41 Perfect Black Baby Names For Both Sexes

Perfect Black Baby Names For Both Genders

Names are so important.

They’re the one thing that usually follows us around for our entire lives.

Plus, half the time, especially when applying for jobs, your name is the first thing someone will notice about you.

There’s power in a name.

While there are common black female names and common black male names, there’s an abundance of more names that are perfect for naming babies of both sexes.

From Andrea to Isaac, here are 42 perfect names for both girls and boys.

Black Baby Girl Names

Amena, Serena, and Dominique are beautiful, meaningful names for Black baby girls.


Amena isn’t a very common name, but it is beautiful.

According to Baby Center, in 2020, it sits at #1,819 on the list of most common female names given to babies.

The name comes from Celtic origin and means honest woman.

A variety of this name is also “Amina” which is of Arabic origin and means trustworthy.

This version of the name is #263 on the list of most common names for baby girls.


Halima is a name of African origin.

The name increased in popularity between 2019 and 2020, but the name only sits in the mid #1000s.

The meaning behind the name is “gentle,” while it is also said to mean “patient” as well.


Definitely one of the more popular names on this list, Angelina is a common and beautiful name.

In the top 500 of common names for baby girls in 2020, the name has Latin origins with a very obvious meaning of “angelic.” 

The name peaked in 2005, and there is a bit of scandal behind that.

The spike came in 2005 at the beginning of Angelina Jolie’s relationship with Brad Pitt.


Zuri is another beautiful name for little girls that has been growing in popularity over the last few years.

The name is of Swahili origin and means “beautiful” in the language.

While a relatively new name in its usage, Zuri is one of the top 200 names given to young baby girls.


Simone is a popular girl’s name that has been around for over a century.

The name has Hebrew origins and means “one who hears.”

When it comes to celebrities who share the name, you’d find the United States’ most decorated gymnast, Simone Biles.


Adelaide, while uncommon, is a beautiful name for a baby girl.

The name has German origins and means someone who is “noble and kind.”

While incredibly popularly in the late 1800s and early 1900s, the name decreased during the middle of the 20th century before increasing again in the early 2000s.


If you love the film The Lion King, you’ll definitely remember Nala.

The name is also perfect for a baby girl.

Clearly of African origin, the name means “successful.”

The name was very popular in the early 20th century but continued to decline until 1994 after the animated Disney film was released.


The name Brie might remind some of cheese, but this is a powerful name that is great for a baby girl.

It has numerous meanings.

In Latin, the name means marshland but in the French origin, it is simply a region of France.

However, we’re going with the Celtic origin.

The name Brie means “resolute” and “strong,” and that is a wonderful name to lead a baby into greatness.


While Andrea is a traditionally feminine name, you’ll find that those of Italian nationality also use it as a masculine name.

The feminine form of Andrew, the name Andrew means “manly.”

While the meaning might not be what you’re looking for in a girl’s name, the name of Greek origin is also said to mean brave and courageous.


While most look at Tori as a shortened version of the name Victoria, it can also be used as it’s own.

When coming from the English origin, the name means winner or conqueror.

In its Latin origin, the name translates to victor, which isn’t too different.

However, when the name is used from it’s Japanese origin, it means bird.


The name Carline is of German origin and means “free.”

While the name isn’t very popular, the meaning is beautiful.

Plus, who doesn’t want a unique name.

The name is also said to be a form of the Gaelic name “Carlin” which means “little champion.”


Dominique is a name that can be used for both girls and boys, especially in French culture.

The name has a Latin origin and means “belonging to God.”

You’ll also find a few celebrities who share this name like gymnast Dominique Dawes.


Ayana isn’t a very common name, but it is quite literally beautiful.

Coming from African origin, the name means “beautiful flower.”

Although the name has only been around since the 1970s, it has continued growing in popularity over the last 50 years.


Zalena is another uncommon name with a beautiful meaning.

Coming from Greek origins, the name means “shine.”


The name Alisa is a relatively unique name, but you’ll also find that there are many different spellings to its original form.

Alisa is a German name that means “noble.”

The name also has Hebrew origins where it means “joy.”


The name Serena is pretty common.

With Latin origins, the name means “serene” or “calm.”

It’s safe to say that everyone could probably name someone with the name Serena, like the tennis superstar Serena Williams.

The name has been at its most popular since the late 1990s which is probably in part due to the success of the tennis player.


Althea is a name of Greek origin.

It means wholesome.

The name can also be translated to mean truth or healing.

Similar to Serena, Althea is a name that is associated with another tennis star, more specifically Althea Gibson.


Dana is another unisex name that you’ll sometimes see given to both girls and boys.

Although more commonly female, the name is of English origin and means “God is my judge.”


Stephanie is one of the more common names on this list.

If you want your baby girl to feel like royalty, this is the name to choose.

Coming from Greek origin, the name means “crown.”


Tiffany is a popular name for girls.

Coming from Greek origins, the name means “appearance of God.”

The name was practically non-existent in the mid 1900s until it began to increase in popularity around the 1970s and 1980s.


If you’re looking for a unique name, Zola is definitely one to add to the list.

The name is of Italian origin and means “piece of Earth.”

While the name was initially popular between the late 1800s and 1930s, the name experienced an increase at the beginning of the 2000s.

