67 Dreadlock Hairstyles For Black Men, Price, Examples & More 

Dreadlock Hairstyles For Black Men

When it comes to dreadlock hairstyles for men, there are a variety of choices. 

Dreadlocks are a great hairstyle for black men. Whether you have long hair or short hair, this style can work for you. 

And however you like to style your dreads, there are many styles that can suit you. In this article, we share with you our favorite variations of the style for you to choose from. 


How to Do Dreadlock Hairstyles For Men

How To Do Dreadlock Hairstyles For Men

When it comes to dreadlock hairstyles for men, there a few categories that styles fall under.

Here, we will explain the three main ways we recommend you go about getting dreadlocks. 

Before you decide which of the three main methods of getting dreadlocks you will try out, there are some key things to consider. 

For instance, you will want to decide on a method that feels favorable to your hair length and texture. Some methods of braiding are more taxing on longer hair than shorter hair. 

Or if you have a particular hair type, you might prefer one method to another because of the ease of locking with your hair type. 

Each method of getting locks has its own steps to follow as well as tools and materials to use that you can decide to opt in on or not. And this is what we are going to explain. 

Coil Locking

Coil locs are a fantastic choice for those who are new to locs. This style is relatively easy to do and it is very stylish. In order to start coil locking, you need a few basic things. 

Having a rattail comb is really good for parting your hair as you coil it. And you will also need some kind of loc cream or spray product. 

Having another spray bottle of water will also help to add moisture as you coil your hair.

Coil locking is usually done with these products and just your fingers to form the coils. 

You will want to begin by dividing your hair into sections. A few sections will be best to begin with. And then you pick one of those sections to start on. 

The reason behind sectioning your hair is it makes it easier to concentrate on one part of your hair without getting it all tangled up.

From one of the sections you have formed, you will want to part your hair even further and grab enough hair to form one coil. Then, apply a little water and loc cream. 

After this, you should wrap your finger a few times around the hair in a clockwise direction. 

Then repeat the process until all the hair in one section is coiled before doing the next few sections. 

Adding Loc Extensions

For those who have really short hair or are new to the experience of having locs, this is another great method. 

When it comes to dreadlock hairstyles for men, loc extensions are a really good beginner option. 

You will need to acquire a few materials in order to make sure this process goes smoothly.

Firstly, you will need to get a crotchet hook and purchase your extensions. Once you have acquired extensions, you will need to prepare your natural hair for installation.

You should shampoo and condition your hair with good quality products. You will want to ensure you use shampoo and conditioner that are hydrating to your hair. 

This helps your hair retain moisture and not get too dried out when you put your locs in. 

Once your hair has been shampooed, conditioned and dried, you should straighten it out with a comb.

This will prepare your hair for seamless application of the extensions. 

To add the extensions, first part your hair into sections. And then from one section, part enough hair to create one loc. 

You will want to use the crotchet hook to then attack an extension to the base of this small section of hair until your natural hair is secured and blended into the extension. 

Repeat this process with each section until the style is complete. 

Twist Locking

This method is one of the most popular dread lock methods, especially for starting your dreads.

The twist locking method requires only a few materials. You will need a comb, loc wax or cream and hair bands. 

Before you begin to twist your hair, you need to shampoo it. This will give your hair a fresh start and introduce some moisture to it. 

Once your hair is shampooed and dried, you can begin the locking process. 

Firstly, you should create a few sections and secure each section of hair with a band. Then, choose of the sections to start with. 

From this section, begin parting small bits of hair to make each lock. With each bit of hair, you will want to half it and do a two strand twist. 

All you need to do is add loc cream or wax and then make the two strand twist. Continue to do this with each bit of hair until the section is complete. 

When you complete a section, you can remove the hair band from another section and repeat the process. Eventually, you will finish twisting all your hair this way. 

This method because it’s so easy to do at home especially for a beginner.  

What Hair Length Is Required to Start Locs?

