10 Best Cities In America For Black Families To Live 2024

10 Best Cities In America For Black Families To Live

If you’ve been watching recent news stories, you may feel no place in America is safe for Black families. Although no place is completely without inequality or injustice, we have researched some of the cities where Black individuals and families are thriving.

From job opportunities to cultural representation, these are the 10 best cities for Black families in the U.S.

1. Raleigh, North Carolina – A Great City For Black Families

Downtown Raleigh Family LivingLocated near the northeast part of North Carolina, Raleigh is one of the most diverse cities in the state. There is a low unemployment rate, wonderful job opportunities, and the schools in Raleigh are some of the best.

As for the climate in Raleigh, you can expect four very distinct seasons and temperatures that typically don’t climb above 90°. Perfect right?

For family entertainment, check out some of the museums in Raleigh, like the African American Cultural Complex (AACC) which teaches visitors about the black people’s contributions to the city.

2. Orlando, Florida – One Of The Best Places For African Americans To Live In The World?

Orlando Best Place For Black FamiliesSure, Orlando is known for Disney World and other big theme parks but entertainment options aren’t the only reason it’s a nice play for Black families to live. Orlando has a developing housing market and great job opportunities that aren’t only at Disney World.

The climate in Orlando is pretty warm, as it is in the center of Florida, so that is something to keep in mind. Although you will likely miss having four seasons, at least you won’t ever have to worry about shoveling snow!

Check out the south and east sides of Orlando.

3. Richmond, Virginia – Loved By African Americans

Black Family Life Richmond VirginiaFamily fall festivals and summers that are humid but not unbearable, Richmond is a great place for families in general. In the neighborhoods of Richmond like east Chesterfield, Black families can expect safety, prosperity, and adequate representation.

Richmond boasts some of the best schools, both elementary and middle, for children about half of the population is made up of other families. If you’re thinking about making the move, check out more information on Richmond here.

4. There Are Lots Of Opportunities For A Black Family In Lansing, Michigan

Black Homeowners Lansing, MichiganArguably one of the best places for black families to live in the world. Lansing isn’t just the capital of Michigan, it’s an unsuspecting haven for Black families too.

Named one of the best cities for African Americans, Lansing is a community that doesn’t just talk diversity, it embraces it.

On top of that, Lansing’s unemployment rate is currently at its lowest in 15 years and hundreds of thousands of new jobs have been created for the city in recent years. If you’re looking to move here, it’s important to note that Lansing is much smaller than any of the other cities discussed on this list.

This makes it great for families that are looking for a smaller environment while still enjoying a variety of entertainment options like parks, museums, and zoos.


  1. Columbus Ohio has been great to us for over twenty years. We moved here straight out of college before we were married. We’ve now been married 20 years with 2 children. Job opportunities have been amazing,cost of living is low and there are great schools in the suburbs of Columbus. There are always plenty of festivals,concerts and activities. As well as a great Art museum, Science museum and zoo!

    1. I would really like more information about Columbus as far the school system and entrepreneurship for African Americans. Also what are the safest area to live? Any information will be greatly appreciated.

      1. Hi! Columbus is a very segregated city with not the best school system. My daughter was in Columbus City Schools for 6 years and it isn’t great. Black folks aren’t treated with the most respect here therefore there aren’t a lot of respected black owned businesses. However we recently moved to an area of Charlotte NC and LOVE it here. I think it’ll be the new Atlanta. Great for raising a family with Raleigh coming in second in my opinion. Hope this helps.

        1. Thank you. This list provided only tells of places that are saturated with African Americans. Charlotte has more successful African Americans.

        2. You are right. I moved to Columbus, Ohio from Florida because I had just graduated from FIU and working as a Fire Dispatcher. That job wrecked my nerves. It was my 7 year old daughter and myself. My cousin lives here and I thought I needed to be closer to family. I never experienced racism like I did here in Ohio. I worked for the police as a dispatcher because moving to another state, you get jobs your have experience in. I was the only black woman working in dispatch and I felt it. It was the first job I quit during my training and I was a very good dispatcher. Here in Ohio they make sure you know you are black and if I sound hurt, it is because I am and very much ready to move. My daughter came home one day from school and told me *****’s parents told her not to play with me because I am black. Where do these people come from? I did not know I would have to talk about skin color with my daughter at that age. Never experienced this in Florida. Cost of living is low and I see beauty around me but I want to live somewhere where my skin color does not determine how I would be treated. I do not like it here and ready to leave.

          1. The cities of Suffolk, Chesapeake, and Virginia Beach, VA. are hiring and seeking more AAs in a highly AA populated metro. Hampton Roads, VA.

          2. I’m so sorry to hear that you are going through this. I’m a black woman and I was thinking about moving there.

          3. Yes, I agree with DW. I went to school in Hampton Roads and definitely did not feel a bit of racism or hear about any for that matter, probably because it’s home to a couple of HBCUs. The cost of living is also pretty cheap so that’s helpful to say the least.

          4. To be perfectly honest, most African Americans will find virtually all locations in the US somewhat challenging for carrying out the basic functions of life. We all know this and I perfectly understand why many of us loathe to accept it. It shouldn’t be this way. This race stuff is like a compressed gas – once the genie was let out of the bottle, it was never going to stop spreading. And if you think it’s just in the US, that would only suggest you haven’t traveled abroad lately. The only saving grace I can see is that our genotype makes us uniquely capable to not only withstand this type of degradation, but to actually thrive within it! I’m an African American male who was born, raised, and educated in the south. Amazingly I was able to escape alive and without a prison record. I now live in Michigan as a retired mechanical engineer and former business owner. My wife, also African American and from the south, is a former officer in the USAF and currently a state auditor. We both can tell stories of amazing racially charged events in our lives that would have, but for the Grace of God, destroyed us and our futures. But we persevered and overcame them, just as you must! I know it’s hard, but you are uniquely qualified to win this thing. Just look at you – young and beautiful! They’re no match for you, no matter how hard they try. Take our advice, hold that head high and do your thing. They only demean you because they’re jealous!

          5. I was born in New Orleans. Will not move there. The youngest of my kids are twins and they attend FIU. I was thinking of moving from Orlando where I was raised to Ohio, but you have changed my mind. Honestly people, Orlando is a great place, very diverse. Everyone is pretty much the same no matter what race or nationality they are. I just want to move somewhere different because my children are all grown and I’m divorced.

        3. Durham, NC was voted the top place to retire as an African American. I was like what? I have been living in Durham my whole life, and was thinking of retiring somewhere else. Low and behold, I googled this and my mouth dropped. Might as well stay put!

          1. How is North Carolina and why did you want to move? Also, how is the weather? Natural disaster wise?

          2. I too wondered about Durham’s high ranking status. Like you, I am not going anywhere. Staying put in Durham.

        4. I heard of that too. I use to stay in Cincinnati and people always stated that Columbus was not for African Americans to stay.

        5. Hey, I live in Maryland and I want to move to North Carolina in 2023, between Charlotte, Durham, and Raleigh what would work for a black family of 4 (3 year old twin boys)? And how are the school systems?

