5 Best Harrisburg Neighborhoods for Black Singles, Families & Young Professionals – Pennsylvania

Best Harrisburg Neighborhoods for Black Singles

Thinking about moving to a new city can be stressful, but understanding which neighborhoods are best suited to your needs can reduce anxiety and facilitate a successful move.

From upscale living in a fast-paced city environment to comfortable suburbia with lots of children playing, you will be able to find your niche in Harrisburg. So let’s look at the best Harrisburg neighborhoods for black families. And black singles. And black young professionals. 🙂

3 Best Harrisburg Suburbs for Black Families

Several of the communities near Harrisburg are excellent for families. From high-quality public schools to kid-friendly sports and activities, Harrisburg neighborhoods offer various entertaining and exciting possibilities.



Shipoke is a small neighborhood located along the Susquehanna River and bordered by Interstate 83. Walkways and paths line the river’s edge making this neighborhood a great choice if you like peaceful walks near your home.

The community has a low crime rate and is excellent for black families, but it does not have many nearby restaurants. However, with the neighborhood’s proximity to the interstate, it would be simple to drive to a nearby restaurant or shopping center for all of your needs.

Riverfront Park is near the Shipoke neighborhood and hosts many festivals and events throughout the year, including the Harrisburg Independence Day Celebration and the Woofstock Dog Festival.

While the cost of rent or purchasing a home is a bit higher in this neighborhood, it is a quiet, beautiful slice of Harrisburg that is perfect for budding families.

Camp Hill

Camp Hill

Camp Hill is about three miles southwest of downtown Harrisburg. Established by a faction of the congregation of Peace Church, Camp Hill was a meeting location for services.

Interestingly, Rite Aid’s headquarters are stationed in Camp Hill. This suburb of Harrisburg is quite large – nearly 8,000 people call Camp Hill home. The average home value is approximately $213,000, and, as of 2020, the unemployment rate is just under four percent.

The Camp Hill School district serves all ages of children via public schools. Fiala Field offers a great place for kids to play soccer, and Willow Park is another green space in the neighborhood, perfect for picnics with the family. The Camp Hill Shopping Center offers fast casual dining options, a grocery store, and clothing retailers.



Mechanicsburg is a district in Cumberland County, about eight miles west of Harrisburg. Named after a group of mechanics specializing in repairing Conestoga wagons, Mechanicsburg grew throughout the 19th century. Specifically, in 1837, when the Cumberland Valley Railroad (CVRR) designated Mechanicsburg as a location to restock locomotives that incorporated fields of business and industry into the town’s persona.

The Frankeberger Tavern is the oldest building in Mechanicsburg and was one of the town’s first publicly available lodgings. Other historical landmarks in the community include Irving Female College, where a woman could study arts and sciences, and the Adam Orris House, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Check out the Oaks Museum of Natural History, a great place to explore with the family. Furthermore, if you enjoy outdoor adventures, a piece of the Appalachian Trail runs through Mechanicsburg and is open to the public. Local coffee shops, like Dalicia Bakery, and pizza joints, like JoJo’s Pizza and Pasta, round out the recommendations for this great place to live near Harrisburg with a family.

2 Best Harrisburg Neighborhoods for Black Singles and Young Professionals

See below the two top Harrisburg suburbs for Black singles and young professionals. These are great for those seeking to boost their careers and engage in various social activities.

Downtown Harrisburg

Downtown Harrisburg

Downtown Harrisburg is a bustling area of the city, with a nightlife scene that is eclectic and vibrant. It’s also home to the Pennsylvania State Capitol and various government buildings, which are centrally located and surrounded by restaurants, parking, and other facilities.

Downtown has few houses to purchase, but many apartment buildings, like Mulberry Station Apartment Homes, are available for young professionals or singles. Most apartments are within walking distance to the Pennsylvania State Capitol Complex, which provides many government jobs and is situated on a picturesque green space that is publicly accessible.

The Whitaker Center for Science and Arts is located downtown and offers different science exhibits, IMAX movies, and live performances. Elsewhere, there’s City Island, which is walkable from Downtown Harrisburg via a bridge. The island is a unique feature that holds the field for a minor league baseball team, the Harrisburg Senators.

If you’re looking to take advantage of public transport, then the Capital Area Transit (CAT) is a great option to travel and explore the city at large. There’s never a dull moment in Downtown Harrisburg, and that makes it a perfect destination for a young professional seeking an energizing and connected city environment.

Susquehanna Township

Susquehanna Township

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If you’re looking for an up-and-coming suburb that’s a little quieter than downtown but still has plenty to offer in terms of nightlife and activities a young black professional would enjoy, then Susquehanna is your best bet.

This part of Harrisburg is safe, a bit unassuming, but it’s clean and doesn’t lack entertainment, with plenty of dining options. This township is unique in that it’s partly Harrisburg and partly Dauphin county. Almost a quarter of its demographics are black, so you won’t feel isolated.

For shopping, you can go to the Village of Oakhurst shopping center or the Shoppes at Susquehanna. You’ll find everything from Starbucks to Eddie Bauer to Athleta to Sephora, with a top-notch massage spa and power yoga as well. The Shoppes also hosts regular events, so your weekends won’t be boring.

There are also plenty of parks and green areas if you enjoy being active during your downtime. The Parks and Rec department regularly hosts events, including golf workshops where you can work on your swing to outdoor pilates and yoga.

If you prefer to spend your time listening to music, there’s a venue that looks like a castle out of the European countryside, situated on the river. Otherwise, there are various pubs to spice up your nightlife where you can go to dance and have a good meal.

Is Harrisburg Safe?

Is Harrisburg Safe

In 2019, the crime rate in Harrisburg was lower than the United States crime rate. Furthermore, over the past twenty years, the crime rate in Harrisburg has been on a general downward trend.

As with any city, some crime occurs. Of the neighborhoods listed above, Camp Hill tends to be the safest. Furthermore, property crimes are about five times higher than violent crimes across the Harrisburg metro area.

Overall, Harrisburg is safer than other nearby cities like Baltimore, Washington, DC, or Philadelphia. As for the state, Pennsylvania ranks as the 24th safest state in the entire country. Compared to the rest of the state, the crime statistics of Harrisburg are relatively low and reassuring.

What Is Harrisburg Demographic?

What Is Harrisburg Demographic

In 2018, the United States Census Bureau estimated that the population of Harrisburg is about 52 percent Black or African American, 23 percent White, 22 percent Latino, and 5 percent Asian.

The six most prominent ethnic groups in the city include African American, German, Irish, Italian, English, and Dutch. Additionally, Harrisburg has a large Pennsylvania Dutch community – one of the most prominent in the country.

Most than twenty thousand people live within the city limits of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. About a quarter of those households are married couples who have young children. Harrisburg has a hip vibe that is perfect for both young professionals and growing families. Everyone can live near Harrisburg and enjoy the benefits of a busy city and the hometown feel of local communities.

Top Harrisburg Suburbs for Black Families, Conclusion

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, is an exciting place because of diverse cultures, perspectives, and opportunities to pursue. Living in a neighborhood of Harrisburg is very affordable for families or young professionals.

People who move to Harrisburg can expect to find exciting career opportunities, outdoor recreational areas, and the chance to build a different, fulfilling life.

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