5 Popular Austin Neighborhoods for Black Singles, Families & Young Professionals – Texas

Best Austin Neighborhoods for Black Singles

Austin is the capital of Texas and boasts a plethora of events that attract visitors every year. It is a very good place to reside and work and a perfect representation of the traditional American abode. This guide will help you understand better what’s so great about this city.

3 Best Austin Suburbs for Black Families

With its peaceful and welcoming atmosphere, Austin offers up a vibrant environment ideal for families. It boasts excellent schools, parks, restaurants, movie theaters, music halls, and many other things that make up a great living experience.

Alongside affordable housing and a high standard of living, Austin has the potential to be the ideal package for you and your family. Check out the best Austin neighborhoods for black families below.

Cedar Park

Cedar Park

Established in 1887 and incorporated on February 24, 1973, Cedar Park is a place imbued with community pride. Lying in Williamson County, Cedar Park borders Travis County on U.S. Route 183 and is 16 miles to the northwest of Austin.

It has a population of about 79,500, with a total area of 25.70 sq miles and some 3000 people living in one square mile. Since its establishment, Cedar Park has made a name for itself thanks to a nearby tech hub, the H-E-B Center, and highly-regarded schools. 

In fact, if you are looking to put your children in some of the best schools in Texas, then Cedar Park may be the choice for you. The city has numerous quality schools, primarily in the Leander Independent School District, which has been rated the best school district in the county, making it an excellent area for growing minds and families.

Reflecting the suburb’s strong growth and connection to the tech industry, Cedar Park has a median income of about $104,019. Despite that, housing in Cedar Parks is relatively affordable, with a median sale average of $510,000.

Besides its fantastic schools, Cedar Park has plenty for the family to do. In particular, the H-E-B Center hosts over 100 live music and entertainment events annually and there is abundant natural beauty. Indeed, the suburb features trails and over 1000 acres of greenspace. What’s more, the suburb is located just ten miles from Lake Travis, which affords amazing views of the surrounding areas. 

Elsewhere, Cedar Park has built up a reputation for a vibrant sports scene, especially hockey, basketball, and bowling. It’s home to the Texas Stars, who are stakeholders in the American Hockey League and the Austin Spurs of the NBA G league.



One of the best suburbs in the area, Lakeway has a population of just above 19,000. The median income is about $132,899, with a poverty rate of 3.3%. It has beautiful schools, parks, and hangout centers that make it a darling neighborhood for families.

Lakeway has a low unemployment rate of about 3% and provides a safe and secure area to raise a family. Situated close to Lake Travis and boasting a land area of 13.39 sq miles, Lakeway is one neighborhood you want to reside in. It runs 16 miles west of Austin and hosts Hurst Creek, a tributary that flows into Lake Travis.

The Lake Travis Independent School District serves the city in managing all educational institutions. There are three elementary schools: Lake Travis Elementary School, Lakeway Elementary School, and Serene Hills Elementary School. They also have two middle schools: Hudson Bend Middle School and Lake Travis Middle School. Lake Travis High School serves the city of Lakeway. It’s the second best school district in the greater Austin area.

Not only does it have fantastic schools for educating your young black children, but it also has a public library that stocks up-to-date books. The building is about 11000 sq feet and serves the entire city of Lakeway. Best of all, it has pre-planned activities for children, teenagers, and even adults.

There are also plenty of parks, many of which have family-friendly activities, like a Wilderness Fun Run, which is free and has snacks to help motivate even the most stubborn of little ones.

Bee Cave

Bee Cave


If you are looking for a well-paying job, this is the city for you. You will find great schools for your kids and great spots to enjoy the weekend. The area is safer than most of the country, with a population of 9,144 persons, so you can raise your family, comfortable in the knowledge that their town will be a safe haven for them.

Travis County houses this city with a total land area of 8.57 sq miles. The town was incorporated in 1987, and it has about 797.78 persons living per one sq mile of land.

The Lake Travis Independent School District serves the city. It’s the second best school district in the entirety of Travis County, so you know that your kids will have a good education.

Bee Cave also houses the headquarters of the American Campus Communities and Cheyanna’s Champions for Children headquarters. Plus, it has a seven acre sculpture park that is perfect for children to play on and for adults to enjoy.