      2. I don’t agree with the statement about cbus not having respected black owned businesses. We’ve lived here 5 years and it’s a great place to raise a family with lots to do. For example we have a membership at Cosi and it is one of our favorite places to take our toddlers.

      3. I graduated from The Ohio State University. I lived in Hilliard. It is 5-10 minutes on the border of Columbus. Almost every suburb is safe and even the city compared to other cities is not too bad safety wise. It is a great, fun college town. Do research and visit.

    2. Hello, is there anymore information that you could provide about Ohio for a young black family. My husband and I are 29 with a soon to be 7 and 1 year old.

      1. Ohio is still very segregated in all three major cities. To get a quality education you would have to enroll your children in private school. Also, unless you are an entrepreneur or have a track record in leadership roles, the job market can be difficult to navigate.

    3. Great list! All 10 cities have good demographic on the black community, safety, income, job Prospects, education, home ownership, diversity in leadership, business and culture. Other cities comparable are Denver, Augusta Ga, Jacksonville and Dover DA.

    4. I am currently living in NYC. The cost of living here is very high and getting even higher. I am retired. I am looking to move to a much less expensive, safe, predominantly black retirement community in another state. Does anyone have any suggestions of which states is the safest for older people?

      1. Denver Colorado takes care if the elderly and retired people! Cost if living is not high you can live comfortable! Blacks mostly live in Denver and not Colorado Springs .

        1. Do you live in Denver? How is it for raising a black family? I currently live in Florida a want to relocate.

      2. Columbia, SC, my father moved there from Boston after he retired. They have a whole little city in their section. All black too.

        1. My husband and I are here with our grade school children where do you think this is a good place for a family like ours?

      3. Florida is where the elderly go to retire from NYC. You can always google a question and find out what’s trending and current.

    5. Moved away from Columbus area 20 years ago. All those gray days were depressing! There are great Black churches (including Second Baptist) but suburban teachers were not accustomed to black students at the time. I hope things have progressed.

      1. Yes. If something happens to your child in a Georgia school they have sovereign immunity which means you pretty much have to suck it up. Not even the police can help you. My nonverbal, autistic 3 year old was burned under clothes at a public school preschool program. I have overwhelming evidence, yet I can’t get legal representation or a court date. Also, if your children are kind they will have a hard time making friends here. However, when we travel anywhere north of Georgia they immediately make friends. Thinking about checking out Charlotte or Raleigh but which one?

        1. Hi Naeema, I am up here in Connecticut. Thinking about moving down there. Did you get any more info on Charlotte or Raleigh? I’d love to know.

        2. Naeema- I recommend (and live in) Durham/Raleigh area. I moved from Florida to here (originally from Brooklyn). I have a very sweet and sensitive child and the schools here are great!. Wake County has the best schools. I visited Charlotte and did not like it. Let me know if you need more info or help if your decide to move.

    1. Dude I was wondering the same thing. Why is Atlanta not on this list? Raleigh is only good if you can afford to live there.

    2. I’ve been in Atlanta for 35 years. It’s very over crowded and housing is very expensive. Even in high crime areas. I wouldn’t advise anyone to relocate to Atlanta unless your net income for a family of four is at least $60,000.

  2. Lansing is diverse which I guess is why I’m seeing it on so many lists. But not a lot of culture like you see in the larger cities.

    1. The article was about family. Atlanta is a super LGBT city. It’s an over-crowded, young people’s place. Not a family oriented place to live.

      1. There are lots of LGBT families now. So, an LGBT city might be the very thing for your non-traditional families. Just because a place is LGBT doesn’t automatically make it not a good place.

    2. I’m not. I’ve lived here for 35 years. My whole family is looking to relocate to another state, hence why I’m on this page.

  3. Atlanta is good but I think its an ideal city for black singles. Like Houston, very good economy reasonable cost of living culture but its a hot place for singles!

  4. I live in Seattle, was born and raised here. I love Seattle! It is one of the most beautiful places. Black folks are doing well and there is a togetherness here however, we are a melting pot which I love. We have all 4 seasons. Fall and winter it rains and we may get some snow like we had this past week. The problem is, our warm seasons don’t last long. Spring weather kicks in late May early June. We can safely plan outdoor BBQs mid July and summer is over in September.

    1. Not to be negative but me and my wife have lived in Seattle 4 years and while I love the west coast (weather, ocean & amp; Mountain View’s) the black population isn’t big at all. The people here are very weird. They don’t speak and will just look at you. We’re from the Midwest so we’re not used to that. We’ve had family come here to visit and every single one has said the same thing. Numerous black people have moved away. I don’t get it.

      1. I agree, when I visited Seattle last summer I definitely felt out of place. The people are not welcoming at all. The Pike market was worth the experience but other than that I have no intention of visiting again.

        1. I agree, Mike and Remone. I lived in Seattle for a while before packing a bag after my lease was up and getting out. I would not consider it a friendly place for African-Americans to live. The people don’t speak or seem to know how to interact and it rains 9 months out of 12. My doctor told me he tell’s all his African American patients to start a vitamin D supplement because we won’t get what we need in that climate. Just a gloomy place to be on many levels. A visit is cool, but don’t linger. You’ll regret it.

      2. Remone, fascinating response. Please tell me more. I was born and raised in Boston, and need a new city fast.

        1. Hi Robbin, kind of wondering where do new Englanders head to when moving LOL. Did you make that move?

        2. I was born and raised in Boston too Robbin. I have to go ASAP as well. I’m older and want a slower warmer environment.

      3. This is so true! I was born and raised in WA (parents from the south) and I really can’t understand what’s up with the people here. Especially the small black population. I have countless stories about how other black woman (and men), look at me like I’m crazy because I said “hi” or smiled at them! It’s super weird which is why I’m looking for other states to live in.

        1. Right. I moved to Bay area, CA for college and I would rather stay in Bay then WA. Born and raised in Seattle, WA, not much of a black population. Small back then and even smaller now. A lot of black people I know are either left or thinking about leaving.

          1. Naeema, you can’t go wrong with either one. I lived and raised my children in Greensboro. Then moved to Raleigh. I could have easily moved to Charlotte. All are great.

        2. I first moved to Seattle in 1998 for grad school from Brooklyn. After having my twins we moved to Tacoma to buy a house in 2003. I now want to move somewhere warmer and with a larger community of Black folks and other people of color, that is safe and less expensive.

          1. Tracey, I am in Florida in SWFL, it is cheap here and real state is booming. It’s more quiet in this are than in South Florida. The Tampa and St. Pete area have a lot of culture and accommodates all ages group. Clearwater is more family orientated. Not sure what to make of the Orlando area. Off topic, you mentioned twins, do twins run on your side of the family as well as your husbands? I would love to have twins, girls especially. I think I have to really start praying on that.

          2. Tracey, did you find your spot? I’ve been in Portland, Oregon for 20 years, originally from the Bay Area. I’m looking for all the things you mentioned. Raleigh/Durham is on my radar but real estate is moving fast and expensive down there and they don’t have the beautiful pre-1940 stock of houses I love to be surrounded by. I worry my west-coast sensibilities won’t be met in the south but there seems to be enough holistic doctors/ veterinarians, organic food co-ops, metaphysical bookstores, healthy restaurants, art museums, galleries. Any advice on safe, Black, liberal, affordable (houses under $300k), cultured towns/cities in Georgia, North Carolina or thereabouts. Four season locations also welcome for consideration.

