5 Best Jefferson City Neighborhoods for Young Black Professionals, Black Families, & Singles – Missouri

Best Jefferson City Neighborhoods for Young Black Professionals

Jefferson City, Missouri, holds the title of “Capital City” for the Midwestern state and is home to a variety of ethnic backgrounds, with the second-highest population being black.

Whether you are moving yourself or your family to the city, here are the best suburbs for black families, young professionals, and singles in Jeff City.

3 Best Jefferson City Suburbs for Black Families

Algoa RD/ E McCarthy Street

The neighborhood within Algoa road and E McCarthy Street boasts some of the lowest rates of childhood poverty in the city which makes it a popular choice for families. It is also popular among retirees due to its safety from crime and its providing diverse housing options.

Choosing the right neighborhood to raise your family also comes down to the cost of living and finding a suburb that fits your lifestyle.

The average cost of living when purchasing a home in the area between Algoa road and E McCarthy Street is $161,703, which is more expensive than 48.5% of areas in Missouri. If renting, the average cost is $1,052.

Occupations in this area are predominantly government workers as the government typically provides stable jobs allowing for larger payments on homes.

One of the optimal draws to this area for black families is not only the safety and quiet atmosphere, but the demographic of 7.6% of residents having African ancestry.

Route B/ Tanner Bridge Road

The suburbs around Route B and Tanner Bridge Road in Jefferson City, MO, has a median real estate price of $165,946 and an average rental price of $933. The current cost of living in this area makes it one of the more expensive areas to live in Jefferson City.

The three to four-bedroom homes that primarily make up the area make it a noble option for single families. In addition to the home sizes, the diverse neighborhood makes it a melting pot for different ethnicities coming to the area.

Childhood poverty in this area is lower than that of 62.4% of America’s neighborhoods, making it an attractive spot for black families.

One of the better draws to this neighborhood is the occupational diversity. Over 45% of the working population has an executive, management, or professional job. Coming in second is government jobs, with 22% of them holding a career with the government. Lastly, fast food, clerical, assistant, sales accountant, service jobs, and tech support occupations make up around 29% of jobs in this area of Jefferson City.

Route 54/ Idlewood Road

Route 54 and Idlewood Road is the most expensive suburb on this list of best Jefferson City Neighborhoods for black families and the third most expensive suburb in Jefferson City. Real estate averages at $181,404, and average rental prices fall at $1,022.

Due to the high population in this area, Route 54 and Idlewood road is considered a suburban neighborhood.

House and apartment sizes and short commute times of less than fifteen minutes on average make it a noble option for families and parents looking to spend the most time with their children. One of the more attractive draws to this area for black families is that 2.5% of residents five years and up primarily speak African languages at home.

As a result of African languages spoken in the homes, 2.5% of residents have Sub-Saharan African ancestry.

This area is also popular among college students for its high safety ratings.

2 Best Jefferson City Neighborhoods for Young Black Professionals & Singles

Lincoln U/ E Dunklin St. Neighborhood

Lincoln U


Being a young, black professional means you need the ability to connect with other like-minded people who can help you network to help grow your portfolio. While you want to have a separate home and work life, it is not a bad thing to have some overlap in those two areas of your life.

For instance, you may meet people in your neighborhood that you wouldn’t necessarily meet in the workplace that can help you grow your career.

The suburbs around Lincoln U and E Dunklin St. provide an excellent opportunity for young, black professionals to meet young, educated individuals having the same interests in mind.

This area is attractive for college students because of the low cost of living and proximity to the university. With 5.2% of the population coming from African ancestry and 3.6% of residents with a Jamaican background, it is an attractive place for young professionals and singles to meet residents of the same race and interests.

City Center

City Center

If your goal for moving to the capital of Missouri is to meet young black people and build a network for your career, ­­­­­­­­­­­­­the city center neighborhood is a noble option.

Approximately 9% of residents in City Center have Sub-Saharan African roots, and an additional 9% report African ancestry. This equals an impressive statistic showing that the City Center neighborhood has more African ancestry than any neighborhood in America.

What makes this suburb perfect for single black individuals is that 58.6% of City Center residents live alone. Putting these two statistics together along with the low cost of living with an average rental cost of $657 makes the opportunity available for singles and young professionals.

Is Jefferson City Safe?

Is Jefferson City Safe

Jefferson City has a crime index of 16 with 100 rankings as the safest; which is a relatively low rating. This means that Jefferson City, MO, is safer than 16% of United States cities.

Violent crimes in the city per 1,000 residents are 2.79, with 4 being the national median. This means that Jefferson City ranks below the national average for violent crime.

Property crime in the city falls in the average range for the U.S., meaning every 1 in 38 people fall victim to property crime within the city limits.

Lastly, crimes per square mile are just above average, with the national average at 28.3 and Jefferson City sitting at an average of 33.

Overall, Jefferson City is rated as average in regards to safety. While there are most certainly safer places to settle down, finding the right area to purchase a home or rent an apartment can be the determining factor on whether or not you fall victim to crime.

What is Jefferson Cities Demographic?

Jefferson Cities Demographic

Living in a neighborhood with like-minded people is an advantage to growing as an individual and growing your career or family in a place you feel safe to do so.

The 2010 census for Jefferson City shows 9,969 families residing in the city with a population of 43,076 people in 17,278 homes. Among the 43,076 residents, 78% are white, 16.9% are African American, 1.8% are Asian.

28% of the households in Jefferson City have children under 18 years of age living with them, and 12.4% have a female head of the house with no husband.

The Best Jefferson City Neighborhoods

Best Jefferson City Neighborhoods

The top Jefferson City suburbs for young professionals and singles may differ from the best neighborhoods for families. However, to determine the best suburbs in the area is to find the neighborhoods with the best overall safety.

Apache Flats and Plummer is ranked as the safest neighborhood in the city, followed by Scott Station road/West Thurman Blvd, Scruggs, and Route B/Tanner Bridge road.

The fourth and fifth safest suburbs of the city are Route 54/Idlewood road and Algoa Road/E McCarthy Street which is both on our list of best places for black families to settle along with the previously mentioned Route B/ Tanner Bridge road.

As for the safest places for young black professionals and singles, both City Center and Lincoln U/E Dunklin Street rank in the top 10 safest neighborhoods in Jefferson City.

Top Jefferson City Neighborhoods for Black People, Final Thoughts

Whether you are a single, black adult with a promising career or a black family moving to the Jefferson City area, there is a neighborhood best suited to your needs and lifestyle.

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