67 Box Braids Hairstyles, How To, Price & More

Box Braids Hairstyles

Box braids hairstyles are some of the best styles for black hair. They are stylish, beautiful and they’re great protective styles. 

This style of braids comes in many variations. In this article, we share with you our favorite styles. 

And we also share methods of braiding, prices and more. 


How To Do Box Braids

How To Do Box Braids

When it comes to box braids, there are two main ways to braid. You can do knotted braids or knotless braids. 

Both types of braids are very beautiful. The difference is with knotted braids, you can see where the extensions are added. 

Whereas with knotless braids, they look like they’re growing out of your scalp. 

Each style can be achieved easily with the right steps, which we will delve into.

Knotted Braids

The first step to doing knotted braids is to make sure your hair is prepared. You should shampoo and condition your hair before to prepare it for easy braiding. 

The next step should be to make sure your hair is well-dried and straightened. Blow drying is the best way to do this. 

Although you should ensure you don’t overdo it as this can cause heat damage.

Once your hair is washed, conditioned and dried, you can begin braiding. 

You should start by sectioning your hair. We would recommend creating four sections of hair and then in each section, you can further part your hair.

You will want to do this using a rattail comb. This allows to create very distinct parts that make that box braid look. 

Make sure each parting has enough hair to make a single braid. You can also use small rubber bands to secure each little section of hair and make the braiding easier. 

Then, grab enough hair extensions to create a braid of the thickness you want. 

You will want to fold the extensions in half and then in the middle of the two sides, insert the bit of hair you want to braid as close to your scalp and as tightly as you can. 

Then, make a knot around the natural hair using your extensions and then begin to do three strand braids until you get to the end of the braid. 

You can secure each braid with small hair bands, by dipping your braids in hot water or by burning the ends. 

Repeat this process for each braid until you have a full knotted box braids look. 

Knotless Braids 

To make the knotless box braids, the process is quite similar with just some slight differences. 

You will want to ensure your hair is washed, conditioned and dried before you begin. Then, section your hair in the same way as with the knotted braids. 

First make about four big sections. Then part your hair within each section with enough hair for single braids. 

When doing an individual braid, you can secure the natural hair for it at the base with a small rubber band or you can skip this step. 

Then grab enough hair extensions to make a braid of the thickness you want. 

Next, fold the extensions in half. Then insert the section of hair in the middle as close to your scalp and as tightly as you can.

To make the knotless braid, begin inter-braiding your hair with the hair extensions without making a knot. 

So then it looks like the extensions are growing out of your scalp with your natural hair. 

When you get to the end of the braid, you can secure it similarly to the knotted box braid. With rubber bands, with hot water or by burning the ends. 

Repeat this process until you have finished doing the style. 

What Kind Of Extensions Do You Need?

What Kind Of Extensions Do You Need?

With box braids hairstyles, getting the right extensions for your style is essential to ensuring that is turns out exactly how you want it to. 

You will want to get synthetic extensions made specifically for braiding styles. 

There are different brands of extensions you can get. Some well-known ones include Kanekolen, X-pression and Impression.

All of these are good quality extensions. They just differ slightly in terms of texture, sheen and color choices. 

It’s good to browse around hair extensions stores or online before you buy any extensions to ensure that you find the type that works best for you. 

How Much Do Box Braids Cost?

Before buying extensions, you should also consider the costs. There is a range of costs associated with these styles.

Box braids hairstyles are advantageous in terms of costs. Because they usually don’t cost as much as many other black hairstyles in terms of extensions and installations.

Generally speaking, extensions for box braids will cost around $15 to $25 for enough packs to do the whole style. 

If you want to get the braids, professionally installed, this will cost more. 

You can expect to pay between $50 to $150 more for the professional installation. This might be expensive if you are on a budget so you might prefer to do them on your own.

Depending on what is affordable to you, you can then decide how to want to go about getting your box braids hairstyle.

How Long Do Box Braids Take To Install?

How Long Do Box Braids Take To Install?

Another question people often have around box braids hairstyles is how long it takes to install them. 

Box braids can take very little time to do or much longer depending on a few factors. 

Firstly, your skill level in doing them can change the amount of time it takes to install them. But as your improve in your technique, it starts to take much less time to install the braids. 