What Hair Length Is Required to Start Locs?

Before getting into dreadlock hairstyles for men, it is important to know when your hair is ready for this kind of style. 

Dreadlocks can be done at different lengths. But there is still a minimum level of hair growth you should have before you can safely start your journey. 

Depending on which method you use to start your locks, you can get away with different minimum lengths of hair in the beginning process.

Coil Locking

When it comes to coil locs, your hair needs to be at least about 2 to 3 inches long. 

This is because this is a good length for your hair to go around your finger at least a couple times. 

With hair shorter than this, the style is just not very feasible

Extension Locs

With extension locs, you will want your hair to be slightly longer. About 4 to 5 inches long is good. 

This is because extensions can be a little heavy and you need enough hair to support the weight of them. 

Furthermore, if your hair is too short, the extensions can easily fall out and you want to avoid this.

Twist Locs

When it comes to the twisted locs, you should aim to have much longer hair. 

Your hair needs to be at least about 5 inches long. But the longer it is the better. 

This is because twist locs can easily get undone if your hair isn’t long enough to keep them sealed and this will disrupt the permanent locking. 

How Thick Should Your Locs Be?

How Thick Should Your Locs Be?

When it comes to locs, you can make them as thick as you want. There is no rule as to how thick or thin they have to be. 

There are simply some advantages to having thicker locs or thinner ones. And you can decide which you prefer. 

Thick locs are great because of how strong they are. They are also easier to retwist as there will be fewer of them. 

On the other hand, thin locs are also great. For one thing, thin locs are more favorable for styling. 

Thin locs are easier to maneuver into different styles whereas thick locs are more fixed. 

Thin locs also cover up your head more evenly. And they can hide bald spots. 

An advantage of both types of locs though is they can last really long. You just have to make sure you twist them well to begin with and with the right products. 

Should You Use Loc Cream or Wax?

A question many people often have around doing their dreadlock hairstyles properly is whether to use wax or cream. 

There are a few reasons to use each one and you should compare the two before deciding on one. 

Creams or gels are usually really good because of easily they can be washed out. 

If you don’t want any excess product to stay in your hair for too long, cream or gel would be good for you.

Creams and gels are also really good for sensitive or thin hair and will not weigh your hair down too much. 

On the other hand, wax can be really good if you have extra thick hair. It allows your hair to really lock together and stay so for a long time. 

It is really up to you whether to use cream or wax. Generally speaking though, creams are more favorable and reliable for everyone so we would recommend them more.

How Long Does It Take For Your Hair To Lock Permanently?

How Long Does It Take For Your Hair To Lock Permanently?

Dreadlock hairstyles for men usually do take time to become permanent. 

Getting your hair to lock permanently is no easy feat if you don’t know how to do the process right. But with the right steps and patience, it can be achieved easily. 

Another thing to consider to estimate how long it will take your hair to lock permanently is your hair texture. 

Locs tend to become permanent faster in hair that is thicker and is more tightly coiled. So if you have hair that is closer to 4c, your locs can develop much faster. 

The general amount of time you can expect to wait for your locs to be permanent is at least about ten months. 

It shouldn’t however take more than about 2 years for your locs to become permanent. As long as you do your starter locs well, you shouldn’t have to wait too long. 

How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost?

How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost?

If you are looking at extension dreadlock hairstyles for men, it is important to know how much extensions cost. 

Extension styles tend to be a little more expensive than getting natural locs because of the need to purchase extensions. But if you are willing to make the investment, they are worth it.

Loc extension prices have a range depending on the quality of extensions and where you buy from. Generally, the range is about $300 to $800. 

It is also important to note that if you have your locs installed by a stylist, you will also have to pay separate costs for this. Some may consider this a disadvantage to the style. 

Loc extensions may be a little expensive for some. But we highly recommend investing in the best quality extensions if you want this style. 

This will ensure that it stays looking good in the long term. 

How Do You Maintain Dreads?