There is also a Central Park where you can bring your family and your pet dog for a bit of off-leash fun, if you like. There are play areas for the kids, soccer fields, basketball courts, and even a place for adults to exercise. All in all, there’s everything you need for a fun and fulfilling weekend out in the sun.

2 Best Austin Neighborhoods for Black Singles & Young Professionals

Affordable housing, employment opportunities, lavish parties and hangouts, clubs, and restaurants appeal to young graduates, professionals, and singles. And you will find many of these attractive things in the capital city of Texas, Austin. Check out two of the top Austin suburbs for black singles & young professionals:



Named after a nearby park, Zilker is located across the Colorado River, and stands as one of the most attractive neighborhoods in Austin with the perfect blend of work opportunities and recreation. It has a low crime rate and an average home purchase price of $482,871, and monthly rent of about $1231.

With several modern houses, condos, and business places, it is no surprise that young professionals and graduates have made this neighborhood their home. It doesn’t hurt that Zilker has so much to offer in terms of entertainment, staying active, and greenspaces.

You’ll get to catch the latest movies at the Alamo House, work up a sweat at the several sports centers the neighborhood has, enjoy the nightlife, and dine out to your heart’s content. Alongside coffee houses, Zilka’s restaurants provide a fantastic blend of fast food and traditional southern meals.

In Zilker, you can visit the Umlauf Sculpture Garden & Museum while the Zilker Metropolitan Park hosts the Austin City Limits Music Festival every year. This festival attracts a lot of music lovers from around the country—a perfect event to find the one for you.

If you enjoy going outdoors, you may want to visit the Barton Creek Greenbelt and the Lady Bird Lake hike. It also has fantastic gardens and pools that draw attention at any time of the day. The commute is excellent, and it is a hot spot for many.

North University

Also known as North Campus, North University has cultivated a reputation for safety and affordability. In fact, with an average home purchase price of $212,500 and a monthly rent of about $980, it has established itself as a hotspot for students, young professionals, and singles.

Over the years, North University has built up an eclectic aesthetic as buildings have popped up to accommodate new residents, as well as students attending the University of Texas and the Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, North University.

This area prides itself on its extensive treescapes, which only adds to North University’s walkability. Each year, these trees, along with countless buildings, are covered in all manner of lights as part of the 37th Street Christmas festivities. 

The bars, restaurants, affordable houses, architecture, shops and stores, and comfortable transit make this neighborhood appealing to various people. It is also very peaceful, with easy parking, but plenty of sidewalks if you want to walk. And with weather this good, who wouldn’t want to take advantage of a nighttime stroll from the club to your apartment?

Is Austin Safe?

Is Austin Safe

Austin is a very safe place to reside, ranked among the top ten safest cities in the United States of America. Considering how large the city of Austin is and how many people live within its borders, it’s really surprising that it’s such a safe place to live!

And as safe as it currently is, the city’s leaders are on a path to further secure the city. The violent crime rate is lower than the average crime rate of the country, and despite its large size, Austin is doing well in providing safety to its inhabitants.

What Is Austin’s Demographic?

What Is Austin’s Demographic

Austin is the capital city of Texas, with a population of 964,469 according to the United States Census in 2018. It is the 4th largest city in Texas and the 10th largest city in the country. Situated between Travis County and Williamson County in Texas, Austin has a population growth rate of 1.65% and 3,162 people per square mile.

According to recent statistics, Austin has a white population of 72.63%. The African American population is 7.83%, with Asian Americans coming close behind at 7.77%. Other races form up the rest of the 11.77% residing in the city. While you may not see as many black folk as you’re used to, you’re likely going to feel safe notwithstanding.

Austin has a poverty rate of 13.2%, with an average household income of $102,876. House value averages $337,400, and the average rental cost is about $1,280. With the city’s exciting attractions, Austin attracts youngsters looking to start a life as well as retirees, making the city the fastest growing city in the USA.

Best Austin Neighborhoods For Black People, Conclusion

Austin is a great place for African American families, for black singles, and for young professionals who are looking to start their careers. The sights, schools, recreational attractions, security, among other things, make it a fantastic place to live. If you’re looking for a place to move in Texas, then Austin may be the right choice. It’s safe, it’s got things to do, and you can really rely on the schools to teach any children you have well.

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