Top 10 Black Female Fashion Bloggers With Great High Street Looks

Top 10 Black Female Fashion Bloggers With Great High Street Looks

Looking to update your wardrobe with some fresh new styles from the biggest stores around? Need some inspiration from talented black women who know exactly how to get the best from their clothes? Then we’ve got a treat for you!

Check out our top ten list of fashion bloggers who have great high street looks. All of which will give you great ideas and tips for that perfect outfit. 🙂

Update: We now also show off other black women bloggers here. So check that after girl.

10. Jeniese From The Jenesaisquoi – A Curvy Fashion Blogger

black fashion blogger jenesaisquoiThe beautiful Jeniese is an Alabama-based curvy blogger who knows how to rock a ton of flattering looks and really believes in people of any size being able to wear whatever they want. Jeniese’s blog is handily categorized by label, so if you’re looking for any pieces in particular it’s easy to see how Jeniese has incorporated them into her many inspiring high street looks. Her website is here, and if you want to drop her a comment or send her an email, Jeniese welcomes feedback on her wonderful work – and be sure to check out her other social media pages too (her Pinterest is a must-see).

9. Kristabel From I Want You To Know

black female fashion blogger i want you to knowNot dealing strictly in fashion, Kristabel has been tackling the blogging lifestyle since 2008, posting about food, beauty and travel – all with a keen eye for outfits and great styles. Her blog is a beautiful exploration of vibrant colors and great photography, and she has plenty of stories about working in the fashion industry as a creative consultant. Kristabel mentions on her blog that she’s super open to collaboration, so make sure to take a look at everything she’s got on offer right here – and be sure to follow her on Instagram where she’s pretty active too.

8. Black Female Fashion Blogger Tosha Of Bambi’s Armoire

African American fashion blogger bambis armoireTosha is a creative consultant who truly excels at taking regular high street clothes and transforming them into innovative and well-crafted looks that are great for any occasion. Tosha’s skills aren’t only fashion-related, though, she also hosts events and has experience in visual storytelling, encouraging readers of her blog to contact her if they’re interested in collaborating. Tosha’s website has a portfolio of her beautiful work and also a shop of some great pieces she likes that you can purchase for your own wardrobe, so you can go right here if you want to check it all out or get in touch.

7. Javicia From Javicia Leslie

Javicia leslie has a great high stree fashion senseJavicia’s blog is now unfortunately no longer updated, but when it was she was a real connoisseur of high street fashion, making the simplest pieces from H&M and American Apparel look chic and stylish. Based in Los Angeles, Javicia’s looks really hone in on the typical “endless summer” feeling of the city and reflect the weather there, so if you’re looking for a way to jazz up clothing for the warmer months her blog is definitely for you. Check out the archived posts here, and if you want to encourage Javicia to return to blogging (she’s mostly following an acting career now) then you can check out the Twitter linked there too.

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