How Do You Maintain Dreads?

Maintaining dreadlock hairstyles for men requires you to follow a few steps. These will help you keep your locs stylish and healthy over time. 

It is important to make sure you retwist your locs every once in a while. We recommend retwisting your locks every 6 weeks or so. 

This allows you to keep your locs from unraveling and keeps them strong. Seeing a loctician to help you with this can be really helpful.

To maintain your locs, you should also try styling them differently every now and then to give the look some flexibility. 

Changing up your loc style also helps you prevent keeping them in a style that may cause them strain over time for too long. 

The last but definitely very essential tip for maintaining locs is to wash them regularly. There are a few rules to washing locs and as long as you follow them, your locs will thrive.

How Do You Wash Dreads?

When it comes to washing locs, the first thing to keep in mind is the frequency of washing. 

You should wash your locs once or twice a week. This allows you to keep them clean without overdoing it.

When washing your locs, you should use natural shampoos as much as possible. This allows you to ensure only the healthiest ingredients enter your hair. 

Too many unnatural substances cause disrupt the natural locking process and you should avoid this. 

When washing your locs, you should also make sure you spread shampoo evenly around your head. And you should wash your scalp as best you can without harming your locs. 

Another way to cleanse locs is to let them soak up the shampoo and then ring them out. 

As long as you follow these general techniques, you should be able to keep your locs clean and healthy without any issues. 

Can You Dye Your Dreads As A Black Man?

Can You Dye Your Dreads?

A question some often have about dreadlock hairstyles for men is about coloring their hair. Many often want to know if they can dye their dreads and how. 

Dyeing your locs can very much be done. You just need to know the right steps to follow. 

How To Dye Locs

The first thing to know about dyeing locs is that you may need to be much more thorough with it than with dyeing loose hair. 

With loose hair, it is much easier to access every strand of hair and color it with less effort. With locs, you really have to put in effort to get to every part of your hair. 

When dyeing locs, it is a good idea to part them into a few different sections. And with section, you’ll want to dye each loc as carefully as you can.

Using more than one dye kit may also be a good idea to ensure the dye really penetrates and is spread evenly among your locs.

Which Type Of Dye Is Good For Locs?

It is also really ensure you use dyes that won’t be harmful to your locs. And many looking to dye their locs wonder which type of dye is best. 

Usually, you can go with temporary, semi-permanent or permanent dye for locs just as with loose hair. But you just have to consider a few things before you decide on one.

For instance, consider if you are committed to having a color for a long time or having it permanently color your locs. 

If you are not, permanent dye won’t work for you. Because the only way to get rid of it after would be to cut your locs. 

Temporary and semi-permanent dye could still work however. 

Considering your hair texture and sensitivity is also important. This allows you to choose a dye that is less strong and potentially damaging on your hair. 

Having understood all of this, it is much easier to decide on which of the following dreadlock hairstyles for men would work for you. 

1. Classic Medium Length Dreadlocks 

When it comes to dreadlock hairstyles for men, classic locs are the best.

You cannot go wrong with this cool style. 

2. Classic Long Dreadlocks

If you have longer hair, the long classic locs are a style for you. This style is effortless and cool. 

3. Inter-braided Dreadlocks 

If you are looking for dreadlock hairstyles for men that resemble three strand braids, this cool style is for you. 

4. Double Twisted Dreadlocks 

This fashionable look is designed to make your dreads look more like twists. We absolutely love this style. 

5. Braided Curled Dreadlocks With Undercut

If you like curly styles, this one might be for you. This style is sleek, elegant and cool.

6. Dutch Braid Dreadlocks

Dutch braid are a great style and can be achieved with locs. We highly recommend this style.

7. Three Cornrow Dreads With Undercut 

If you like cornrows, this is for you. When it comes to dreadlock hairstyles for black men, this is a favorite. 

8. Low Ponytail Dreadlocks With Undercut

Ponytail dreadlock styles are great for men. This is one of our favorites. 

