9 Black Female Bloggers 2023 Who Make The World A Better Place

9 Black Female Bloggers Who Make The World A Better Place

Blogging has become super popular; so much so that sometimes it’s actually hard to figure out which ones are worth reading!

Where can you find good blogs run by people you can relate to as a woman of color?

While this is far from a complete list, we’ve compiled a post showing some of the best black female bloggers around.

Let us know which ones you like in the comments at the end. 🙂

1. Oneika Raymond: Travel Blogger


Oneika Raymond will keep you captivated by stories of her travels.

Herblog, Oneika The Traveller, is where she shares her amazing experiences as she travels the world.

Although she grew up in Canada, she’s been to more than 90 countries and she doesn’t plan to stop there.

You’ll fall in love with her passion for traveling and feel the need try some adventure yourself.

If you thought that black women don’t travel extensively, think again!

2. Abiola Abrams: Self-Love/Motivational Blogger

Abby Abiola

Abiola is an established author, motivational speaker, personal coach, internet personality and TV host. Her blog, Abiola Sacred Bombshell, contains all you need to help you find self- love, wellness and spirituality.

It’s filled with empowerment and motivation for black women. You’ll learn how to love yourself and be the person you’re meant to be.

Abiola has a way of infecting her audience with her positive energy and she has motivated many black women to love themselves as they are and live life to the fullest.

3. Erika Nicole Kendall: Fitness Blogger

Erika Nicole Kendall

What started as a bid to please her mom ended up being a life changer. Erika started her weight loss journey only to please her mom.

In her blog, Black Girls Guide To Weight Loss, Erika gives the details of her weight loss journey, her ups and downs and everything she learned along the way.

She’s also a personal fitness trainer and helps others lose weight and live healthier lifestyles. Hers is a truly inspirational story and it has motivated many black women to stick to their weight loss goals and make a change in their lives.

4. Brittany Minor: Beauty Blogger

Brittany of Clumps of Mascara

Brittany’s blog, Clumps of Mascara, is all about makeup products. She gives some pretty awesome product reviews that are helpful to every black woman whether a beginner or expert in makeup.

She has reviewed lots of mascara and always gives her honest opinion.

There’s no way you won’t fall in love with her writing style, content and straight forward writing. Make sure that you check out her website.

5. Luvvie Ajayi: Humor Blogger

Luvvie Ajayi

We all need a daily dose of laughter especially after a long stressful day. Spending a few minutes on Luvvie’s blog, Awesome Luvvie, will definitely lift your spirit.

She has strong opinions which she expresses without fear while of course adding humor at the right places. Be careful when you start reading her blog, you might find yourself reading her posts all day long.

She’s that good! You can also check her out on her official website luvvie.org.

6. Kimberly Foster: Black Community Blogger

Kimberly Foster of forharriet
Photo Credit: Twitter

Kimberly felt the need to address a clear gap in the representation of black women on the internet. She started For Harriet.com in a bid to encourage women to express themselves through journalism and storytelling and to talk freely about who they are.

This blog covers a wide range of topics in relation to black women. Another blog that Kim Foster started is blackgirlsblogging.com.

This one was to connect black female bloggers and offer them a common platform where they could interact and empower each other. Both of Kim Foster’s blogs have made a huge positive impact on the lives of many black women.

7. Angela Davis: Food Blogger

Angela Davis of Kitchenistadiaries

Do you love food? Head over to Angela Davis’ blog, Kitchenista Diaries. The awesome thing about her is the fact that she is a self-taught cook and all the meals she prepares can be done at home.

Comfort food is Angela’s passion which is why she’s always on the lookout for various ways to prepare meals, exploring new techniques and ingredients and finding tools that make meal preparation go much smoother.

Head over to her blog and get to know how to prepare lots of mouth-watering meals.

8. Gabi Gregg: Fashion Blogger

Gabbi Gregg

Gabi started her fashion blog, GabiFresh.com, to show her fashion and writing skills. What started out as a hobby has turned out to be a full-time career for her. One unique thing about her blog is the fact that it caters to younger women who are sizes 14 and above.

She inspires young black women to experiment with different outfits regardless of their size. As one of the first plus size black female fashion bloggers, she continues to inspire many women and girls to embrace their curves.

9. Ginger: Personal Finance


If your want to get your finances in order, you should read Ginger’s blog, Girls Just Wanna Have Funds. Her aim is to educate black women about finances.

You’ll find a wide range of financial topics on her blog including debt reduction, budgeting and money management basics. Reading one of her blog posts will inspire you to take the necessary steps to secure your financial situation.

It’s good to have enough money to live on, money for emergencies and being debt free. With her blog, you can achieve all those things.

9 Black Female Bloggers Who Make The World A Better Place

If you haven’t read any of these women’s blogs, it’s about time you went got started. We could only include 9 black female bloggers in this list but there are many more.

Tell us your favorite bloggers in this list and even the ones who aren’t mentioned. It’s good to appreciate the efforts of black women in the blogging world. Cheers!

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  1. I love this! I will be checking out these bloggers. I think it’s so important for us as black women to have stories to read and relate to.

  2. Like many of these beautiful bloggers, “Drum Book by Jonny Ata” is a great book to read and relate to for people of all shades of color.

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