody, whether you want job stability, an active entertainment lifestyle, or great schools for kids.

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