7 Popular Pierre Neighborhoods for Black Families, Young Professionals & Singles – South Dakota

Best Pierre Neighborhoods for Black Families

Pierre is the capital of South Dakota and is known for its beautiful layout of tree-lined streets and an abundance of nature-filled outskirts. While there may not be many things to do, Pierre is an excellent city for raising families. It’s a safe and affordable place to live with a population of just under 14,000 people.

But do Pierre suburbs make a good place for black singles and families to live? Let’s find out.

Three Best Pierre Suburbs for Black Families

Three Best Pierre Suburbs for Black Families

While Pierre, SD only has one suburban area in specific – Blunt/Harold, there are two other suburban areas reasonably close by; Onida and Highmore. Suburb means ‘the outlying of a city,’ meaning the outskirts of a city.


When it comes to Blunt/Harold, located in Pierre, SD, this suburb has the most minor crime, however, the least amount of schools. Although there isn’t much for families in Blunt/Harold, there is more opportunity for work suitable for growth-minded individuals. Another plus for Blunt/Harold is that the real estate is highest in all of Pierre SD.

Onida, SD

Onida, SD, is located North of Blunt/Harold and has a small population of 628 people. The crime rating in Onida is 9.2, compared to South Dakota State at a rate of 24.5. 60% of the population is married, while 19% is not. Onida, SD has growth for more singles and families looking for more suburban areas.


Highmore, located East of Blunt/Harold, has 712 people, mainly consisting of white people. However, the suburb has the cheapest housing rate. The cost to live in Highmore is 28% lower than the average US state. While it may be cheap to live in Highmore, the crime rating is 13% higher than the national average.

Neighborhoods for Black Singles and Young Professionals

Neighborhoods for Black Singles and Young Professionals

Pierre, SD has four neighborhoods – Blunt/Harold, City Center, Route 1804, and N Garfield Ave.

N Garfield

N Garfield has the best schools and the cheapest homes for sale. Other things you can expect in N Garfield are:

  • Walmart
  • Tokyo Restaurant
  • Harrison Park
  • Pierre Regional Airport
  • Dollar stores
  • Pet stores and hospitals
  • Menards clothing store


Blunt/Harold is another neighborhood – perhaps the largest, as it has two of the largest streets in Pierre that connect to one another. If you’re looking for a more suburban feel, this neighborhood is where you want to be. While some might say there isn’t much to do on Harold and Blunt, the scenery is beautiful. Here is what you will find in Blunt/Harold:

  • Puris
  • Harvest foods
  • World Food processing
  • Hieb Family Campground
  • Methodist Church
  • Blunt Elementary school
  • United States postal office
  • Computer shop
  • Greek bar
  • Lutheran Church

City Center

If you’re more of a family that likes to be in the middle of all the action, the city center may be the best place for you. Between shopping, entertainment, and tourist attractions, the city center has it all.

  • Restaurants
  • Nail and hair spas
  • Fitness gyms
  • Nursing homes and hospitals
  • Civil War monument
  • Hyde baseball stadium
  • American banks
  • Fighting stallions memorial
  • Capitol Lake visitor center
  • Theatres
  • Terrace Motel
  • Drivers license programs
  • South Dakota Discovery Center
  • Many more

US Route 14

Lastly, we have the route 1804 neighborhood, also known as the US Route 14. It follows W Sioux avenue until you reach the bridge crossing the Missouri River. This neighborhood is blessed with river trails, an abundance of nature, is family-friendly, and is just far enough away from the busyness of the city. More of what you can expect here are:

  • Ramkota Hotel
  • The Historic Farr House
  • Tons of restaurants, including
    • Mcdonalds
    • Branding Iron Bistro
    • RedRossa Italian Grille
    • Zesto
  • Lynn’s Dakota grocery store
  • National Guard Museum
  • Wildlife Federation
  • Griffin Park
  • Downs Marina

These neighborhoods include schools, police, and fire departments and are very cultural regarding religion and race. Although Pierre, SD is the second smallest city in all of South Dakota, it’s by far one of the most beautiful cities to live in and raise a family.

