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Best Honolulu Neighborhoods for Black Singles

Are you looking for a sandy, tropical destination by the sea to start a new life or settle down to raise your family?

If that’s the case, then Honolulu is the place you seek. Yes, such a place exists, and in addition, numerous neighborhoods of the Hawaii state capital are welcoming to Black people.

3 Best Honolulu Suburbs for Black Families

Here is a list of the best Honolulu neighborhoods for Black families to consider.

Pearl City

Pearl City Honolulu Hawaii

Pearl city is a beautiful, diverse suburb perfect for Black people who want to lead a simple life surrounded by their family and work.

Despite this Honolulu neighborhood’s location near the USS Arizona Memorial at the Pearl Harbor National Memorial, it is not as tourist-laden as some other areas of Hawaii’s capital. Pearl City is the perfect place to live if you want to avoid the hustle and bustle of a big city as well.

This community also has reputable schools in which your children will feel comfortable and easily blend.

When it comes to leisure, Buzz’s Original SteakHouse, G’s Bar Grill, and Leeward Bowl are all popular options.


Kapolei Honolulu Hawaii

Kapolei is an affluent suburban neighborhood perfect for the upcoming young Black professional or well-established Black family.

The community has highly educated residents, with the demographics for those educated beyond high school above the national average. Not only is it filled with intellectuals, but it also offers high-quality education that promises your children a bright future.

Kapolei is one of the most exclusive places in Honolulu for anyone who wants to experience the high life.

East Oahu

East Oahu Honolulu Hawaii

If you want a small town feel but also desire to enjoy the Pacific Ocean and sandy beaches of Honolulu, then East Oahu is the answer.

East Oahu is an excellent place for a family that loves a peaceful refuge from the busy city. Large malls and luxury hotels aren’t as abundant in this Honolulu suburb. Instead, the community features smaller, more intimate shopping centers and diners.

East Oahu is also excellent for recreation, with some of the best water sports facilities and the famous white beaches of Hanauma Bay.

2 Best Honolulu Neighborhoods for Black Singles & Young Professionals

Here are the top Honolulu suburbs for Black singles and young professionals.


Kahala Honolulu Hawaii

Located on Oahu’s South Shore, Kahala is an extravagant neighborhood with some of the priciest real estate on the island.

The homes nearest the beach are the most expensive, but they’re worth every penny. The houses are built on large lots and give you easy access to the irresistible white, sandy beaches and gleaming ocean.

The homes farther away from the shoreline are just as expensive, but they equally have a lot to offer. These old ranch-style houses are the best choice for anyone who wants that exquisite feel to their home. A peaceful environment and just a 15-minute drive between you and the city are other aspects that make the offshore homes worth purchasing.

Kahala is also known for its broad and uncrowded streets that are perfect for strolling alone or with your family and pet.

Hawaii Kai

Hawaii Kai Honolulu

Hawaii Kai is famous because it was planned by real estate legend Henry J. Kaiser. Many people praise the infrastructural genius behind it all. But what makes this place so unique?

Hawaii Kai was built to take maximum advantage of the geography. Homes on the ridges provide a perfect view of the ocean and homes on golf courses that beautifully embody the undulating landscape.

There are endless fun activities to take part in as well. Hanauma Bay is perfect for snorkeling, with the tide pools always being a great experience.

Koko Head District Park is also a site you should not miss. It has amazing sports fields, gardens and some prime hiking opportunities for any young professional or single interested in the great outdoors to enjoy.

Is Honolulu Safe?

Is Honolulu Safe

The United States Peace Index gives Honolulu a rating of 1.78. The index looks at five indicators to measure the peacefulness in a state:

  • Number of police employees
  • Number of violent crimes
  • Number of homicides
  • Incarceration rate

The lower the value on the index, the more peaceful a state. For perspective, the highest-ranking state is Maine, with a 1.31. Honolulu is one of the most peaceful places in the United States, making it perfect if you want to lead a calm life focusing on your career and raising your family.

Honolulu also has relatively low rates of reported violent crime, with 285.5 cases per 100,000 people. Comparing that number with the 1,049 in the District of Columbia, it’s clear to see that Honolulu and Hawaii are safer.

What is Honolulu’s Demographic?

Honolulu’s Demographic

The island state of Hawaii gets praise for being so diverse. But what exactly are the numbers behind this melting pot?

A majority of the population, 37.6%, is Asian, within which are many different subsects of the Asian community, such as East Asians and Southeast Asians.

The next three largest demographics are:

  • White: 25.5%
  • Multi-racial: 24.2%
  • White Non-Hispanic or Latino: 21.7%

The Black and African American community comprises just 2.2% of the Hawaii population. The smallest demographic in the state are Native Americans and Alaska Natives, who comprise 0.4% of the population.

These demographics indicate that although the Black population is among the lowest, Hawaii is a diverse community that is safe and steeped in a culture of peacefulness and cooperation.

The Best Honolulu Neighborhoods

We already looked at our top five picks for the best Honolulu neighborhoods for Black families, singles and young professionals in Honolulu, but are there other options?


Manoa Honolulu Hawaii

Located in a lush, green valley, Manoa is famous for its vivid rainbows. The families here have lived in their charming homes for decades, handing down ownership from generation to generation.

Manoa is in a peaceful, tropical area with thick vegetation that gives it that country feel. However, the area is only 3 miles from Downtown Honolulu, giving the community a beautiful duality.

This environment is perfect if you want your family to live close to nature and get a good education. Manoa has a variety of quality public and private schools with diverse student bodies.


Kaimuki Honolulu Hawaii

Would you like a peaceful, older, and laid-back feel to the place you and your family call home? Then Kaimuki is an excellent option.

Kaimuki was built on land that belonged to King Kalakaua. The land was then turned into a beautiful residential area that has since attracted some prominent names such as former first lady Michelle Obama and birthed legendary musicians such as Israel Kamakawiwoole.

Kaimuki’s best attribute when it comes to considering raising a family is its diversity and a strong sense of community. This healthy suburb is one of the most nourishing things you could ever give your children.


Waikiki Honolulu Hawaii

Waikiki is one of the most renowned tourist attractions in Hawaii. The beautiful white, sandy beaches and irresistible ocean views are like none other anywhere else in the world.

The area is diverse and densely populated. Although the area is busy, Waikiki is a vibrant neighborhood with tons of fun activities for yourself or your family.

Historically, royalty would live in such places and surf on the beautiful waves here. Now, you can rent a surfboard and even take lessons on the weekends or after a hard day at work.

You can’t get much closer to paradise.

Top Honolulu Neighborhoods for Black People, Conclusion

Honolulu is at the heart of Hawaii, a diverse and inclusive society with a strong sense of community. The history and cultures that came together to form the island state have molded people who are welcoming and kind.

These Honolulu neighborhoods are great options for any Black family, young professional or single looking for a fresh start and a tropical paradise to call home.

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