7 Ways To Make Exercising More Fun For Women

7 Ways To Make Exercising More Fun For Women

4. Change It Up

Black Woman Exercising

When you do the same workout routine day in and day out, it can become extremely boring, really fast. The simplest solution to this? Change up your routine.

Doing something different with your exercise routine is beneficial because it keeps things way more interesting and thus keeps you motivated. Additionally, a change in routine can save you from hitting a plateau if weight loss is our goal.

If you love the treadmill then incorporate some speed or hill intervals (alternating between fast and slow or incline/no incline). Shock your body every now and then so that you can reach your goals.

5. Take The Scenic Route

Black Woman Exercising Outside

Whether you are a walker, runner, or biker, leaving the gym and taking your workout outside can be a nice change of scenery. Make it even more fun simply by picking a route full of all the sights and sounds of nature. Another fun way to do this is to explore your city/town (or a city you’re visiting) on a running, walking or biking tour. Just always be sure to bring along some water and maybe a hat. The elements can be brutal sometimes!

6. Catch Up On Your Favorite Show

Woman Watching TV On Treadmill

If you have a TV show or movie that you love, you can watch it while you exercise and you just might forget that you’re exercising! Keep things interesting by putting on a good 30-minute show (or longer, if you’re into that kind of thing) and you can for sure burn some calories and have fun while doing so. The best thing about this method is that you really do get lost in it. It’s like you can be on a stationary bike watching TV and boom, your workout is over and you’ve burned a ton of calories. Netflix and fitness, anyone?

7. Reward Yourself

Working Towards Fitness Goals

There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing the results you’ve exercised for. There are, however, other ways of rewarding yourself in a way that keeps exercising fun. For example, if you have been eyeing an item of clothing for the longest, tell yourself that you will get it only after you’ve reached a certain goal in your exercising routine. Once you meet that goal and get the clothes you want, you’ll have fun working towards the next goal and getting the next reward.

7 Ways To Make Exercising More Fun For Women

The next time you head to the gym or outside for your workout, keep these things in mind so that you can maintain fun exercise routines. What are some things you do to make exercising more fun? Please share your thoughts and comments with us below!


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