It’s stylish and well put together.

9. Dreadlock Mohawk

Mohawk styles are great when it comes to dreadlock hairstyles for men. It doesn’t get any cooler than this look. 

10. Medium Ombre Locs

If you like a little color, ombre locs are for you. We absolutely love this style for men.

11. Short Loc Mohawk 

If you have really short hair, this style is for you. This look is effortlessly stylish. 

12. Basket Weave Locs

Basket Weave Locs

Basket weave locs are one of the best dreadlock hairstyles for men. You can’t go wrong with this.

13. Loc Bun

The loc bun is a great hairstyle for men and looks even better with locs. We highly recommend this cool style.

14. Dreadlock Loose Cornrows

This is a great variation on cornrow locs. This style is unique and definitely worth a try. 

15. Chunky Dreadlocks

If thick dreadlocks are your style, this look is for you. It really stands out and we love it. 

16. Free Flowing Thin locks

Thin locs are one of the best dreadlock hairstyles for men. This style is definitely one to try.

17. Half Up Half Down Braided Locs

This unique style is one of our favorite dreadlock hairstyles for men. It’s neat, stylish and very put together.

18. Undercut Loc Bun

Another great loc bun style is the undercut loc bun. This cool style is definitely worth trying out. 

19. High Top Dreadlocks

If you have short locs, high top dreads are a great choice. This style really looks good on men. 

20. High Ponytail Dreadlocks

Another ponytail loc hairstyle we love is the high ponytail dreadlocks. You couldn’t go wrong with this good-looking style. 

21. High Ponytail Dreads With Line Up

If you want to enhance a ponytail dreadlock look, a line up is a great addition. We absolutely love this style.

22. Long Skinny Dreadlocks

Classic long skinny dreadlocks are one of the best dreadlock hairstyles for men. This is definitely a favorite.

23. Dread Fauxhawk

The dread fauxhawk is a cool, unique style. This is why this is one of our top dradlock hairstyles for black men.

24. Curled Sidesweep Dreadlocks

This is another great curly dreads style. This look is stylish and very good-looking. We highly recommend it. 

25. Thin Lock Ponytail

For those with thin locs and like ponytails, this is the style to go with. It’s simple and stylish.

26. Short And Thick Twist Dreadlocks

If you like twists and have short to medium length hair, this style is for you. We highly recommend it. 

27. High Bun Long Dreadlocks

This bun style is fantastic for men with long locs. It’s elegant, sleek and very cool. 

28. Pigtail Dreadlocks

This unique dreadlock style is one we like because it stands out and looks great on men. 

29. Half Dyed Locks

If you like color, half colored dreadlocks are for you. This look has an edge that we love. 

30. Double Braided Ponytail Dreadlocks For Black Men

Double braided ponytail locs are unique and bold. This style is made even better by hair dye.

31. Short Side Sweep Dreads

This dreadlock style is effortlessly cool and youthful. This is one of our favorite dreadlock hairstyles for men.

32. Knotted Ponytail Dreads

The knotted ponytail dreads style is really cool and casual. We highly recommend trying this one out.

33. Thick Top Knot Dreadlocks With Fade

Thick Top Knot Dreadlocks With Fade

This hairstyle is another great one for those who like knotted dreads. We highly recommend this style.

34. Side Sweep Dreadlocks With Design

This hairstyle is cool and bold. This is one of the best dreadlock hairstyles for African American men who want something cool.

35. Knotted Dreadlock Updo

If you want more of a compact knotted look, this is for you. This a great dreadlock hairstyle for men.

This is another great variation on side sweep dreads that looks great with short hair. We absolutely love this style.

37. Pineapple Dreadlocks

This style really stands out when it comes to dreadlock hairstyles for men. It is definitely one to try.

38. Short Coily Dreadlocks

Coily starter locs are simple but very stylish. This dreadlock look is very reliable and neat for men.

