The 4 Best African Cookbooks 2023 That’ll Have You Cooking Like A Pro Chef!

The 4 Best African Cookbooks That'll Have You Cooking Like A Pro Chef!

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Africa produces some of the tastiest food there is.

Let’s face it though, not all of us can just make the best African dishes from scratch.

So to help, we’ve gathered a list of some of the top African cookbooks out there.

If you have a hankering for some good Fufu or Jollof rice but you’re unsure how to make it, check out these cookbooks.

You’ll be making good African food in no time!

1. The Soul Of A New Cuisine: A Discovery Of The Foods And Flavors Of Africa

Marcus Samuelsson Cookbook

Featuring dishes from all over the continent of Africa, this cookbook provides several options for its readers to choose from; there are over 200 total recipes that you can try out.

Marcus Samuelsson, the author, is an Ethiopian-born award-winning chef who owns a couple of restaurants and authors many other cookbooks.

In this particular book, he even includes some of his own African-inspired dishes, which almost seems like a bonus!

So whether you’re craving Kenyan food or traditional Zanzibari delights, check out Samuelsson’s cookbook.

2. Teff Love: Adventures In Vegan Ethiopian Cooking

Ethiopian Cookbook By Kittie Berns

Written by author Kittee Berns, the Teff Love cookbook is tailored to accommodate special eating needs.

Not only do her recipes include vegan-friendly ingredients, but there are also adaptations that can be made (which Berns provides) to make gluten- or soy-free Ethiopian dishes!

With over 10 years of experience working in the food industry, Berns‘ recipes are sure to have you getting a taste of Ethiopia in your own kitchen.

You can purchase Teff Love on Amazon via the above link.

3. The Africa Cookbook – A Top Option

Harris Africa Cookbook

Jessica B. Harris is a journalist who writes about a variety of things from theater to travel to beauty, but most of all, food.

For The Africa Cookbook, Harris has explored the continent of Africa in search of a diverse array of traditional recipes to share with her readers.

The cookbook includes recipes from all over Africa, totaling more than 200.

Pick up a copy of Jessica B. Harris’s book so you can get to creating the most authentic African food!

4. The Food Of Morocco – Book Full Of African Recipes

Top African Cookbook Morocco

The Food Of Morocco is written by author Paula Wolfert and consists of recipes that are made up of ingredients like Moroccan spices and argan oil.

Wolfert is an influential author who understands food like no other, hence her many publications of critically-acclaimed cookbooks.

The Food Of Morocco is no exception to that as it has earned its own positive reputation from food critics and food bloggers alike.

From couscous and lamb to authentic tagines, your taste buds will thank you.

This cookbook is available to buy online.

The 4 Best African Cookbooks That’ll Have You Cooking Like A Pro Chef!

These top African cookbooks are perfect for those wanting to experience authentic food from the continent.

Between Moroccan, Kenyan, or Ethiopian dishes (and so many others), you can find a wide range of good food from the books featured in this list.

Impress yourself and your guests as you create these dishes like a professional chef!

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