      4. I know your comment was from 18 but hopefully you’ll get this. I’m from Houston and we’re very friendly here for the most part. What city could you suggest that has that same homely feeling with nice friendly people?

        1. Can confirm. I am originally from Houston and we are warm friendly folk as a custom and to anyone; no matter your background. Houston is a place that black people more often thrive and transfer their success to the next generation.

      5. You are absolute right Remone. I’m here in Phoenix Az from Indiana and the blacks here are strange and wont speak. Weird thing is that most of them aren’t from the west coast so one would think they’d be friendly. I hate it here. Its boring and lacks AA culture. Im thinking about Houston, Dallas or the Carolinas. Atlanta is definitely THE last resort.

        1. I live in Scottsdale, and you are right, I hate it here. Moving back to Dallas. Most of my friends say Gilbert and Laveen are better places in AZ.

          1. My best friend moved to Laveen after years in Phoenix. She purchased a home and she and her daughter are thriving.

      6. I’m a New Yorker so I think I’ll check it out. There are people who have lived on the same street as us for over 10 years and we don’t even know their names or hardly see them but that’s the NY way of life and it’s OK with us. I’m going to check Seattle out, sounds like a great place to live. It’s hard to understand if you weren’t raised like that so I get it.

      7. Oh! I am glad you spoke on this, because I was considering relocating to Atlanta (currently in California). My daughter is very kind and sweet. I don’t want her somewhere it will be difficult for her socially. It is tough enough here.

      8. You guys are absolutely right about Seattle. I’m originally from Florida but I chose to stay in Seattle/Tacoma after I got out of the Army in order to co-parent with my ex. I hate it, the 9 months of rain is so depressing. I’ve never needed to be on vitamin D until I moved here. I came across this site because I want to move next year, being that my daughter will be graduating and heading off to college. Anybody have any suggestions on a warmer climate because this isn’t it. I’ve thought of moving back home, but those damn mosquitoes. The black people here are very few and far between. It makes me sad.

    2. I moved to Seattle from Nashville about a year ago. Seattle is beautiful especially if you love the outdoors, but it is not one of the better places to live if you’re black. It is a melting pot but still not enough diversity or culture. You don’t see too many of us out and about. And unless the majority of your circle is anything other than your own kind (black), your an outcast for the most part. Seattle def needs more of the “Culture”. It’s too beautiful out here.

      1. Don’t let some of these comments from people who’ve only lived in Seattle for a few years scare you. I was born and raised in Seattle. The black culture is strong (black drill teams, festivals, events etc). If you and your family grew up in Seattle, you better believe everyone knows who you are, however, gentrification – moved a lot of black folks further South or away. Once you connect with a black native you’ll really see what the black side of Seattle has to offer. Also note there are great surrounding cities. Public transportation is excellent. People are friendly and respectful. There are no ghettos because everyone does well. I have lived in South Florida for 7 years now. I thank Seattle for the education and professional mannerism because people are lacking that big time in South Florida. Seattle is thriving which is also an alarm for overpopulation and polluting, making the city unrecognizable and more expensive. I don’t believe I’ll ever move back, the city is close to looking like LA, but I do miss fresh inexpensive seafood for my gumbo and the teriyaki.

      2. I have lived in Seattle for almost 11 years. I agree with everyone. I moved here from Atlanta. So it was very weird to see that black people don’t speak. The black community is very small. You would think we would have a sense of togetherness. Not the case. Very clickish. It is very expensive to live here. If I had a chance to move anywhere now, Seattle would not be on my list.

    3. Visited Seattle for three days before a cruise. Hated it! Very strange people. They weren’t friendly at all. I didn’t see but five African Americans’s. Beautiful scenery, but weird people.

    1. Seattle is boring. Things are costly and you don’t get the service for your money. I’m also a true Washingtonian and love more to get away from the state. I’m a single mother and the cost of living and activities are ridiculous compared to other states.

        1. Washington, D.C. is a fantastic place for all people. I’m 3rd generation Washingtonian DC, and there are so many places for everyone to live from the suburbs of Maryland and Northern Virginia to DC and nearby Baltimore. It’s a great place to have lived all my life. It’s an employment mecca, which has some of every stable and trending industry. However, come to live here with very high expectations that the services you provide are in demand and you’re going to make a bunch of cash but cost of living is very high, above the national average. Nearby Maryland is one of the best places for African American wealth.

        2. I second that. Neighboring cities in Northern Virginia are also excellent for Muslim families and singles.

    2. Move to Boston Queen. Mosque No. 11! The sisterhood is strong and will welcome you with open arms. Mosque No. 11 has single brothers too.

  5. Interestingly enough I am reading this because we have found that despite the wealth and natural beauty Seattle has to offer they are not as acceptant of black families as you would think. Seattle has a long history of segregation and now struggles with gentrification. We have great jobs but I would say that Seattle is a very isolating city. They even had the FBI press them for police reform because of profiling a few years ago. Lots of opportunity for discomfort here. Wish we would have known when we moved here years ago.

      1. I find the Pacific North West has this problem. I moved to Portland from DC and am moving back. There aren’t very many Black people here, and when I visit Seattle it seemed like there’s a larger population that I never see. I am constantly in situations where I’m the only Black person in the room and I’m not finding as many opportunities. I’ve experienced many micro aggressions. I think I’m moving back to DC.

  6. I currently live in Richmond VA or have lived in surrounding counties for the better part of the last 10 years. I resisted moving here earlier because of it being a ‘murder capital’. When the new police chief was appointed and crime dropped to an all time low, I finally made the move. When I was living in the city, being the mother of a black boy, the only choice for my way of thinking was to put him in a private school, or to home school. So I chose to home school. Not all of the schools in the city were even fully accredited at that time. When I moved to Henrico county, I put him in the public highschool. By the time I moved to Chesterfield County he was out of school but I have 2 more just starting their school experience. Now the city is becoming more violent again so I am now trying to decide if I want to move deeper into the county, or leave the state all together. But where to go?

    1. I would love to know what your decision was because I am considering moving here. Parent of elementary school girl. If you have found a decent area please let me know. I am always willing to pay a little bit more to live in peace and safety. Even if you could tell me some good zip codes to start looking into that would help out a lot!

      1. Born and raised in the Henrico County of Richmond Va. Good zip codes, 23229, 23238, 23228, 23060 23059.

      2. I currently live in Richmond. I have grown up here and spent 3 years living in Tacoma Washington and I have lived in North Carolina in a small town called Murfreesboro. Richmond is not the place you would want to raise a family. Years ago yes I would bet my last Dollar on this city. Richmond has become increasingly more violent even in the areas that are considered “safe.” If I were you I would look into north Carolina.

        1. I thought Richmond was supposed to be going through some type of revival? Its always listed on “the best of” lists as of late.