The thickness of the braids can also affect how much time it takes you to get box braids done. 

Really thin braids can take many hours to do and really thick ones can take much less time. 

The average amount of time you can expect to take for box braids would be about six hours. This is for medium sized long box braids.

If you are getting shorter braids or thicker ones, it can take much less time. Really thin or really long braids can take up to 8 or 9 hours to do however. 

As much as this sounds like a large amount of time to do a hairstyle for, it is worth it. 

Box braids hairstyles need you to be patient. Because if you rush the process, it can reduce the quality of the braids. 

And this is something you want to avoid because it will mean the braids get old very quickly. And you will have to reinstall within a short period of time.  

How Long Do Box Braids Last?

How Long Do Box Braids Last?

Another question that arises when it comes to box braids hairstyles and any hairstyles in general is how long they last. 

On average, you can expect box braids to last about six weeks if they’re well done and well taken care of. Sometimes they can even last longer. 

Besides just doing them well to begin with, maintenance is really important to ensuring box braids last as long as possible. 

How Do You Maintain Box Braids?

Maintaining box braids requires you to follow a few key steps. 

Firstly, ensure that you keep your hair moisturized and hydrated throughout the time you have the style in. 

The best way to do this is to use moisturizing creams or gels. Applying them every other day in your styling routine will keep your hair hydrated.

And it will prevent any breakage from brittleness.

You should also wash your braids once every week or so. Overdoing it will cause your braids to unravel but doing it once a week with ensure your braids stay clean and looking good.

Another way to maintain your braids is to make sure you cover them overnight with a scarf or bonnet when you go to sleep.

This ensures that they don’t experience friction while you sleep that can cause them to get undone too soon. 

This also protects your hair from friction that can cause breakage.

How Protective Are Box Braids?

You have probably heard it said many times that box braids are a protective style. 

But many often wonder just how protective box braids hairstyles are. Well, box braids hairstyles are protective in a few ways. 

For instance, box braids protect your hair from exposure to elements like humidity and excessive heat, which keeps your hair protected from damage. 

Box Braids also protect your hair from stress that can be caused by excessive styling when you have your natural hair out. 

When you have to style your hair every day, it can end up breaking from all the stress of combing and maneuvering it. And box braids help you avoid this. 

Of course if you have box braids in all the time and they’re very tight, this can cause stress on your hairline too. 

So just ensure that you take breaks between box braids hairstyles to give your hair room for recovery and you will reap all the benefits and none of the negatives of the style.

How Do You Remove Box Braids?

How Do You Remove Box Braids?

After all is said and done, at some point you will want to remove your braids. And this is where it’s important to know how to remove box braids hairstyles. 

For most box braids styles, the process is simple. You just need scissors and a comb, preferably a rattail one. 

The scissors are for cutting the braids. Make sure to cut them well below the point that your natural hair reaches. 

This allows you to avoid chopping off your hair in the process of braid removal. 

Once you have cut your braids, begin to unbraid from the cut ends going upwards to your scalp using the rattail comb. 

Then just comb your hair out to straighten it and remove knots once you reach your scalp. 

Once you have completely removed your braids, you can comb your hair more. 

And make sure to give it a good wash and condition it to fully refresh your hair and get that natural hair look back.

1. Triangle Base Braids

This style of box braids is cool because of how unique the style looks. It stands out but is still elegant.

2. Ombre Blond Box Braids

Ombre box braids are a great style and they look really good in blond. We love this style and highly recommend it.

3. Triangle Base Braids With Heart Design

Another great triangle base box braids style is this one with a heart design on the side. We love this cute style.

4. Colored Box Braids

If you want some boldness in your box braids hairstyles, colored braids are a great choice. This is definitely worth a try.

5. Black And Brown Box Braids

These brown and black ombre style box braids are a great way to add color to your styles. 

6. Short Side Sweep Box Braids

Side sweep braids are a really cool style and we love this short version of them with box braids.

7. Blond Curly Ended Box Braids

Curly ended box braids are a beautiful and unique style that really stands out in blond. We highly recommend trying this out.

8. Medium High Bun Box Braids

High ponytails are a great look. With medium box braids, this style is very well put together while also being relaxed, which we love.

