33 Butterfly Locs Hairstyles, With Examples & How To Guide

Butterfly Locs Hairstyles

Butterfly locs are a style that is becoming increasingly popular and butterfly locs hairstyles are very beautiful. 

Choosing a style if you are new to them can be hard. This is why in this article, we share all the information you need on these locs. 

So then you can make an informed choice on how to get these locs and which style to choose.


How To Do Butterfly Locs

How To Do Butterfly Locs

The first thing to consider if you want to try butterfly locs hairstyles is how to do them. 

The ease of doing these hairstyles depends on a few things. Generally, we advise you to get a stylist to do them for you. 

However, doing these locs for yourself at home is also very achievable. The main thing to know is the different methods you can use. 

And below we will explain how to get butterfly locs with each method. 

Crotchet Method

The first step to doing butterfly locs hairstyles using the crotchet method is to braid your natural hair. 

You will want to do thin three stranded braids all around your hair with clear parting between each braid. 

We recommend using a rattail comb for the parting to ensure that it’s neat and distinct. 

The next step would be to grab your extensions. You will want to take enough hair to make one loc and fold this hair in half the way you normally would with any extension braid hairstyle. 

Make sure to keep your index finger in the middle when you fold it to separate the two parts of the extension. 

Using your crotchet hook, place the middle part of the hair on the hook and then pull it through the base of one of your natural hair braids you made earlier from one side to the other. 

Do this until the middle point of the extension. Then place your index finger through the base of the loop made on one side of the now double folded extensions. 

With your other hand, wrap the other side of the extensions loosely around both the natural braid and the side of the extensions that has a loop at the end. 

Keep on wrapping around until you get to that base where your index finger is holding down the loop. 

As you do this process, make sure to keep the loc a little loose so you can distress it later to form that butterfly look.

When you get to the base, wrap around the loc going back upwards until there is no more hair and the loc is secure. 

Repeat this process over and over again until every natural hair braid has been locked and the style is complete. 

With the helpful tutorial below, you should be able to understand the steps to this method better.

How To Distress Your Locs

Distressing your locs is really important when it comes to butterfly locs hairstyles. It is what makes the look really stand out.

You can do it while you are doing the initial installation of the extensions. 

As you are wrapping the hair around the natural braids, you can loop it around one of your fingers and intervals.

You will want to do this by inserting your finger in-between the hair on the side of the loc with the loop and the hair you are using to wrap around. 

It’s best to use your index finger for this. It is the easiest in terms of still being able to hold the rest of your hair while doing it. 

The index finger is also just the right size to create the best distress loops that are not too excessive.

You should wrap the hair once around the index finger before gently removing it from the loop afterwards. 

You shouldn’t do more than one loop because this may make it harder to remove the index finger without disrupting your hairstyle.

Using more than one loop can also make the distressed parts look too chunky, which you don’t want. 

So use just the index finger and loop around it once. This allows you to have alternating points of loose hair that create that distressed look. 

Make sure to do this as evenly as you can for each loc.

Braid And Wrap Method

The braid and wrap method of doing butterfly locs is very similar to the crotchet method. 

It just has some slight differences, especially when it comes to the preparation of your hair.

When doing the braid and wrap method, you don’t braid your natural hair into micro braids first. 

Instead, you should part your hair into distinct sections for each braid. And then secure each little section of hair with a band at the base. 

You will need lots of little bands for each section of hair, but these are easy to acquire and are cheap.

Once you secure the base with a band, you should take enough hair extensions to make one loc and fold then in half. 

Then, inter-braid the extensions a few times with the little section of hair as if you were doing three strand braids. 

Once the section of hair is inter-braided to the extensions enough to be secure, then you can start wrapping one side of the extensions around the other with the natural hair. 

Do this until there is only a little bit of hair left at the bottom. Then make a loop in it with your index finger and twist going back upwards until the loc is secure. 

Repeat this process with each loc until you’ve completed your hairstyle. 

What Type Of Extensions Do You Need?

What Type Of Extensions Do You Need?

When it comes to extensions for butterfly locs hairstyles, there are different kinds. 

You can find pure hair extensions. Or you can also get pre-looped and pre-destressed hair. 

There are different advantages and disadvantages to each type of extensions. 

