Popular Jackson Neighborhoods For Black Singles, Young Professionals & Families – Mississippi

Best Jackson Neighborhoods For Black People

Planning on moving to the suburbs of Jackson, Mississippi? Relocating to set up a new business or seeking a home in a new locality to raise your family can seem challenging, especially when you are not sure of the neighborhood and the safety of that area.

Below we have made a list of the top Jackson neighborhoods in Mississippi for black families, young black professionals, and singles.

Best Jackson Suburbs For Black Families

Raising a family in a new place would require the basic necessities of a good school and college, a safe and comfortable community, low crime rates, law and enforcement, parks and playgrounds for your kids and pets, walkability and close proximity to shopping areas, and restaurants, public transportation, emergency services and much more.

Before investing in a new home, allow us to make it easier for you and your family to decide on a neighborhood that suits your desires.

Madison County, Mississippi

Madison County, Mississippi

Madison County in Mississippi represents one of the most popular places for black families. With a population of 25,592, this suburb in Jackson has a rural residential atmosphere. The residents here own their homes which allows you to build relations with the community.

The conservative neighborhood of Madison County in the Jackson suburbs has some of the highest-ranked public schools and several employment opportunities. The crime rate remains relatively low. Visit Mississippi Children’s Museum, Jackson Convention Complex, or spend some time during the day among natural beauty cycling around the paved bike trails in Madison County.

Flowood in Rankin County, Mississippi

Flowood in Rankin County, Mississippi

If you desire to live in a well-planned, beautiful, and fast-growing city in Mississippi, then Flowood represents the place for you. With a population of 9,030, this family-oriented suburb of Jackson has affordable living conditions with a mix of both owned and rental residents. The median home value in Flowood in Rankin County remains around $188,616, and the average median household income comes to $63,081.

From amusement and theme parks to antique shops and street markets, Flowood in Rankin County has several fantastic family-friendly things to do. You can visit Flowood Nature Park, Flowood Remote Control Indoor Park, DEFY Jackson (High Heaven) for a fun day trip.

Clinton in Hinds County, Mississippi

Clinton in Hinds County, Mississippi


The liberal nature of residents of Clinton in the Jackson metropolitan area makes it home to many African-American families and young black professionals. With a population of 25,131 and a median home value of $187,300, buying a home in Clinton, Hinds County, serves as a great investment. Clinton, also known as Mississippi’s family city and a Certified Retirement City, represents one of the safest localities.

Experience exceptional quality of life in Clinton, Mississippi’s most livable cities. From churches, education, recreation, housing, safety, shopping, health care, and entertainment, you can find it all in the Jackson metropolitan area of Clinton.

Top Jackson Neighborhoods For Young Black Professionals & Singles

Jackson in Mississippi has a thriving African-American culture. It represents home to the Mississippi Blues Marathon, the Rhythm and Blues Festival, the Jackson Zoo, the Celtic Fest, Children’s Museum, the Petrified Forest. With a wide range of art and natural sciences, young black professionals and singles will never experience a dull moment in Jackson in Mississippi.

Here you can find the best Jackson neighborhoods specifically for young black professionals and singles.

Ridgeland in Madison County, Mississippi

Ridgeland in Madison County, Mississippi

Ridgeland, a city in Madison County, has the largest population of young professionals between the age of 25 and 29. With almost 48.8% of college graduates and a median income of $36,204 which remains higher than the average, Ridgeland represents a high-end and expensive locality in the Jackson suburbs.

Living in Ridgeland in Madison County would cost almost double the median house value than any other city in the Jackson metropolitan area. However, young black professionals and singles choose to stay here because of the vibrant economy and access to more social life.

With countless coffee shops, retail stores, outdoor recreation spaces, and restaurants to family-run businesses, you can enjoy the best of both worlds, family life, and run your own business.

Pearl in Rankin County, Mississippi

Pearl in Rankin County, Mississippi

If you want to live in an area filled with ethnic and socio-economical diversity, choose Pearl in Rankin County, Mississippi. Known as one of the safest neighborhoods with the lowest crime rates, Pearl represents one of the top choices for young professionals and singles. Develop your career with The Pearl Chamber of Commerce in a business-friendly community that offers diverse employment opportunities.

With a median home value of $125,000 and the median income of working individuals of about $21,511, Pearl offers young black professionals and singles an opportunity to invest in a new home. You can save yourself time commuting in and around the Jackson suburbs due to the close access to the Evers International Airport and major highways.

The D-Bat baseball training facility, Cinemark XD Movie Theatre, Launch Trampoline Park, Mac & Bones Mini-Golf, E-Plex Connection City Virtual Gaming, and Fun Time Skateland represent some of the most existing entertainment spaces in Pearl, Rankin County, Mississippi.

Is Jackson Safe?

Is Jackson Safe

As per the ranking of the U.S. states by peacefulness, Mississippi represents an index value of 3.17 on the United States Peace Index. Madison County in Mississippi ranks at 11 as the safest city in the United States, while Ridgeland remains 26% safer than most cities in the United States.

The reported violent crime rate in Mississippi is 277.9. The low risk of violent crime in Ridgeland makes it the 14th largest city in Mississippi for black singles, young professionals, and families to live in. Crime rates differ from neighborhood to neighborhood.

The crime rate as per 100k residents for murder is 46.5, robbery 292.7, assault 413.4, violent crime 753, burglary 1,106.0, theft 2,873.9, vehicle theft 558.5 and property crime 4,538. There are 746 law enforcement employees in the Jackson metropolitan area.

What Is Jackson’s Demographic?

Jackson’s Demographic

A multitude of creative people call ‘The City With Soul,’ Jackson in Mississippi, home. From sculptors, dancers, actors, architects to world-class painters, filmmakers, and musicians, many black families and young black professionals and singles folk into Jackson in Mississippi to pursue their passions.

The Jackson metropolitan area has had a significant increase in population in the last few years. The population of Jackson city, Mississippi, at the moment, stands at 153,701. 82.18% of Jackson’s demographic consists of the African American or Black population. 16.5% of the population is White, 0.1% American Indian and Alaska Native, 5.9% Asian, and 1.4% Hispanic or Latino.

Many people have started to move to Jackson’s suburbs in Mississippi to maintain the balance of work and family life. The high school graduation rate of young black individuals stands at 84.75%. The Jackson metropolitan area has a larger population of women of 53.9% and 46.06% of men.

With 139,684,244 housing units in Jackson’s suburbs, the rate of household ownership remains 50.0%. The median value of housing units occupied by homeowners is $90,700. The median monthly cost spent by owners with a mortgage is $1,090, and without a mortgage, $388.

The median income for a household remains $30,414, and the per capita income is $17,116. Families have a median income of $36,003. The males in the city have a median income of $29,166 while females at $23,328.

Top Jackson Neighborhoods For Black Families, Conclusion

Whether you are a young black professional or single, embracing a fresh start to your career, or an African American family looking for the next destination in your home life, Jackson suburbs in Mississippi represents the ideal place for you. Take your pick from our list of the best Jackson neighborhoods for black singles, young professionals, and families.

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