5 Popular Frankfort Neighborhoods for Black Singles, Young Professionals & Families – Kentucky

Best Frankfort Neighborhoods for Black Singles

Want history, culture, and great local vibes in one city? Frankfort, Kentucky is calling your name.

As the state capital and home to a historically black university, Kentucky State University, Frankfort offers a low cost of living below the national average and a diverse range of neighborhoods to suit any lifestyle.

3 Best Frankfort Suburbs For Black Families

With nearly 360,000 black or African-Americans living in Kentucky, Frankfort rises to the top of the Commonwealth cities based on its educational opportunities, livability scores, and overall inclusive culture.

Most families have their sights set on areas with the best schools, healthcare, and recreation opportunities. The Frankfort suburbs deliver all of this, with three locations standing out among the rest.

Forbes named it the top Southern small city for families in 2010, based on its short commute times, housing affordability, and the percentage of the population with at least a high school diploma.

Three of the best Frankfort neighborhoods for black families are Bon Air Hills, Peaks Mill / Woodlake, and Thistleton Heights.

Bon Air Hills

With a high proportion of government workers and an abundance of medium-sized family homes, Bon Air Hills is an ideal suburb for black families.

Although almost half of the working population is employed, Bon Air Hills is a quiet, peaceful neighborhood with a growing retiree population.

Higher real estate values and great schools make Bon Air Hills an attractive option for black families while providing a tremendous ethnic and socio-economic diversity ratio.

Let the kids burn off energy at East Frankford Park and enjoy the four-season weather of Frankfort.

Working at Kentucky State University or ready to help your kids dream about their college experience? The campus is just a two-mile commute from most Bon Air Hills homes.

Peaks Mill / Woodlake

Located to the north of downtown Frankfort, the Peaks Mill / Woodlake area is a popular destination for families.

Peaks Mill Elementary school is among the top-rated public schools in Frankfort. Nearby, Cove Springs Park offers walking and biking trails, picnic facilities, and the Sky Trail that overlooks the city.

According to local real estate listings, approximately 61% of Woodlake residents have children, and most schools are less than a five-mile commute.

Home to several places of worship, the Peaks Mill area appeals to those who seek a place to embrace religious traditions.

Or, head a bit to the east to take the whole family for a day of fun at the Capital City Disc Golf Course and Franklin City Fairgrounds.

Thistleton Heights

Sitting on the edge of the Juniper Hills Golf Course, the Kentucky State Capitol grounds and Capitol View Park just across the Kentucky River surround residents of Thistleton Heights and nearby Tanglewood.

This well-established neighborhood on Frankfort’s west side is described by some residents as easygoing and laid back, with plenty of dining and outdoor activities to keep the whole family busy.

Families can find historical sites like Daniel Boone’s gravesite just a few miles away, and it’s a short drive to parks and riverfront attractions.

Or, take the family to the Kentucky State Capitol for a tour to see the Rotunda Murals and learn about Kentucky’s rich history.

With kids comes medical emergencies and bike accidents, so Franklin Regional Medical Center is just a few miles away!

2 Best Frankfort Neighborhoods For Young Black Professionals & Singles

Frankfort offers two great neighborhoods for young black professionals and singles looking for great nightlife, stunning river views, or a quiet place to relax after a long day.

If you’re ready to call Frankfort home, consider living in downtown Frankfort or just outside the city in Bellepoint.

Downtown Frankfort

Downtown Frankfort Kentucky

Home to Kentucky State University and First Baptist Church, the largest African-American congregation in downtown Frankfort, downtown Frankfort is amid a renewed focus on development and economic activity.

The growth of bourbon tourism has created momentum for new residents and those seeking to live in the vibrant downtown community, especially historic neighborhoods.

Attractions like Leslie Morris Park on Fort Hill and the Ward Oates Amphitheater bring together the culture, diversity, and vibrancy of downtown Frankfort, perfect for young professionals. While the university employs many African-American professionals, the neighborhood is diverse in both ethnic and religious populations.

For those working at the Capitol, the downtown commute is easily accessible, and the new Walk/Bike Frankfort initiative will only improve the downtown experience.

From hiking, boating, kayaking, shopping, breweries, bourbon bars, concerts, distilleries, restaurants, museums, and history galore, downtown Frankfort is perfect for young black professionals, singles, or those just starting to think about starting a family. 


Just west of downtown on the west bank of the river, the South Frankfort neighborhood of Bellepoint is one of the top Frankfort suburbs for young, black professionals and singles.

Bellepoint ranks among the highest Frankfort neighborhoods for walkability. It offers stunning views of the Kentucky river, and its magnolia-lined streets provide the perfect backdrop for a morning walk.

For those who desire to embrace their social side, The Buffalo Trace Distillery is just a short distance from Bellepoint and draws thousands of visitors each year for its famous bourbon.

Or, enjoy the popular Benson Marina Restaurant with friends and family and take in the scenic views.

Nearby Todd Park offers green space for a relaxing place to read a book or have a picnic or invite friends to a “Bourbon Boat” tour from Kentucky River Tours.

Are you working at the university? It’s just a two-mile commute across the river and provides the perfect excuse to stop downtown on the way home for some ice cream or a cold drink.

Is Frankfort Safe?

Is Frankfort Safe

In the 2012 United States Peace Index, Kentucky comes in at 2.3 on a scale of 0 to 4.5, where the lower the index value, the higher the peacefulness.

According to its website, this Index uses five categories to determine the score for each state, including the number of homicides and violent crimes, “the incarceration rate, number of police employees and the availability of small arms.”

There is a common belief that the western part of Frankfort is the safest part of the city.

In a more recent 2019 study, Statistica found that Kentucky had one of the ten lowest reported violent crime rates in the U.S., with just 217 reported violent offenses per 100,000 residents.

Suburban living is often associated with lower crime rates, and Frankfort is no exception.

Most of the desirable Frankfort neighborhoods are classified as safe by residents and visitors, and most of the crimes reported tend to be non-violent.

What Is Frankfort’s Demographic?

What Is Frankfort’s Demographic

There is a great deal of ethnic diversity in the city of Frankfort. Frankfort’s population reports that most of its residents are white, yet the state government occupies a significant number of jobs filled by African Americans.

According to US Census Data, nationally, Frankfort ranks 938 among cities for diversity, exceeding the national average, with 13.2% of residents self-reporting as black or African-American.

It’s also the fifth-smallest state capital in the US and bisected by the Kentucky River.

As the 14th largest community in Kentucky, Frankfort combines blue and white-collar jobs to form a family-friendly city that appeals to residents of all ages and income levels.

The cost of living in Frankfort is lower than the national average and most cities in the state.

Frankfort has two school districts and three public high schools within its limits, and local students report average or above-average scores on national tests.

Best Frankfort Neighborhoods for Black Families, Conclusion

With organizations like Walk/Bike Frankfort dedicated to improving this Commonwealth city for pedestrians and cyclists and initiatives like Commonwealth Gardens supporting local farmers and merchants, Frankfort has a neighborhood for everyone.

Frankfort’s rich history and bright future for economic development mean it’s the ideal location for young black singles, professionals, or growing black families.

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