    2. I am originally from Memphis, but currently live in Nashville.I have an 8 year-old son, and a 4 year old son, who has Down syndrome. Nashville is a WONDERFUL PLACE FOR FAMILIES. There are a lot of exciting things happening, but it’s not over-powering like Atlanta. (I lived in Atlanta for two year, from 2004-2006). The people here are unbelievably kind, and helpful. Nashville has numerous colleges and universities, such as Vanderbilt, Fisk, TSU, And MTSU, so there is a great appreciation for education and intelligence. The economy is great and jobs are plentiful. There is beautiful Centennial Park, (which is the site of the Parthenon), which puts every park in Atlanta to shame. My only complaint is that Black culture is definitely on the back burner here, but if you’re looking for safety, amenities, and an overall sense of positivity and well-being, Nashville is hard to beat. And Atlanta is only 4 hours away, if you need to ‘GET YOUR BLACK ON’.

      1. What an awesome post! Thank you much. I likewise have resided in and out of Georgia for the past 20 years. It’s a love – hate state for me as a New Yorker. The love and hate thing is real here for northerners but, if you have plans to own property, rent a home or buy a home you can definitely do that here. Not all counties are good and the good counties are becoming questionable. Overall you can find a good place to nestle. My suggestion would be Fayette or Coweta county’s.

      2. You forgot to mention that the cost of living is extremely high. You pretty much need a high level of education to get a good paying job to afford living in Nashville.

        1. It doesn’t look too bad. Especially housing. Housing looks really affordable but Im’m guessing it’s everyday cost you’re referring to?

        1. Do not do Vegas. It’s becoming to over populated, the water source comes from Lake Meade which is nearly dry and the jobs do not pay much at all. The cost of living is constantly going up, it’s almost as high as California. There is a strong sense of division and lack of common sense. People are not really friendly. It’s a mini Los Angeles. Everyone behaves like robots and you’re in Smallsville. I’ve been here six years to long. Looking to move.

        2. Vegas use to be a good place for African American’s, last year I tried to move out there with my family from So Cal and it is really hard to find a place to rent in the good neighborhoods.

      1. Raleigh, NC is not a black-oriented city. Lots going on, and blacks have good jobs, but black culture or presence is definitely lacking. You get in where you fit in and hopefully find some good white friends to bond with.

          1. My husband and I are looking to move from AZ to Texas or NC. Trying to decide best place for farmland. Any thoughts?

    1. Hello Tracey, I’m a single mom. Do you have any suggestions on jobs, elementary schools and housing areas? Thank you!

    2. What about the neighboring towns outside of Orlando? We’re thinking of making a move that way, the kids love the Kissimmee, Davenport area.

    3. Orlando is heavily populated by Hispanics, Puerto Ricans to be exact. They are nice but Pine Hills/Maitland/Eatonville is where you will find all the black anything. Tampa, St. Pete and Clearwater are better choices for black families. Jobs are better, they pay better and they are a little more progressive in culture.

      1. I am considering moving to Florida this year. So peacockbleu your feedback on this site was very helpful. Thank you.

    4. Tracey, what were your decisions for choosing Orlando despite the beautiful weather? I’m married and all of our children are grown. I’m looking to relocate as me and my husband are both from Pittsburgh. It’s home and will always be, but like other cities it has changed. We don’t own a home due to wanting to move and limited opportunities. Any and all suggestions are welcomed.

    5. Hi Tracey, Where in Orlando can you find a predominantly black community? I am from Miami, FL. I currently live with my husband and child in the DMV area but curious about Orlando as we would love to move back home to Miami, but its way too expensive.

    6. The fact that Orlando is on this list let alone number two is insane. Low paying jobs high rent. About Disney? Do you know how much they pay? Floridians can’t afford to go there unless you work there. Lastly few blacks in positions of authority.

  7. I’m a single mother of toddler twins who is partially disabled looking to move asap. My children are mixed and while I have done a lot of research some is very contradictory. Any suggestions from anyone living in any of these recommended states or cities? I would greatly appreciate it!

    1. Florida is the way to go! Altamonte springs, Kissimmee, St. Cloud, clermont all great places near Orlando.

    2. I live in Raleigh NC and there’s plenty to do for families, and the schools are excellent. You can try looking at smaller cities such as, Cary, Garner, Apex, Clayton and Morrisville.

    3. Hi, the Dallas area has a tremendous amount of resources for the disabled community. Dallas is very forward thinking and advanced.

      1. I’m 29 in Montgomery Alabama, I have a Bachelors in computer science and a Masters in Information Technology. As a young black man there is very little opportunity. I must relocate immediately because this is not a place for young black men to thrive at all! I’m thinking about Houston or Dallas any suggestions?

  8. I’m a single mom about 2 hours out of Raleigh in Wilmington. I feel like I’m desperately searching for a safe place to raise my son. It is not North Carolina. It’s a beautiful place but with a notoriously ugly slave history and good ole boy system still in place, racial tensions will always be high here. If there’s anywhere good left to go please share.

    1. Wilmington is a quarter the size of Raleigh. I can see how it might be more ‘alt-white’. Two hours from any major city in the USA is good ol boy territory my sister.

    2. I’m from Durham, and was very surprised to see Raleigh on the list. It’s a great place but not for black people. However, I wouldn’t count the whole state out. Durham, Greensboro, Winston-Salem and especially Charlotte are great places. I know for Durham (despite the bad media rap) was pretty much a utopia for black families. Now that I’m back in Tennessee I’m grateful to have been raised in NC as opposed to TN.

    3. Shauna, I have friends of the family who live in Wilmington and love it. My family and I are looking to move to the SC area near Irmo/Columbia. Do you know anything about that area?

    4. I am in Williamston NC and I am the process of moving out a year after I arrived. If you want to connect then let me know.

      1. I am from the east coast and currently live in San Diego, CA. It is pretty much non black here and there is 0 culture!

        1. I was thinking about moving there I’m from NYC so I’m very versed in culture. Where else in California would be great for black families and black business owners?

      2. I’m also looking to relocate I have a 9 year old son. This is one of the locations I was looking into. Can you please tell me more about the area? I would love to know about schools ratings and jobs for my husband and myself. Iwork for Marriott and would like to transfer.

        1. Look up North Dakota. Excellent place to stay, the job market is plentiful, you can make good money here and the cost of living is cheap. The houses and apartments are nice too.

        2. Hi Stephanie,
          Good to know! I thought about relocating to San Diego. I was born and raised in Boston, MA. This city lacks affordable housing and black owned businesses. While we have plenty of culture in certain neighborhoods, most are still impacted by segregation. There are few integrated or predominately black middle class neighborhoods here in Boston. On the other hand the state has an excellent selection of public schools. So it is a bittersweet decision. I am looking to relocate with my two children and was convinced that the west coast would be more diverse than Massachusetts. Any recommendations for a state/city (community) that is diverse and have good public schools?

    5. I’m in Raleigh and I wholeheartedly agree. It looks nice but they definitely make me feel unwelcome. I’ve lived all over NC since the 80s.