39. Short Layered Dreadlocks

Layered locs are fantastic if you have hair of different lengths at different points and we love them for men.

40. Long Jumbo Dreadlocks

Jumbo locs are great if you have lots of hair. We love this hairstyle on men and really recommend it.

41. Braided Ponytail Dreads

This braided ponytail style with the frayed ends is one of our favorites. It’s fun and stylish. 

42. Knotted Jumbo Dreads

If you want jumbo locs, this is another way to style them. This hairstyle is bold and really cool. 

43. Short Beaded Dreads

Beaded dreads are great for those who like accessories. We love this effortless short dreadlock style for men. 

44. Short Bob Dreads

If you like bob hairstyles, this is the one for you. This dreadlock style is very relaxed and cool.

45. Spider Leg Dreads

Spider leg hairstyles are great with regular braids but also with dreads. This style looks youthful but also very cool.

46. Crown Dreadlocks

Crown braids are a cool style to try with dreadlocks. They really stand out and we love them.

47. Middle Ponytail Dreads With Undercut 

Another great undercut style is the middle ponytail dreads style. This style is suave and looks great for men.

48. Dread Spikes

If you want some edge, this is one the best dreadlock hairstyles for men to try. We love this cool style. 

49. One Sided Undercut Dreads

A variation on the side sweep is this one sided undercut dreadlock style. This style is very good-looking.

50. Four Cornrow Dreads

For those who love cornrows, this is another great variation on the style. This is a reliable loc style.

51. Half Up Half Down Mohawk Dreads

This hairstyle is a very casual but well put together dreadlock style for men that you couldn’t go wrong with. 

52. Micro Locks

This hairstyle is the perfect dreadlocks hairstyle for men with very short hair. This is worth a try.

53. Box Braid Locks

Box Braid Locks

If you like the boxbraid style but you have locs, you can still get it done. This hairstyle is very sleek. 

54. High Fade Micro Locs

The high fade look is a favorite of ours and it looks so good with short locs.

55. Middle Fringe Dreadlocks

This unique and bold style is one of our favorite dreadlock hairstyles for men. We highly recommend it.

56. Cornrow Locs With Fringe

This another great fringe style to get with dreadlocks. We love this casual, cool style for men.

57. Spikey Updo Dreads

This hairstyle has an edgy coolness to us that we really love. This is definitely one of the best.

58. Forward Knotted Dreads

Forward knotted dreads are a really cool style for laying down your locs. We definitely recommend this style. 

59. Side Shaven Long dreadlocks

Long locs can be made even cooler with a side shave. We absolutely love this look for African American men.

60. Two Strand Dreadlock Ponytail With Fade

The two strand dreadlock style is great and this ponytail look is one we really love for men. 

61. Short Braided Dreads

If you like the braids look and have short locs, this very cool is the style for you. 

62. Spiral Braid Locs

This dreadlock hairstyle is so unique and intricate. If you are looking for boldness, this is for you. 

63. Medium Thin Coily Dreadlocks

For those who like coily dreads, this is a great style with medium length hair. It looks sleek and put-together.

64. S Braided Locs

This is another very bold dreadlock style that stands out and we couldn’t love it more for men.

65. Blond Tip Dreadlocks 

Blond tip dreads are fantastic for those with short hair who love some color. This is a style to try.

66. Dreadlock French Braid

The French braid is a classic braid style that looks just as great with locs. We absolutely love this look. 

67. Forward Braided And Knotted Dreadlocks

A great style to lay down your locs is this braided and forward knotted look. This style is very cool.

Dreadlock Hairstyles For Black Men, Final Thoughts

67 Dreadlock Hairstyles For Men, Conclusion

When it comes to dreadlock hairstyles for men, there are so many great ones. Once you know how to do them, the choices are endless. 

Hopefully, this article has given you many ideas when it comes to getting dreadlocks.

And hopefully, it has helped you to find your next cool dreadlock hairstyle. 

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