5 Best Salem Neighborhoods for Young Black Professionals, Singles, and Black Families – Oregon

Best Salem Neighborhoods for Young Black Professionals

Salem is Oregon’s capital and second-largest city. As Oregon’s capital, the area is full of excellent job opportunities and school districts.

Even better? The region is rich in art and history and only one hour from the beach!

Read on to find the best Salem neighborhoods for black families, young professionals, and singles.

Best Salem Suburbs for Black Families


Silverton Salem Oregon

Surrounded by green gardens and breathtaking waterfalls, Silverton is considered Oregon’s Garden City.

The suburb is sometimes considered a tourist region but filled with family fun, too. Silver Falls State Park, Silver Creek, The Oregon Garden, and much more reside in Silverton.

The neighborhood is favorable for families with children because it’s a part of Salem’s top-rated Silver Falls School District. 

Silverton’s well-known attractions and well-known schools increase the cost of living. With 9,222 residents, the median house value is $462,808.

Although one of the best Salem neighborhoods for black families, expect a half-hour commute if you work in the city.

Despite the potential travel time, Silverton is a well-established neighborhood with an abundance of opportunities.


Turner Salem Oregon


Turner is a small but close-knit community occupying both sides of Mill Creek in Marion County.

It has a population size of 2,494 and is perfect for families seeking a quiet comfortable neighborhood.

Families account for approximately 72 percent of Turner households. The growing neighborhood currently has a median home value of $458,000.

Many families opt for a Turner home because it’s a peaceful region not far from Salem’s best family to-dos.

The neighborhood is only 15 minutes from Downtown Salem, home to the Enchanted Forest Theme Park and right off the Willamette River.

Turner also has fair-rated schools within the Cascade School District. Within Turner, there are two elementary schools, one junior high school and one high school.

West Salem

West Salem Oregon

West Salem is a highly sought-after neighborhood for its vast homes and favored school district.

Parents will have a wide variety of schools to pick from as the suburb is part of Salem’s largest school district—Salem-Keizer. The district is also one of the city’s most diverse.

Interestingly, the suburb is separated from the rest of the City by the Willamette River. However, no need to worry about getting to and from work.

The Marion and Center Street Bridge connects the neighborhood to the rest of Salem. Additionally, there is still plenty to do in West Salem as it’s filled with nature reserves and parks.

According to Statistical Atlas, West Salem has around 23,500 residents and 8,700 households with a median value of over $420,000. 


Keizer Salem Oregon

Officially established in 1982, Keizer is a fast-growing suburb of Salem. The region is already as populous as 39,376 residents.

Regardless of Keizer’s growth, the community works to maintain a welcoming small-town feel. They do so by emphasizing the importance of neighborhood improvement.

For instance, their webpage details how volunteers contributed to the Keizer Corner, built a brand new art walk and constructed pet shelters.

If you value community, Keizer is the suburb for you. The neighborhood is also slightly more affordable than the above recommendations, with a median home value of $408,061.

Like West Salem, Keizer is a part of the well-rated Salem-Keizer district.

Best Salem Neighborhoods for Young Black Professionals and Singles


McMinnville Salem Oregon


McMinnville is undoubtedly the top Salem suburb for young black professionals and singles.

The neighborhood is approximately 30 minutes outside of Salem and one hour from Portland.

McMinnville has a small-town feel, but without a lack of attractions as it’s located in Oregon’s wine country.

The suburb also has an abundance of renowned restaurants, coffee houses, and tasting rooms.

Most attractively, McMinnville is supportive of local businesses and residents interested in starting their own.

The neighborhood has a McMinnville Economic Development Partnership (MEDP) that acts as a resource for companies.

MEDP provides businesses with market connections, job recruitment and retention, expansion services, and much more.

The suburb is slightly more expensive than the following suggestions but an excellent place for professionals and singles to plant roots.

The population is 34,319, and the median home value is $432,430.


Keizer Salem Oregon

Keizer is one of the best Salem neighborhoods for black families but also one of the top Salem suburbs for young black professionals and singles.

Located just off the 99E freeway, commuting to work will not be an obstacle. However, it’s important to consider more than your travel time to work when selecting a neighborhood.

The community-centered culture eases the process of meeting new people and making friends.

Additionally, the small suburb is rapidly growing. Therefore, now is the perfect time to get your foot in the door if you’re staying long-term.

Four Corners

Four Corners Salem Oregon

Four Corners is a 16,740 resident neighborhood just outside but still within a reasonable distance from Salem’s metro area.

The commute from Four Corners to Salem is only 10 minutes.

Because Four Corners is still considered a part of Salem’s urban city, there are many restaurants and bars within driving distance.

The city’s unique location also provides residents with the choice of a peaceful night in or a fun outing.

With a median age of 33.6, Four Corners is perfect for young black professionals and singles.

Updated median home values aren’t readily available. In 2019, the median home value in Four Corners was approximately $204,000.

While that number has likely increased, the city is known to be more affordable than other suburbs.

Is Salem Safe?

Is Salem Safe

Whether vacationing, relocating permanently, or residing temporarily, safety is likely the first thing to cross your mind.

Oregon is a generally safe state, ranking 35 out of 50 for reported violent crimes. Considering Salem is Oregon’s second-largest city, it has a higher crime rate than a few other regions.

With that said, U.S. News reported that Salem still has an average violent crime rate lower than the national average. Per 100,000 Salem residents, 243 reported a violent crime.

On the contrary, the city has a property crime rate higher than the national average. Of 100,000 people, 2,647 reported a property crime.

Still, Salem has managed to stay off the 2021 Most Dangerous Cities in America list. Regardless of Salem’s primarily safe nature, consider additional measures to keep safe.

Take the time to analyze neighborhood crime rates and consider safety tools like security cameras as necessary.

What Is Salem’s Demographic?

What Is Salem’s Demographic

Determining whether or not a city is the best fit for you is crucial before relocating.

With 175,535 citizens, Salem is Oregon’s most populated city after Portland. In general, Oregon has a small African American population, at 2.2 percent.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 1.4 percent of Salem residents are black, accounting for the smallest portion of Salem’s population.

81.5 percent of Salem’s residents are white, 23.3 percent are Hispanic/Latino, 6.4 percent are two or more races, and 2.6 percent are Asian.

Although Salem isn’t the most diverse city, it’s still an excellent place for families and professionals singles to settle.

Salem’s most recent American Community Survey estimated that the city has 45.2 percent married households and 36.8 percent nonfamily households.

Of the city’s approximately 61,000 households, over 38,000 are families, and 17,000 are children under 18 years old. Additionally, the median age is 35.9.

Therefore, families with young children should have no problems fitting in. The same is true for black professional singles.

Per U.S. News, Salem’s job market is in a healthy state, and the unemployment rate is lower than the national average.

Regardless of your chapter in life, Salem likely has a suburb for you to call home.

Top Salem Neighborhoods for Black Families, Final Thoughts

Salem is a unique city abundant with natural beauty and intriguing history, making it an excellent place to live.

The capital’s thriving neighborhoods already meet the needs of multiple young, middle-aged, and older residents.

Whether you’re in search of a new home, career, or lifestyle, Salem’s suburbia will welcome you.

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