5 Popular Birmingham Neighborhoods for Black Singles, Families & Young Professionals – Alabama

Best Birmingham Neighborhoods for Black Singles

No matter what kind of lifestyle you live, there is likely to be a place in Birmingham that you’ll happily call home.

This city has a high Black demographic and plenty of excellent schools, businesses, and places to visit.

Here are the top 5 best Birmingham neighborhoods for Black singles, families, and young professionals!

3 Best Birmingham Suburbs for Black Families

Looking for a family-friendly suburb in Birmingham? Here are our top 3 best picks.


Hoover Birmingham Alabama

Black families looking for a safe, suburban area to settle down in may want to make a visit to Hoover.

Initially known as the “Green Valley,” this area borders the Appalachian mountains and is home to plenty of parks and beautiful scenery.

On weekends or vacation days, families can enjoy plenty of outdoor activities in this area. When you’re living in Hoover, you’ll be within a short distance of multiple golf courses, bike trails, and even the Moss Rock Preserve.

The excellent schools in this area make Hoover a great place for Black families with school-aged children.

In fact, Niche gives the schools in this suburb an A+. So if you want a good education for your children, you won’t have trouble finding it here!

The crime rate in this suburb is also pretty low, so you can rest assured that Hoover is a safe place to raise your children.

Plenty of businesses, both large and small, scatter this cozy suburb. Parents and young adults seeking a new job will have an easy time finding opportunities in Hoover.

The cost of living in Hoover isn’t the cheapest in Birmingham, but it certainly isn’t expensive, either. The median cost of rent is $1,123, just slightly above the national average.


Trussville Birmingham Alabama

With a population of roughly 22,000, Trussville could be a great home for Black families seeking a rural yet active community.

It is full of beautiful nature and scenery but still has a suburban atmosphere that’s ideal for raising a family.

This area also has excellent public transportation, making it suitable for families who don’t own cars or have older children wanting to learn independence.

If you have school-aged children in your family, you can find a high-quality education in Trussville. Their student-to-teacher ratio is 17:1, and over 70% of their students are proficient in reading and math.

There are plenty of job opportunities in Trussville, too. Around 88% of Trussville’s working population has a white-collar occupation, and the median income in 2014 was $94,875.

Overall, if you want your family to thrive, Trussville is a great place to live!

Forest Park

With a population of just over 8,000, those looking for a small and tightly-knit community can find it in Forest Park.

This is a notably racially and economically diverse area – Niche gives Forest Park an A- in that department.

Even with such a small community, there is a lot to do in this rural region, especially if your family is the outdoorsy type. There are plenty of parks and restaurants for your family to visit on the weekends, for instance.

And if you want to visit a more busy part of Birmingham, you have easy access to the interstate when you’re in Forest Park.

Unfortunately, public schools in Forest Park tend to have low ratings. Families with school-aged children and low income may not expect the best quality of education in this suburb.

However, their private schools tend to have higher ratings. So if you are willing to pay for private education, finding a high-quality school in Forest Park will be a little bit easier.

2 Best Birmingham Neighborhoods for Black Singles & Young Professionals

Black singles and young professionals will have an easy time making their home in Birmingham! Here are two top Birmingham suburbs for black singles and young professionals.

Central City

Central City Birmingham Alabama

Adults seeking an urban area to make their home may find that Central City is everything they’ve been looking for.

Those who prefer not to drive will enjoy this sidewalk-filled neighborhood. No matter where you want to go, you will probably have an easy time getting there on foot.

Young professionals and singles will enjoy the many cafes, bars, parks, and churches in this area.

With a population of roughly 3,000, it’s also a small and tightly-knit community, so you will have an easy time making friends in Central City.

While this area is home to a wide variety of excellent apartments and condos, you can also have an easy time finding a house in this area.

Overall, Central City received a B on Niche. They even have listed it as the best Birmingham neighborhood for young professionals!

It also has an excellent nightlife and is incredibly diverse, both racially and economically – so you’re sure to have an easy time connecting with others in Central City.

Five Points South

Five Points South Birmingham Alabama

With its notably high college population, young adults and professionals will feel right at home in Five Points South.

A good chunk of this area’s population belongs to students of the University of Alabama at Birmingham. So if you’re a young adult looking for a school with a diverse community, you may want to consider this college.

But even if you’re not a college student, there is still plenty of opportunity for Black singles and young professionals in Five Points South.

Five Points South has a reputation for its excellent nightlife, making this a great place to meet other people.

Like Central City, this district also has public transportation and is pedestrian-friendly.

This neighborhood also has a beautiful urban atmosphere. People looking to own a home may not be too fond of Five Points South, however, because most people here live in apartments.

Niche also ranks it the second-best neighborhood for young professionals in Birmingham and the third-best neighborhood overall!

Is Birmingham Safe?

Is Birmingham Safe

For the most part, Birmingham can be a safe place to live, whether you’re a single adult or a family with small children. Unfortunately, there are a few risks of living in this city.

Of course, these risks will vary depending on the area. So just because Birmingham has a notably high crime rate, it doesn’t mean you can’t find a safe neighborhood. 

As with any neighborhood, practice safety when you move in. Invest in a security system for your home, and avoid letting children walk alone too late at night.

As long as you are cautious and move into a neighborhood with a relatively low crime rate, Birmingham can be a safe place to live.

What Is Birmingham’s Demographic?

What Is Birmingham’s Demographic

Overall, Birmingham has one of the biggest Black populations in all of Alabama!

This city is also incredibly diverse in many different aspects, so you can expect to meet people of varying ethnicities, religions, and backgrounds.

As of 2021, around 69.85% of Birmingham’s population is African American.

In addition, 25.81% of the population is White, 1.08% is Asian, 0.30% is Native American, and 0.02% is Pacific Islander.

The remaining 2.94% goes to people of other races or people who are mixed race.

When it comes to age, the median is around 36 years old. Of course, this median will vary from neighborhood to neighborhood.

Around 84% of Birmingham’s population considers themselves religious. The most popular religion in this area is Christianity, particularly Baptists, which make up 40% of Birmingham’s religious population.

There are also slightly more women in Birmingham than men, at 52.82% and 47.18%, respectively.

Top Birmingham Neighborhoods for Black People, Conclusion

From quiet rural areas to bustling urban regions, Birmingham can be an excellent home for Black people of all ages, occupations, and backgrounds.

Of course, before you make any decisions, you should make a visit before settling in – after all, it’s home to plenty of vacation spots!

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