9. Space Bun Box Braids

Space buns are a very cute style that is playful and beautiful. They look so great with box braids and are definitely a favorite. 

10. Burnt End Box Braids

Burnt end box braids have a unique look and style and we really like how they stand out. 

11. Cornrow Box Braid Mix With Design

This style of box braids is cool because of how it mixes a bit of a cornrow style with the braids. The design on the side also really stands out.

12. Back Colored Box Braids

If you want some color but want to not over do it, colored braids at the back is a good box braids hairstyle to try.

13. Boho Box Braids

Boho box braids hairstyles are really cool and this free flowing simple one is a favorite. 

14. Back Knotted Box Braids

The box braids knotted at the back are really pretty. This curly ended braids style with the back knot is great. 

15. Thin Knotless Box Braids

If you like thin box braids, these knotless braids are a great choice. We highly recommend this elegant style.

 16. Thin Knotless Boho Box Braids

Another great thin knotless box braid style is this boho braids style. We absolutely love this look.

17. Long Side Swept Box Braids

A great choice in box braids hairstyles is this long side swept style that is very casual but gorgeous.

18. Thick And Thin Ended Box Braids

Thick box braids with thin ends are a great hairstyle to try out. We really recommend this style of box braids.

19. Middle Parted Knotted Box Braids

This style of box braids is simple but really stands out especially with colors. This is one of our favorites.

20. Color Streaked Box Braids

If you want a single strand or two strands of color, this is one of the best box braids hairstyles to choose.

21. Black And White Box Braids

Black and white braids are an increasingly popular style that is really cool and really stands out in a way we love.

22. Beaded Long Box Braids

Beaded box braids hairstyles are really stylish and this long braid style is one we really love.

23. Ribboned Chopped End Box Braids

Ribboned box braids are really cool and this short, chopped ends style is a great look that we really recommend trying.

24. Two Color Box Braids

Two color box braids are a great way to play around with colors and really bolden up your look.

25. Three Color Box Braids

Three color box braids are also a great way to add some excitement to your box braids styles, especially playing around with natural colors.

26. Pink Beaded Braids

Pink braids with beaded ends are a realy fun look that is playful and unique. We love this box braids hairstyle.

27. Beaded Flowing Updo Box Braids

This type of box braids hairstyle with beads is very beautiful and we love how casual but well put together it looks.

28.  Cornrows In The Front Box Braids In The Back

This style of box braids is really unique and well put together. We highly recommend trying this style out. 

 29. Blond Curly End Cornrows And Box Braids

Another great cornrow box braid mix style is this blond braid style with curly ends. This is definitely a look to try.

30. Short Burnt End Box Braid Bob

This burnt end short box braids bob is a cute style that you couldn’t go wrong with. We highly recommend it.

 31. Multi Heart Design Curly Box Braids

If you really want a design that stands out, this box braids hairstyle is a good choice. 

32.  Side Braided Cornrows And Heart Design Box Braids

If you want another choice in box braids hairstyles that involve cornrow, this side cornrow one is a great choice. It really stands out.

33. Two Ponytail Box Braids

This two ponytail box braids hairstyle is a unique look that we absolutely love. It looks especially great with long braids.

 34. Half Spider Cornrow Box Braids

This style is another great choice in box braids hairstyles that involve cornrows that we love. And accessories really make it pop.

35. Short Burnt End Bob With Beads

This hairstyle is a great variation of the short box braids bob that really stands out with the beads which we love.

 36. Thick Beaded Boho Box Braids

Thick box braids are great. And we really love thick boho braids specifically with beads tp make them stand out. 

 37. Multi Color Box Braid Bob

Box braid bobs are a great style. This one looks really good with multi colored braids and that’s why we love it.

38. Extra Thick Triangle Base Box Braids

Triangle base braids are really cool and stand out more when they are thick. This style is one of our favorites.

 39. Triangle Base Bun Updo Box Braids

Bun updo hairstyles are a simple look but with the triangle base box braids, they have a little flare to them that we really love. 

40. High Shaven Box Braid Updo

A high shave is a bold look that you can try if you really like your hair short. With a box braid bun, it looks cool.