  9. I live in Dallas, Texas and have since 1982. My daughter graduated from high school here and went to college in Houston. We love Dallas and Houston. Dallas is quiet in the southern area and the party areas are in Deep Ellum, Greenville Avenue and North Dallas. Cost of living is pretty good. More activities have come to fruition since I first arrived here. It’s a melting pot of many cultures and I love to sample the food from many of them. Overall I like living here. Houston is great for concerts, food, and many other forms of entertainment.

  10. America is going through a change due to the climate in DC. America was moving forward and now it’s moving backwards!! Find your comfort zone and wait out the madness!! Good times ahead!

  11. I’m planning to relocate from Milwaukee, WI (too cold, utilities very high, segregated) after 13 years to Charlotte, NC. I love the culture, beautiful homes, school spirit (High School and HBCU’s), job opportunities, Black support and friendliness of the people. Atlanta is great but over populated and expensive.

    1. How’s living in Wisconsin as a black person? I have these very odd fascination with Wisconsin and Minnesota. I guess because of my interests in more of a homestead lifestyle.

    1. Definitely look at Tennessee, hear a lot of positive feedback when it comes to the cost of living for the elderly. Cobb County GA have a lot of programs and activities geared towards our wonderful seniors.

    2. If you want 55+ in Florida, great communities in Port St. Lucie. If you like the north, Maryland, Howard County. Lots of seniors. Libraries, theaters in the area, great health care. 20 mins from Baltimore and 35 from DC.

  12. Really would like more information about Columbus, Ohio as far as school system and which areas have low crime. Also, is it good for African American owned businesses?

    1. I spent 10 years in Columbus Ohio the cost of living is very fair as far as schools go. Westerville and Reynoldsburg Pickerington have a lot of diversity and the schools are great. The Columbus public schools are part of a lottery program. If you see a school you would like your child to attend they can use the school bus. Columbus also has the education choice program, where they will pay the tuition of private schools if school accepts the program, which many do. Other great schools are southwestern Hilliard Dublin Grove city public school. Great commute times because the city is on a grid a lot of free activities for kids. Rated the top library system in the nation, that has after school programs that children are driven to in a school bus.

    2. Hi Ashlee, my name is Joe. I moved to Columbus back in 1997, and the experience has been rather pleasant. I don’t think that this is a good place for African American owned businesses, since I don’t see many. If you plan to come here, it would be best if you have a job waiting for you. There are surrounding counties where you can purchase a nice home in the $200,000 range. Of course the farther you get from the city, the less blacks you will see. Reynoldsburg has a nice black population, as well as Groveport, Ohio, but you will need an automobile to live in those places. If you can get employment, and find a nice place to stay, the summertime festivities are excellent. Hope this information helps you with your decision. Good luck.

    3. Your best bet is Hilliard, Pickerington, or Canal Winchester. They are all suburbs of the area with the best schools. I prefer Hilliard personally. There isn’t much Black American owned here unless it is African owned, a hair salon or a barber shop. I plan to leave.

  13. I understand why Richmond, VA continues to make these list economically, but as far as culture and things for black people to do, it’s very boring. My family and I are trying to figure out where to go. There’s also a lot of racism here. People are also not as friendly as one would think. We have a small, black, son and want to leave before he reaches school age.

  14. I am a mother of 3 looking to get out of a city that has been in economic turmoil for 50 years. I have two girls and one boy. I would like a safe state for black families, good jobs, good school system, activities for everyone. Somewhere diverse and a place where my children can identify themselves culturally within the area. A strong economy is a must. Help me out please, any suggestions welcomed.

    1. I would suggest Maryland with the exception of Baltimore. The crime needs improvement from my research. Blacks are doing very well there and the economy and pay is good. The sense of history and black community involvement is strong to continue from generation to generation. There is also a small city called Desoto, outside of Dallas, that is dominated by blacks to educate to become leaders. A strong sense of community to be accountable for the future of black children and the cost of living is fair.

      1. I’m a service connected veteran with benefits that allow for no property tax and some states free college tuition. I’m trying to make my choice very carefully. The best comment seem’s to list Charlotte and Virginia Beach. I’ve heard of Chesterfield in Richmond but have seen very negative posts on Richmond, so it seems Virginia or Charlotte are the one’s to look into.

    2. Live in Chicago need I say more? Time to relocate. I have 3 children but two are ages thirteen and three. No area for black people in America will be without its challenges in racial harmony.

  15. I’m from NC and wouldn’t go to some areas. I live in Philadelphia PA now and hate it. I love Texas, I’ve been to Michigan and worked for Amazon in Seattle. To me it is what you make of it in some places while in other’s it’s not.

    I was stationed in Europe and I’m ready to leave the U.S. altogether.

    1. Hi Dr. B, I can’t help this feeling of wanting to leave the USA as well. In your travels, where would you consider living?

    2. I feel you on this one. I lived in Berlin and absolutely loved it. Crime was non-existent, excellent health-care and school systems. That was a very long time ago and it’s still a wonderful place to live. I’m a single 54 year old woman and I read that Switzerland and Denmark are beautiful and great for African Americans. I’m in Savannah now and if I remain in the US I’m looking at the Dallas suburbs. I want safe, friendly, affordable with activities geared towards the “mature” population.

  16. I was raised here in Seattle and I think its a great place! We are judged harshly and many places I have traveled mostly south, when I speak and they look at me like I spoke out of turn. It didn’t deter me I just went on with those who were more accepting. If the costs were not on the extreme side I would definitely continue to raise my sons here in the NW. We are currently looking to relocate for a different experience, more activities geared toward Black/African Americans and of course more reasonable costs.

  17. I enjoyed this article, while my state was not mentioned, the Great State of Maryland (Lol), which is the birthplace of Grace Brooks, Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglas and Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall. I believe all states should work to meet those expectations. Over 150 years after the HBCU, black descendants in all states should see more progress than poverty. History has recorded migration North did not work well for all blacks. We must never confuse motion with progress.

    1. Hi, I’ve been considering moving to Maryland after graduation. I live in CT. I will be graduating as an APRN and the laws are great for APRN there. How’s the state for a 29 year old single female?

  18. Waldorf MD. It is beautiful with good schools, 20 to 25 min, outside of Washington DC. Can go to DC, visit some of the best shows and entertainment. Than 20 to 25 min, you are in VA. It’s the best of both worlds. Charles County MD.

  19. Hello, I’m from Chicago and my husband is from Detroit, we reside in Chicago (inner city). We have two daughters one son. We’ve been trying to decide on moving. We were thinking Philadelphia but, I want to consider Arizona or Orlando. Any suggestions?

    1. Hello, I recently moved to Arizona in April 2019. I am a single black woman. Honestly I would not recommend Arizona. There’s such a grossly limited African-American population and it’s not very diverse. Not exactly sure what you’re looking for for your family, but as far as African-American culture, it definitely is not Arizona. I’m on this site now because I am in the process of re-locating. Arizona didn’t even make it one year with me.

    2. Trust me, you don’t want to move to Philadelphia. I am from Philadelphia, born and raised. I would not recommend it for anyone (especially with children). Try someplace else that is safe for you and your family.