For instance, with pure unbraided extensions, you will have to do all the work yourself. And if you are new to the style, it might take you a bit of time to get the hang of it. 

The advantage however is you get to make the loops and distress the hair to your exact liking. This allows you to make the style more your own. 

With pre-looped and pre-distressed hair, it saves you time and effort. And there is little room for you to mess it up.

But then you can’t change it up much to your liking. 

That being said, another factor to consider before you choose your extensions is their pricing. 

How Much Do Butterfly Locs Cost?

When it comes to pre-looped and pre-destressed extensions, there is a range of prices for them depending on quality and length. 

Generally, you can expect to spend about $40-$60 for the extensions. And if you’re installing these on your own, there is no additional cost. 

With pure water wave hair extensions, you can expect to pay about $50-$70 in hair extensions for the whole style. 

Professional installation will cost you an extra $150-$300 or so. So depending on what is affordable to you, you can decide how you want to go about getting the style. 

How Long Do Butterfly Locs Last?

How Long Do Butterfly Locs Last?

Another question some often have around butterfly locs hairstyles is how long they last. This is an important thing to consider before getting any hairstyle.

The amount of time this type of hairstyle can last depends on a few things. For instance, how well the hairstyle is done. 

If you do it thoroughly or have it done by a professional, the style won’t unravel or get old very quickly. 

Generally, you can expect the style to last six weeks or so if it is really well done. 

Other factors besides how well you did the style also contribute to how long it lasts. For instance, the quality of the hair extensions you use. 

It is much better to buy the best quality extensions you can find and pay a little extra for them than to have to redo the whole style in a short period of time because of low quality extensions.

Lastly, another factor that affects how long butterfly locs last is the maintenance. How you go about taking care of your locs is really important if you want them to last long. 

There are a few tips you should follow to ensure you gives your locs the best care possible.

How Do You Maintain Butterfly Locs?

How Do You Maintain Butterfly Locs?

There are three main aspects to keeping your butterfly locs well maintained. These are keeping them hydrated, styling them well and keeping them clean. 

Hydrating Your Locs

To keep your locs hydrated, you should use moisturizing products. Using a bit of moisturizing cream on your locs every other day will help to keep them hydrated and not dry out. 

You can also use essential oils to keep your locs moisturized and looking good. With the oils, it is best to massage a little bit into your scalp or between locs. 

With these products, you don’t want to overdo it as this will cause excess product to accumulate in your hair. 

But adding moisturizing products every few days is good for maintaining this style. 

Styling Your Locs

When it comes to styling your locs, you should ensure that you don’t cause any stress to your hair. 

Sticking to simple styles that don’t require you to manipulate your locs too much is best. This will prevent them from unraveling too quickly.

Cleansing Your Locs

The best way to keep your locs clean is to wash them regularly. We would recommend you wash your locs every week or twice a week.

With black afro hair you shouldn’t overdo the washing as it cause your locs to unravel if you wash them too frequently. 

You should also use the most natural shampoo without too many damaging ingredients to ensure the best results. 

When you understand these main aspects of getting and maintaining butterfly locs, you are ready to explore the different styles you can get.

1. Half Up Half Down Butterfly Locs

This style is casual but well put together. If you like long locs, this is one of the butterfly locs hairstyles to try.

2. High Ponytail Butterfly Locs With Parting

This style of butterfly locs is pretty and has a nice symmetry to it. We like this one for those who like updos.

3. Side Sweep Long Butterfly Locs

This is another one of our favorite long butterfly locs hairstyles. This style is very cool and elegant and looks so effortlessly good. 

4. High Bun Butterfly Locs With Part

If you like high bun styles, this is one for you to try out. We love this unique and very beautiful hairstyle on this black queen. 

5. Free Flowing Long Butterfly Locs

This style is the simples when it comes to long butterfly locs hairstyles. You couldn’t go wrong with this beautiful look. 

6. Beaded Butterfly Locs

Beaded locs are a great hairstyle and with butterfly locs they look even better. We absolutely recommend trying this style out. 

7. Multi Colored Medium Butterfly Locs

Multi colored locs are a fantastic style if you want to try something a little more bold. With medium length locs, this style is a favorite.

8. Back Knotted Butterfly Locs

This hairstyle is cool with butterfly locs because of the way it comes together in the back. It works so well with long locs. 