Is Pierre Safe?

Is Pierre Safe

In any smaller city, safety is key for any black family. South Dakota, as a state, has a peacefulness rating of 2.32, according to Statista. Also according to Statista, the crime rating in Pierre is 399. Compared to other cities around Pierre SD, the crime and peacefulness rating is significantly low.

As mentioned in city data, the reports dating back as early as 2018 say that robberies and break-ins are a count of 1 and 36 per 100,000 people. Considering the population for Pierre does not reach that high, the numbers are even lower. Assaults were estimated at 51, the highest number on the board compared to other criminal activities. Other criminal activities include thefts, arson, rape, and murder.

When it comes to police officers, there are two officers per 1000 people located in Pierre. According to neighborhoodscout, Pierres most dangerous crime rate in the city center neighborhood. The lowest rate showed up in the Blunt/Harold neighborhood.

Out of the entirety of Dakota itself (south and North Dakota), there are higher crime rate percentages. Williston, ND, for example, has a crime rate of 518 per 100,000 people. Sturgis, Sd has a crime rate of 262. N. Garfield has a mediocre crime rate compared to Blunt/Harold and The City center of Pierre.

Vermillion has a population of approximately 10,000 people with a crime rate of 240. Considering Vermillion has fewer people than Pierre, with a higher crime rate, Pierre is a very peaceful city to live in.

What Is Pierre’s Demographic?

What Is Pierre’s Demographic

I’ll be real here, there aren’t currently many black people in Pierre. But baring in mind that this is a small city of around 14,000 people, that doesn’t mean that couldn’t change in future.

Census states that 82.9% of people in Pierre are white, 0.2% are black/African American, and about 3% are Hispanic and Latino. The Indian or native percentage claims 13.1%.

In 2019, the population estimated in Pierre was approximately 13,867 people. So with that said, you may see about 30 African Americans who live in Pierre. Since 2010, the population has increased by about 200+ people, roughly 13,646 eleven years ago.

Pierre’s population continues to increase by about 2.7% on average annually. The question, though, is, how family-friendly is Pierre? Well, According to bestplaces.net, Pierre is one of the most family-friendly locations around. 54.8% of people are married in Pierre, which is just over half of the population.

What does that mean for black singles? 10% are divorced, and another 10% are single with children. So whether you’re looking to start a family or have children of your own and want to mingle with like-minded singles, Pierre has it all.

Pierre alone has primarily ages 25-34-year-olds that reside in the four neighborhoods discussed previously. The second most people of age are estimated between ages 45-54 years. However, there are more females than men averaging at a 52% rate, there is plenty of opportunity for young African Americans.

The Best Pierre Neighborhoods

The Best Pierre Neighborhoods

What you’re looking for, where you want to reside, and how your lifestyle is will define where you’re most happy in Pierre, SD. For example, if your lifestyle suits a more relaxed country feel, your best neighborhood choice will be Blunt/Harold.

If you’re looking to spice things up with shopping and recreational activities, the city center of Pierre is your most suitable option. However, if you want the best of both worlds, US Route 14 is smack dab in the middle of the city center, equipped with nature trails and a country feel. US Route 14 is also conveniently located near the bridge that crosses the Missouri river to access Fort Pierre easier.

Although Blunt/Harold has the most minor criminal activity, Route 14 is the best neighborhood in Pierre, SD. It is the neighborhood that literally has it all. Younger African Americans, more families, better schools, a low crime rating, and it’s the best view in all of Pierre.

Best Pierre Neighborhoods for Black People, Conclusion

The most engaging experience about Pierre, SD, perhaps is the crime average compared to other US states. Most people opt to live in Pierre based on the statistics stating that Pierre is 19% safer than most cities in the US. With that, Pierre is 10% lower for the cost of living than the national average. Employment rates are also lower in Pierre than the national average. So, the cost of living, the beautiful scenery, city life, and suburban options just in Pierre alone make the livability score 79 out of 100.

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