  20. We are a small family of three looking for the safest place to raise my African American boy as well. Any suggestions?

  21. I relocated to Raleigh from Michigan 12 years ago. Raleigh is very boring the people don’t connect with others well. I do like the school system but outside of that it’s not very diverse.

  22. My goodness from the sounds of it, it seems Seattle is not completely the go too destination for Black Americans which is unfortunate, but I can understand why this may be so. Where is the safest and go to destination for black Americans to live and prosper?

  23. I’ve lived in Charlotte for over 25 years then moved to the smaller area of Concord where the schools are better. I think I’m ready to try another state and have often considered Texas but my grandson is in Columbus and I will likely homeschool my 8th grader.

  24. After reading through these I can say they are helpful to a single mom looking to relocate with a 9 year old. I was considering Columbus, Ohio or some place in Georgia but have my apprehensions about going south.

    1. Living in Mesa it’s a black person is fine. There are other black people here coming usually from the East coast (Detroit and Chicago) but really all over. Racism is here like anywhere but it’s very subtle and you’re left alone. Black culture is growing mostly if you can find it through churches here and in Phoenix but it’s definitely growing and growing.

  25. I’m looking to move to a more diverse area with low costs. I currently live in the midwest but want a better economic and diverse area.

  26. I disagree with San Diego. Maybe it’s just my own experience, but there is a strong exclusion of Black folks in the city. Anybody else live here?

    1. I do! Definitely not black! There is an awesome group on Facebook though called “black San Diego “ that shares info on black owned businesses and events.

    2. We lived in Mesa Arizona for years. We go to San Diego two or three times a year, six hour drive. You’ve been doing this for about 15 years. I don’t think I’ve hardly ever seen one black person there when I went though LOL. It’s definitely very much a young college, trendy city. But it’s beautiful people will be normal to you.

  27. I currently live in Atlanta and am desperately trying to leave. I live in the city (Buckhead) not the outskirts. Most folks that migrate here live in the suburbs because they cannot afford to live in the city if truth be told. It is very expensive and the city is over-populated with no mass transportation. The area I live in is not diverse and the public school system is not good. You cannot get to anything in a reasonable time and I mean that literally. I have been forced to send my children to private schools that amount to more than 24k for each. Crime is also awful throughout the city. There is no quality of life in Atlanta. So go figure. Atlanta is awful for families!

    1. I thought the same thing. San Diego once had a black community but not any more. San Diego is beautiful but conservative by California standards and I’m sure black people could thrive, they could anywhere, but it would in be in spite of that blackness.

    2. Hi, try moving to a different city, look into Buford it’s somewhat pricey but the schools are great in GA. I completely agree with everything you said, but you just have to find a decent area. I like Cobb County, I lived in Marietta and the schools are decent. I live in Buford now and my daughter absolutely loves the schools out here, she said she’s actually being challenged vs what she was learning in Cobb County school. I started making it a habit that before I move somewhere I always look up the school ratings first. Good luck with whatever decision you make, God bless you.

    3. Please tell me more. I am originally from Atlanta but would like to learn more about your comment and sentiments. I had the same feelings about crime and schools but now I am stuck, not knowing what to do.

  28. If you don’t mind year round heat and humidity, South Florida is one of the best places in the country to raise black kids. Everyone here is some shade of brown and mixed with all types of ethnicities and religions. I’ve lived in Los Angeles, Brooklyn and now Ft Lauderdale and this is by far the most welcoming, truly diverse and somewhat affordable place in our opinion (you have to have a well-paying job to live here comfortably). Strong black culture – most notably Caribbean: Jamaican, Haitian, Dominican, Virgin islands, etc, and amazing food everywhere you turn. In our neighborhood – on our actual street – we have white, black, Hispanic, mixed, Muslim, Asian and Jewish families all next door to one another. Being from Cali, I miss the mountains and the cooling off in the winter, but the sky here is crystal clear here year round, no pollution, not too crowded for a pretty big city, and there is a lot to do. Just beware that we do get the occasional hurricane and the teacher pay here is one of the worst in the nation (in case you’re planning to teach here).

    1. I left New York 18 years ago, after 44 years of living in and growing up on Long Island. I got tired of the frigid winter weather, the exorbitant cost of living in New York and the rude people. For the past 18 years I have lived very happily in south Florida. I live northwest of Ft Lauderdale it being the best move I ever made. I’m a beach person and Florida has some of the best beaches in the country/world. The year round warmth and sunshine is intoxicating. The quality of life here is amazing. There is so much to see and do. There are cultural enticements galore. Broward county is a great place to raise yourself, lol and/or your kids. The cost of living here is more expensive now as opposed to when I first moved here but it’s well worth it.

  29. I live in Atlanta and I love it here. It can be challenging to find good paying jobs, but not impossible. It’s getting better. This is a great city. I think it is more diverse here than it was when I moved here more than 20 years ago. I’m considering moving to Florida, I can’t with the weather getting colder each year. I’m 51 and and a single mom. I have one child, still in high school. I want to live someplace where I can have fun, sun and meet men my age that want to get married and play with grandchildren in a few years.

  30. Hello everyone, my husband and I live in St. Louis MO. We are looking to relocate in a few years. The crime rate and violence has gotten so bad here. We live in a pretty good and safe area but I just want better for our two boys, soon to be 7 and 1 years old. My husband wants to go west but I prefer an area that has a decent amount of black people. I still want my children to be around their own race. Any suggestions? I’m a nurse and he has a class A CDL so employment would not be an issue.

  31. I’m an a single mother currently living in Raleigh. I’m currently looking to move after roughly 5 years of being here. Where is a safe area for a young single black mother to raise a child?

      1. Why don’t you like Raleigh? Have you thought about Charlotte? My brother just moved there a few years ago and loves it.

  32. I live in the suburbs of DC and have to stay that moving to PG County, Maryland would be ideal if you are looking to see affluent black families. The vision is beautiful but we have our issues when it comes to access to nicer stores, bad customer service, etc. DC is expensive, so you will more than likely find yourself living in Maryland (Waldorf, Upper Marlboro, Bowie) to find somewhat decent schools and housing or you will end up in Virginia (Woodbridge, Fairfax, Manassas), both locations in MD and VA will often times leave you with a bad commute as traffic here is awful because everyone works mostly for the government (i.e., govt employee or contractor). The jobs pay well but you definitely want to be married and both pulling in a good six figures to live somewhat comfortably in the places I mentioned. Overall, great experience just expensive.

  33. I currently live in Alabama and plan on moving. I lived in Southern California for a couple years, but had to move back to Alabama. I want to move back west. Nevada is at the top of my list right now. I see Bakersfield CA is not as expensive as other parts of California but I wanted some first hand info on diversity.

  34. I am trying to decide where to move. Currently I live in North Augusta. I read something saying Augusta GA is a good area to move. Augusta GA is now abandon. I wouldn’t suggest anyone to move to SC. This is mostly a gold course, elderly community. I work from home so job relocation isn’t an issue. Wondering what is the safest city for black singles, with entertainment and good schools. I am deciding between Houston, Atlanta, and Charlotte. Does anyone know which is the best out of three?