41. Ribboned And Beaded Bun Updo Box Braids

This bun updo style is really beautiful. The beads and ribbons really make the look stand out and we highly recommend it.

 42. Burnt End Multi Woven Two Color Box Braids

This interwoven two color box braids style is a great way to mix things up with box braids hairstyles.

43. Long Jumbo Box Braids

Jumbo box braids hairstyles are some of our favorites for those who love thick braids. 

44. Blond Knotless Jumbo Box Braids

Blond jumbo box braids are great when it comes to knotted box braids. We highly recommend them.

 45. Knotless Jumbo Box Braids With Curly Unbraided Ends

Unbraided ends are a really cool style and these curly jumbo braids are really great to try this out with. 

46. Heart Shaped Base Jumbo Box Braids

If you really want a fun and playful look, this style is a great one to try. This look is gorgeous and unique. 

47. Triangle Base Jumbo Box Braids

Jumbo box braids with a triangle base are a great look we love because it’s effortlessly cool. We definitely recommend it.

48. Minimal Braids Jumbo Box Braids

This style is great for those who want box braids but also want to save time. This look is effortlessly stylish.

 49. Half Up Half Down Thick Beaded Box Braids

Beaded box braids are great especially when the braids are thick. This half up half down look is one of our favorites. 

50. Fulani Braid Style Box Braids

This look is really unique and beautiful. This is definitely a box braids hairstyle to try out at some point.

51. Side Beaded Half Cornrow Box Braids

This style doesn’t look like just any other box braids hairstyle and this is why we love it. The accessories really stand out. 

 52. Super Curly Short Box Braid Updo

When it comes to box braids updos, this very curly look is a favorite that we think you should try.

53. Side Shaven Ribboned And Beaded Box Braids

This box braids hairstyle is great for those who love a side shave. It really stands out and looks very cool.

54. Asymmetric Box Braid Bob

Asymmetric bob hairstyles are always gorgeous and with box braids, this is the case. This style looks effortlessly cool. 

55. Curly Asymmetric Box Braid Bob

This curly style is a great variation on the asymmetric bob hairstyle. This is one of the best box braids hairstyles. 

 56. Black And blod Mix Jumbo Box Braids

This mix of black and blond braids is a great way to mix colors when it comes to jumbo box braids hairstyles. 

57. Zigzag Base Box Braids

This style is cool because of the zigzag shapes at the base of the style. If you want a unique style, try this one. 

 58. Brown Box Braids With Beaded Ends

Brown box braids are really beautiful. And this style with beads at the ends is one of our favorites. 

 59. Half Done Half Undone Box Braids 

Half done half undone box braids hairstyles have a casual coolness that is unmatched. We love this long braid style. 

60. Super Thin Curly Ended Box Braids

If you want to try really thin box braids hairstyles, this curly ended style is really pretty. We highly recommend trying this.

61. Thick And Thin Cornrows With Box Braid Bun

This box braids hairstyle also incorporates cornrows in a unique way that stands out. This is a style worth trying.

 62. Inter-Braided Box Braids With Side Shave

Another great side shave look is this inter-braided box braid style. This look is even better with colorful braids. 

 63. Short Side Sweep Box Braids With Beaded Ends

Side sweep braids are a very beautiful style. And this short box braids style with beaded ends really stands out in a way we absolutely love.

64. Brown Triangle Base Half Braids

This unique half braided box braids style with beads is really beautiful. This look with brown braids is great.

 65. Undercut Blond Box Braid Bun

This undercut hairstyle is a really cool one with blond box braids. This style is both elegant and bold and that’s why we love it.

 66. Undercut Box Braids With Design

Another great undercut box braid style is this one with a bun on the top and a design at the bottom. This is definitely a cool style to try.

67. Braided Base Box Braids

This box braids hairstyle is special because of the intricate base that really stands out. This is a look like no other. 

Box Braids Hairstyles, Final Thoughts

67 Box Braids Hairstyles, Conclusion

Box braids hairstyles are some of the best styles out there for black hair. Not only are they protective, but they are very beautiful and stylish.

Hopefully this article has given you all the information you need to start getting box braids. 

And hopefully you’ve found some great styles to try out. 

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