9. Short Side Sweep Butterfly Locs

This style is great for short to medium locs. The side sweep is a great look with butterfly locs that we love.

 10. Black And Blond Short Butterfly Locs

Blond is a great color to experiment with and it looks so great with short butterfly locs hairstyles. We highly recommend this look.

11. Short Bob-Like Butterfly Locs

Bob styles are really beautiful and the same goes for when they are done on butterfly locs hairstyles. This look is chic and cool.

12.  Blond Butterfly Locs And Natural Locs Mix

Another great blond butterfly locs hairstyle is this one with half of the locs being natural locs. If you want something unique, this is the style to try. 

13. Free Flowing Medium Length Butterfly Locs

Another great free flowing locs style is this medium length locs style. This is a simple but very elegant choice in butterfly locs hairstyles. 

 14. Extra Long Butterfly Locs

This hairstyle is for those who like their hair very long and free flowing. This butterfly locs hairstyle really stand out.

15. Orange Long Butterfly Locs

If you really want a bold look, orange are a look for you. This color stand out and looks great for butterfly locs hairstyles. 

 16. Long Butterfly Locs With Back Highlights

If you want to try colorful butterfly locs hairstyles but only want a bit of color, adding highlights at the back is great. 

 17. Pineapple Updo Butterfly Locs 

The pineapple updo style is one that really stands out with butterfly locs. And you can do it with color or not. 

18. Interchanging Color Butterfly Locs

This special style is really unique and stands out like no other. We love this one for the skill it takes to do and the African feel it brings. 

 19. Shaggy Bun Updo

The shaggy updo is great because it looks elegant but also fun and casual. We love this look for butterfly locs. 

 20. Thick Medium Length Butterfly Locs

Thick butterfly locs are great if you love volume in your hair. We love the medium length ones because they aren’t too heavy. 

21. Thick Long Butterfly Locs

Thick Long Butterfly Locs

Thick butterfly locs hairstyles can also be long and this is one we love. If volume is what you want, try this style.

22. Super Curly Half Up Half Down Butterfly Locs

Curled butterfly locs hairstyles are very beautiful. This half up half down style is one we highly recommend trying out. 

 23. Super Short And Thick Butterfly Locs

This great style is best for those who have really short hair but what to rock butterfly locs. We absolutely love this look.

 24. Three Color Butterfly Locs

Three color butterfly locs are great for those who really love colors. You can make the colors as bold as you like.

25. Double Ponytail Butterfly Locs

Double ponytail butterfly locs are really great if you want a playful looking butterly locs hairstyle. We highly recommend this style. 

 26. Triangle Base Thick Butterfly Locs

Triangle Base Thick Butterfly Locs

This type of butterfly locs is gorgeous and we love how it stands out because of the shape of the base of each loc. 

 27. Curly Three Color Butterfly Lock Updo

Another great three color butterfly locs hairstyle is this updo. We love this gorgeous and unique style for black women.

28. Four Color Free Flowing Butterfly Locs

This rainbow type of four color butterfly locs hairstyle is one of our favorites. The style is very stunning and bold. 

29. Super Flared Side Sweep Butterfly Locs

This is one of the most voluminous butterfly locs hairstyles you can choose. This style works for those who want their locs extra distressed.

 30. Single Highlight Butterfly Locs

If you want a pop of color that isn’t too excessive, we recommend this style. This is one of the best butterfly locs hairstyles.

 31. Symmetrical Middle Parted Butterfly Locs

If you like symmetrical styles, this is our top choice for you. This look is elegant, stylish and very beautiful with butterfly locs. 

 32. High Double Ponytail Butterfly Locs

This super playful look is definitely one of our favorites. When it comes to butterfly locs hairstyles, this is one of the most stylish.

 33. Super Wavy Highlighted Butterfly Locs

This Butterfly locs hairstyle is amazing if you like really wavy braided styles as a black girl. This style is very beautiful and the highlights really make it pop.

Butterfly Locs Hairstyles, Final Thoughts

33 Butterfly Locs Hairstyles, Conclusion

When it comes to butterfly locs hairstyles, the key is to know how to do them. Once you know all about the style, you can try any variation of it. 

Hopefully, this article has given you all the information you need on butterfly locs. From locking methods to prices and more.

And hopefully, you’ve found great hairstyles to try.

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