  35. Hello, I’m currently looking to move from Indiana but undecided what city to move to. I’m an older single woman and my adult son, myself and his girlfriend are planning to move to North Carolina. Could someone please give us advice on what city is safe, has a reasonable cost of living and will accept biracial relationship, thanks?

  36. Hi everyone. I am a married mother of three sons. Twins almost 19 and in college, youngest almost 16. We have been living in Alabama all of my life (40 plus years) and looking to branch out. We currently live in a great, mixed community in an excellent school system. I am considering Virginia, Tennessee or North Carolina. What are great cities for us? My twins attend college online and I’m fearing for my youngest. He has a very diverse group of friends. I want him in a good area where he is safe, if that makes sense. I’m thinking about homeschooling him or putting him in a private school. Thoughts?

  37. Durham, located about 20 miles east of Raleigh. Home of Duke, heavily Democratic and politically liberal (by southern standards). Located 8 miles from Chapel Hill, home of UNC, politically very liberal. Wake County Public Schools (Raleigh’s county) are considered to be very good and the best among NC’s largest urban counties. Chapel Hill/Carrboro schools considered best in the state.

    1. Yes, as a matter of fact they were talking about the increased crime rates. However, if you have money, a good job, etc you can live in the better neighborhoods.

    2. My son, his wife and four sons live in Amherst, a suburb of Buffalo. It is diverse. There are a lot of free activities for kids and families. It is a very family oriented, affordable area. They own their own home.

  38. Not trying to use this as a dating site but I am a retired sbm seriously thinking about relocating from Chicago to a warm climate where my pension may go a little further. I need a few serious suggestions for a city to maybe grow some roots.

  39. I was very surprised not to see ATL on this list. I’m curious about what the criteria was for this list? Do these cities support Black American entrepreneurship or do they just employ Black Americans with high paying jobs? Are we thriving in these cities? Overall great information. Thank you.

  40. Hi everyone! I am starting my third chapter in life. Single mom with kids in different colleges and different states. I’m looking to move for myself as a single woman in my 50’s. I moved from Atlanta to Minneapolis. Mistake! I am looking for a city that is kind of diverse, safe and blacks are kind of welcoming. Help!

    1. Lisa G, consider Pflugerville Texas. The weather is good if you don’t care for all four seasons. Summers can be hot but nothing like Arizona hot. There is a decent black population and the city is not too big.

    2. I’m right there with you. Next year my nest will be empty and I’m planning where’s the best place for me to be and get my life back.

  41. I’m from Detroit MI, here in AZ, too hot lol. I’ve been here for 13 years and I’m done. Housing can be affordable if you know where to look. So many different cultures it’s easy to spot someone from the east coast and the different regions. My son is 3 and I don’t want him to be raised here. It’s gorgeous 80% of the year, but honestly, I work all the time, mostly because I don’t care for the heat. It’s time for a change and I’m just hoping for a good home for my family to grow.

  42. The same goes for Phoenix, Arizona. The black people there act like they are scared of other black people. There is no cohesiveness. They’re very strange. I feel like out west, in general, is like this.

  43. Hi: I am a 43 year old, single, Caribbean-black, female looking to relocate to Maryland. I have done some research and visited 3 cities in the state. Though I like the walkability of Boston, MA and Bronx, NY, I am looking to settle down and own property. I am afraid I will get bored, and I will have to drive everywhere. I like to bike, jog and take walks without having to go to a trail. I’ve lived in all kinds of neighborhoods, but I’m looking to retire to a relatively safe place. What cities do you recommend? My son is looking for a place where he can get a graphic and visual arts internship. And possibly, start a business (also, eventually start a family). I have heard great things about the HBCUs. However, how are the MD elementary, middle, and high school system? What city/county schools are best? Thank you

    1. Howard county. Lots of park walking trails, restaurants, gyms, libraries, a mall, very diverse in age, race, income. Best medical care in Maryland. Close to Baltimore, DC and Virginia. High paying jobs and a very good school system.

    2. I live in MD. The school system can be great depending where you are. Montgomery county (living near silver spring) is great. Howard county is also very good. But these areas are in my opinion, expensive. I’m a single mom, (one income) working as a nurse, so I make decent money but to buy a house here I would have to struggle, buy something very small or settle on not as good a school district, hence why I’m moving.

    3. Hi Lisa, if your son is interested in graphic and visual arts, then NYC would be the place to move to. Please note, the cost of living anywhere in NY is high though. There are large Caribbean communities in the north east Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens. However, it you’re interested in home-ownership I would suggest the borough of Queens.

    4. Hi Lisa, not sure if you have made a decision yet, I came to the DMV, DC, MD, VA area a long time ago and never left. There is so much to do here. It’s gotten quite expensive, but it is possible to live comfortably and have a good life. An excellent transportation system, HBCUs and good ES, MS, HS as well as specialty schools. Scholarships for all kinds of reasons are available at private schools, Religious schools, Military schools, etc. You get all four seasons and then some. Blessings.

  44. Hi, I am a black South African lady with 3 kids, 14, 7, 1 and am planning to move to the states (in two years time,still saving). I have a a diploma in Logistics Management and a degree in Community Psychology. Please assist with best staffing agencies. I heard Houston is a nice city for black families.

  45. I am considering retiring to Florida. Do you know where I may feel comfortable settling in Florida? Or is it not the safest for a single AA woman in her 50s?

    1. If your trying to retire Florida will be perfect for you. I find it boring because I’m still young. Miami Beach is nice, but expensive. Kissimmee Fl is nice also, as well as Palm Coast and Hammock Beach in Palm Coast.

  46. Hi loves!
    I’m 31 with two kids both have some special needs. Currently live in Akron. I was born and raised in Cleveland. I love the countryside. My son whose 13, wants to pursue his music career. He is pretty good so we decided to push his career. Does anyone know much about San Diego? We want to be close to LA but not too close.

  47. I’m a single mom of a 13 year old boy living in Maryland. Thirty minutes from Baltimore. Cost of housing is pretty expensive (in my opinion – 400K for most homes in nice neighborhoods), so too expensive for me. Would love somewhere southern, slower pace, nice weather, but also don’t want to bring him somewhere with a whole other set of issues. Was thinking SC or North Carolina, but worried about some areas in those states may be rather behind. Florida? Help.

  48. I currently live in Maryland and looking to relocate with a soon to be 6 year old. We’re originally from Virginia so that is not an option. Any good suggestions?

  49. Hi, my husband is from Dallas. I’m originally from Rhode Island but moved to Southern New Jersey where we currently reside. We have an mixed young daughter. We are looking to move somewhere between Dallas and South Jersey but we also need a good school district and an acceptance of our family. We have been thinking South Carolina, so we will be between both sides. Any suggestions?

  50. Glad to read these comments about Seattle. I visited and found it beautiful, and was wondering what the experience of living there as a black person would be like. I like the west coast, but am done with towns where people don’t say hello and basic kindness and human warmth is hard to come by.

  51. Any thoughts about Oakland or Berkeley, CA (asides from expense)? I know there aren’t a bunch of black folks there, but I’m curious about the racial climate in Portland, OR.