Black Baby Boy Names


Ayden is a popular name for boys.

While it can also be spelled as “Aiden,” the meaning stays the same.

When coming from English origin, the name means “enduring.”

The Aiden variation of the name comes from ancient Gaelic where the name is said to mean “little fire.”


When it comes to baby boy names, Justin is one of the most popular throughout history.

The name comes from Latin origin and means just, upright, or righteous.

While Justin is one of the most popular baby names ever, it is especially one of the most popular African American names as well.


Christian is one of the most popular names on this list and is also another popular African American name for boys.

The name comes from English origins and literally means “follower of Christ.”

As of 2020, the name is the 81st most common name among males.


Similar to Christian, Isaiah is another biblical name.

Coming from Hebrew origins, the name means “salvation of the Lord.:

Going hand in hand with both Justin and Christian, Isaiah is another common name among the African American community.

This name is shared with celebrities like NBA player Isaiah Thomas and actor Isaiah Washington.


One of the most popular names on this list, Jordan is a unisex name that can be used for both girls and boys.

The name is of Hebrew origin and means “descending.”

Gender-neutral, this name is also another one you’d find common among the African-American community.


The name Damien is often associated with Halloween, but it’s a common name for boys.

It has Greek origins and means to tame or subdue.


Joshua is another biblical name.

More so, this name is also common for Black males.

SImilarly to Justin, Joshua is another name that has remained popular throughout history.

The name comes from Hebrew origins and means “savior.”

Joshua is also one of the most popular names on this list at #60.


Grady isn’t a very popular name, but it is one you should consider using.

When analyzing it geographically, the name is more commonly used in the Southern United States.

Even so, the name has Gaelic origins and means “noble” or “illustrious.”


Brandon is another popular name within the African American community.

The name has Anglo-Saxon origins and means “sword.”

Many also use the name as inspiration from Shakespeare’s Henry VIII character.


Anthony is the most popular name on the list.

It is also in the top 50 most popular boys’ names.

The name has both Latin and Greek origins and means priceless or valuable.

There are also other derivatives of this name, Antonne being one of them.

Anthony is also a popular name in the Black community.

Celebrities like Anthony Anderson and Anthony Mackie share the name.


If you’re hoping to bless your son with a happy name, you can use the name Isaac.

Another name of biblical origins, it comes from Hebrew and means “He will laugh.”

Isaac is also one of the most popular names not only in the country, but around the world.

It is the one of the most popular names on this list.


The name Khalil has been rising in popularity over the last decade.

It has Arabic origins and means “friend.”

Within the United States, it seems the name only appeared in the early 1960s and experienced a peak in the mid-1990s.


Lamonte isn’t an extremely popular name, but it has been around for over a century.

Different from most names on this list, it has Scandinavian origins and means “lawyer.”

The name experienced its highest peak in 1972 before decreasing over the last 50 years.


If you want a slight variation to the name Marc, you might go with Marcel.

The name is of Latin origins and means “warlike” or “young warrior.”

For those who love art, this name could be inspired by Marcel Duchamp.

For athletes, the name could be inspired by Olympic gymnasts Marcel Hirscher or Marcel Nguyen.


Nolan is of Gaelic origin and originally started out as a last name.

Even so, the name has grown to be increasingly popular within the United States.

More so, as of 2020, it is one of the most common names on this list.

Another name that has been around for over a century, the name began experiencing an increase towards the end of the 20th century.


When it comes to astrology, everyone knows Orion.

The name is also a great choice for baby boys.

Orion has Greek origins and means “son of fire” or “the hunter.”

The name has generally been increasing in use since the early 2000s.

Many are inspired to use the name from the constellation.


Owen is another one of the most popular names on this list.

The name dates back to the 1800s and has Celtic origins.

Also considered a traditional Welsh name, Owen means “young warrior” or “well born.”

While the name has been around for dozens of decades, it began to surge in popularity in the early 2000s.


Rashaad is definitely one of the newer names on this list and didn’t truly appear until around the 1970s.

It’s first use was seen in the United Kingdom before traveling over the pond to the United States.

Also spelled as Rashad, the name is said to mean wisdom, thinker, or good guidance.


Sebastian is the most popular name on this list in the United States, and there’s a reason for that.

The most popular on this list, there’s a ton that could inspire one to use this name.

Popular among the Latinx community, some might take this name from Shakespeare who used this name in his plays The Tempest, Twelfth Night, and The Two Gentlemen of Verona.

Others might take the name from the Disney character from The Little Mermaid.

People could also be inspired to use this name from popular songs or classical musicians.

The name Sebastian is of Greek origin and means “venerable” or “revered.”


While Stefon definitely isn’t the most common name on this list, it’s similar to the name Stephanie.

Both names are derivatives of the name Stephan.

The name is of Greek origin and means “crown” or “garland.”

Perfect Black Baby Names For Both Genders Conclusion

Joshua is one of the most popular names for Black boys in the U.S.

Naming a baby is important.

Most people like for their name to mean something, and by giving a newborn any of the names on this list, you’re already setting them up well.

We’re curious to know.

Do any of our readers have a name on this list?

What’s your name and what does it mean?

Drop them in the comments!

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