African Vs Caribbean Women, Can You Tell the Difference?

African and Caribbean Women, Can You Tell the Difference?

Black women are beautiful. It doesn’t matter if you’re from Jamaica or from Nigeria, from the Virgin Islands or from Kenya. All black women are magical.

In addition to their beauty, black women, especially African and Caribbean women, have a lot in common, from their music to their style of dress. But there are also some major differences too. Let’s look at some markers of African and Caribbean culture – can you tell which is which?

Which Woman Is African And Which Is Caribbean?


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Answer: The top woman is Caribbean (Haiti) and the bottom is African (Ethiopia).

We generally think of both African and Caribbean women as having beautiful dark skin, but that’s not always the case. For example, Ethiopians are generally known for their lighter skin and curly hair.

Although Haitian women usually have darker skin and tighter curls, due to French colonialism and immigration, Haitian women can also be biracial, like the Haitian woman above. One of the most beautiful parts of African and Caribbean culture is the diversity!

Is This Music African Or Caribbean?

Olatunji – “Ola”

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Answer: Caribbean.

Olatunji is famous for crossing the borders between the Caribbean and Africa. Although he’s from Trinidad, he has a Nigerian name and makes music that sounds halfway between soca and afrobeat.

Caribbean soca and West African afrobeat trade elements all the time. They usually have heavy drums, high tempos and catchy hooks. Both soca and Afrobeats borrow heavily from African American hip hop too.

The lines between genres are breaking down thanks to artists like Drake, who popularizes both Caribbean (Popcaan – “Controlla”) and African artists (Wizkid – “One Dance”).

Which Woman Is African And Which Is Caribbean?

Senegalese Jamaican

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Answer: The first woman is African (Senegal) and the second is Caribbean (Jamaica).

Jamaica and Senegal have a lot in common – especially their beautiful beaches. In Senegal, all of the beaches even have free, public workout equipment, so at sundown you’re likely to see hundreds of people working out beside the ocean!

Jamaicans are said to look the most “African” out of all Caribbean people. They’re likely to have defined features and slanted eyes, although this could be from the fact that many Caribbean people are mixed with a little bit of everything, from Indian to Chinese to Taino.

That said, it’s not always tell which country someone’s from based on the way they look or act.

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  1. Such beautiful black and brown skin, sexy full lips and not to mention the coke bottle shape. Caribbean women are gorgeous and incredibly sexy.

  2. I was 100% correct on telling the difference. If you are from the Caribbean you would be able to tell by little things, like high cheekbones, attitude and movements. This was unbelievably easy.

    1. I’m of Jamaican descendants. I’m biracial and couldn’t be more proud of my heritage and culture. My outer apparent is a special gift that God has given us Jamaican women.

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