  52. I disagree with San Antonio being diverse. I live an hour away from San Antonio and know for a fact that it is very beautiful but not diverse. San Antonio is actually 80% white and 6% Black.

  53. Hello,

    I am a 44 year old, single African American women looking to relocate to the west coast. Can someone provide some more information on San Diego? I have lived in the South ( SC, NC & Va) all of my life and want a change of scenery.

    1. Hi Lakeita- I’m in San Diego – I moved here from Boston and love the beaches and weather. It’s a split community between white and hispanic culture- There is a black community and I think it’s becoming a strong presence – check out local newspaper ‘ the ‘Voice of San Diego’. The job market is best in Medical Science and it’s easy to get a AA degree through Community Colleges to work in a lab. Rent is crazy high and cost of living will eat-up a paycheck. I live in Lemon Grove – a black neighborhood with a lot history and green hills – about 10 minutes from downtown.

  54. I want so bad to get out of California! I’m looking for a family friendly city with low crime, good jobs, and black friendly! California is the worst and right now we are literally on fire. Any ideas?

  55. I’m Asian American and my partner is African American. We want to live where both of us could thrive and settle. So far by looking at this list, I’m still nervous. My partner and I work in the human services field. Any suggestion?

    1. Hi Danielle,
      Check into the DMV—Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia. There’s lots to do. I moved here from KY and love it. I live in Charles County MD, it’s just 20-25 min outside of DC. Working in the Human Service Field you shouldn’t have any issues finding employment. It’s expensive here, but if you do the research and plan well you can make it here. Good luck!

  56. I want to live near Tyler’s Perry’s studios in Atlanta. Can someone tell me what’s a safe area. I prefer to be in a walking neighborhood, restaurants, shopping, coffee, and so. Any help is appreciated. I will be renting, until I find something that I love.

  57. Hello, we’re looking to move our family to Florida. What areas in Florida are safest (as far as crime and natural disasters)? What area’s have good school systems and jobs? Thank you so much in advance.

  58. I live in California. It is the best place for African Americans. Reasons why? You can be you, great weather, many choices of where to live and you can branch out and not have to rely on being in a African American community. You are safe everywhere for the most part. You have to pay for this peace of mind. My choice on places to live is the central coast. Buckle up, work hard, and enjoy life. My family takes off in the morning hang at the beach, go on hikes, play ball and come home for food. Repeat. Try Santa Barbara. It is expensive, you have to pay to get the amenities. Every African American deserves the opportunity to live in a happy place.

    1. Can you specify some really nice communities in Cali for a single mom with 8 year old boys? I know Santa Barbara is beautiful. Thanks.

  59. Hi, I came across this site and comments. I`m not on the move for myself, but I have a friend in US looking for a good, quiet place where it is easy to get a good job and make friendship with people. He is black, about 45, high education, 2 master degrees about 6 years ago. But can`t get a job in MI where he is living. Where would it be a good place for him to live? Any suggestions? Not big cities! Thanks in advance if I get some tips.

  60. I’m originally from Kentucky. Lived in Cincinnati 15 years and didn’t like it. Have been living in Nashville, TN the past 20 years, absolutely love it! My only complaint, too many people are moving here! Traffic has become horrible! And home prices have shot through the roof with people coming from California. However, it’s great for me, my home value has more than doubled over the last 15 years! But that’s horrible for young couples looking for their first home. I also love that there’s so many musicians in the city (not just country music). There are many universities in the area Vanderbilt, MTSU, Belmont, including HBCU’s Fisk, Meharry Medical College & Tennessee State. I’m not religious, but the black gospel scene is huge as well (many gospel singers make Nashville home). Another big plus to Tennessee, there’s no State or Local Payroll Taxes which yielded me a 7% raise when I moved here from Ohio! Hopefully, the traffic problems will be resolve with the big infrastructure plans. But Nashville is a great city. I have heard a lot of parents complaining about the K-12 schools. But I’m a strong believer in if a kid does not have a learning disability and “wants to learn”, they can & will. I’m approaching retirement and just out of curiosity have been looking for a change of scenery. I’ve searched long and hard, can’t find a place better than Nashville.

  61. Hi All,

    I’m so happy to have come across this site! After a year of applying for several positions in LA & no luck, I am still anxious to get out of the Midwest and its treacherous winters. Honestly though, there’s a major part of me that feels like not finding work in LA was a blessing, so I think I’m good on Cali. Reading a lot of the comments, there appears to be hope in places like: Houston, Hampton, Raleigh, Durham and Dallas.
    I am a single mother in my early 30’s, with a teenage son. We’re both into the arts. Professionally, I specialize in event & project management, and since the pandemic, I’ve developed a heavy interest in Latin dance and language. My son is intelligent, charismatic & has a heavy interest in theater. This area (Detroit) often feels so gloomy and down-trodden and I just want us to be some place safe, warm, harmonious, cultured and that aligns with our dynamic energy. Any thoughts?

  62. Hello, I came across this site by accident also. I’ve lived in Columbus Ohio most of my life and will be 60 this year. My job is giving me an opportunity to work from anywhere so I’m thinking of relocating to a warm climate later this year. So far, on the top of my list are Raleigh and/or Charlotte NC. Also, possibly Florida. I haven’t nailed anything down for sure yet. I just want out of this cold Columbus weather! Any suggestions for someone my age with no kids and single would be greatly appreciated! You can do well with a modest income and housing is easy to come by if you have decent credit. Just know you probably will only make friends through where you work, go to church, attend college or the like. It’s a city where you have to be able to stand on your own, otherwise you might have a hard time staying here a long time. Just my opinion, someone else could have a totally different opinion.

  63. Hi, I’m a single mom with a 4 year old boy looking to move to Texas in about a year or two. I want to get an opinion on Texas? I currently live in Maryland (Moco) but its so expensive here and wanted change as I grew up here. Any thoughts on a good city & school system In Dallas or Houston thats a great diverse place to raise my black boy?

  64. Hi beautiful people I’m a middle aged single mother of four. I currently reside in Memphis Tn. I am so desperately wanting to relocate, and have the slightest info on were to begin! I am looking for great school systems, friendly, and thriving environments for my kids and I. Will someone please give me pointers on where to start? I’m open to pretty much any area, as long as there is room to thrive.

  65. I live in Chicago and despite the bad press, I love it here. You have access to the best food and entertainment. It’s a chocolate city and blacks are friendly with each other. My boys go to one of the best private schools in the country, right here in Chicago; very expensive 30K a year per kid. Although I love Chicago, I want to go west coast. The winters are too cold and the summers can be too hot and humid. Southern California is where I want to be. Wondering, where to go in Cali; Ladara heights, Baldwin hills, where?? Having my kids in the best school is a must that’s why I’ve stayed put. If I could find a great diverse friendly school in South Cali, I would be gone. Any suggestions on some diverse locations?

  66. I appreciate the comments. I’m a Cali girl and although I love Cali, I’m thinking about heading out. So far it seems NC and MD are good spots. Can anyone give me more information on MD?

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