Is Halsey Black? White? Mixed Race? Other? Race & Ethnicity Revealed

Is Halsey Black? White? Mixed Race? Other? Race & Ethnicity Revealed

Halsey is a public figure that has piqued the interest of many. Halsey’s race is something that a lot of people actually wonder a lot about or have many questions around.

This article answers a lot of those questions and breaks down everything you need to know about the star’s race, nationality, ethnicity and more.

Is Halsey Black? What Is Her Race?

What Is Halsey’s Race?

Halsey often refers to herself as not just black or white but as biracial. As she has parents of different races, she is mixed race.

Let’s dig deeper into that.

When it comes to Halsey’s race, it is something different from both her nationality and ethnicity.

Race is something that is not learned based off your environment such as ethnicity. And race also doesn’t depend on nationality as you can have any nationality and be almost any race regardless.

Race is simply based off biological traits such as skin color that are passed on from your parents genetically.

Halsey’s mother is white because of her European background. And Halsey’s father is half white and half black, being African American.

Because of this, we can say that Halsey is white on both sides. But she is also part black on her father’s side.

Why Do Some Consider Halsey Black But Others Don’t?

The question of Halsey’s race can get complicated when it comes to the different ways different people see her.

Some will refer to Halsey as black. This is because she is part black and has had similar experiences to other black people being raised by a black father.

However, some will argue that because Halsey is only a quarter black and doesn’t appear black, she can’t really be considered black.

In fact, many people often perceive Halsey to be white based off her appearance before they discover anything about her background and upbringing.

What Is The Best Way To Refer To Halsey’s Race?

Given that the artist herself prefers to call herself biracial, this would probably be the best term to refer to her as.

It wouldn’t be wrong to call her black or white based off her appearance. But biracial is the most accurate.

Where Is Halsey From [Born And Raised]?

Where Is Halsey From [Born And Raised]?

One thing that will help us understand more about Halsey’s race is to know about where the singer is from.

Halsey was born Ashley Nicolette Frangipane on September 29th, 1994. She was born in Edison, New Jersey in the United States.

Throughout Halsey’s childhood, her family moved around a lot. She moved around so much that by the time she became a teenager, she had been enrolled in six different schools.

Halsey lived in different parts of New Jersey throughout this time. But when she was seventeen, she ended up spending a lot of her time in Brooklyn, New York.

Halsey had just gone through a rough period at this time and had just been hospitalized for attempting suicide. And it is at this time that she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

It was when she spent time in Brooklyn with her then boyfriend that she started to discover her love for making music and began to write songs.

She often credits her time in Brooklyn with helping her create her now musical “alter ego”.

The name “Halsey” came from the street of the same name that she lived on when she lived in Brooklyn.

Eventually, Halsey would go on to graduate from her high school in New Jersey. And after this, she enrolled in the Rhode Island School of Design.

She ended up having to drop out of this school due to financial problems. She went on to attend a community college after this, but she dropped out soon after.

She would eventually end up living in Manhattan while trying to figure out how to make money.

Halsey has also spoken about how she spent some time in the homeless shelters in New York at this.

Which Of Halsey’s Parents Are Black? & What Race Is The Other Parent?

Which Of Halsey's Parents Are Black? & What Race Is The Other Parent?

Another thing to know about Halsey’s upbringing that helps us understand Halsey’s race is her parents’ background.

Halsey’s parents, Chris and Nicole Frangipane, met when they were very young and they both attended community college.

Both of Halsey’s parents ended up dropping out of college when they discovered that they were expecting a child. This child was Halsey, who is the first born of three.

Halsey’s mother ended up becoming an EMT and Halsey’s father became a manager at a car dealership.

Although the family spent all their lives in New York, both of Halsey’s parents are not originally from here. In fact, neither side of the family is entirely originally from the United States.

Halsey’s father is originally of Irish and African American descent. And Halsey’s mother is originally of Hungarian and Italian descent.

Both sides of Nicole Frangipane’s ancestry are European. So racially soeaking, Halsey’s mother is white.

When it comes to Halsey’s father, he is half African American and thus has African ancestry. So he is part black. He is also half white on his Irish side.

Because Halsey’s father is part African-American, he can be considered black.

Especially in the United States where being mixed still means you can be categorized as part of any of the racial categories you are mixed with. He can also be referred as being biracial.

How Is Halsey’s Relationship With Her Parents?

Halsey has often spoken about the difficulties of growing up in her parents’ home, She has described it in interviews as having been “chaotic”.

Halsey has also spoken about the fact that growing up, her family always had to move around to find better opportunities, and this was hard on them.

Furthermore, when Halsey dropped out of college, she was kicked out of the home and it caused a strain on her relationship with her parents.

However at present, the star has reconciled with her parents and frequently shares moments with them on social media and talks about how appreciative she is of them.

What Nationality & Ethnicity Is Halsey?

What Nationality & Ethnicity Is Halsey?

When considering Halsey’s race we also have to consider other aspects of her identity like her ethnicity and her nationality,

People can often misconceptions about ethnicity, race and nationality. But they don’t all mean the same thing.

People sometimes think that your nationality is what determined your ethnicity. But this isn’t necessarily true.

For a lot of people who are immigrants or have mixed background, their ethnicity and their nationality are not the same.

Ethnicity also doesn’t necessarily equate to race as many would think.

When it comes to ethnicity, this refers to cultural aspects of someone’s identity such as traditions and language.

These traits are passed on to them based off the environment and cultural norms they are raised around.

And these are learned traits. So regardless of your race, you can pick up these traits just by growing up in a certain environment.

Halsey comes from a family with mixed ethnicity. On her mother’s side, Halsey is Hungarian and Italian.

So from her mother, she got some aspects of Hungarian and Italian culture.

And on her father’s side, Halsey is Irish and African American. And through him, she got aspects of these ethnic groups’ culture passed on to her.

When it comes to nationality, Halsey isn’t Hungarian, Italian or Irish though.

This is because nationality isn’t necessarily about your cultural background but about citizenship.

For most people, their nationality corresponds to the country they were born as this is most likely where they will have their citizenship.

Halsey was born and raised in the United States. And she has citizenship her.

So nationality wise, Halsey is American.

How Did Halsey Rise To Fame?

How Did Halsey Rise To Fame?

So now we have learned a lot of information about the parents of Halsey’s race, their background and Halsey’s upbringing.

This can bring about questions about how Halsey came from this background and made her way to fame.

The key to this for Halsey was her love of music that was nurtured from a young age.

Halsey played a number of instruments from childhood, From violin to the viola to the cello to guitar.

Halsey also listened to a lot of diverse music growing up. She credits her parents with exposing her to various musicians from Biggie (whom her father loved) to Nirvana (who her mother loved).

This early exposure to various forms of music led to Halsey falling in love with music. And as she grew up, she found it to be a great way to express some of her most difficult experiences.

When Halsey left college, she ended up making a lot of vidoes of YouTube and other platforms. She would make parody songs and covers of other artists.

Halsey’s big break came when she met a music producer at a party a couple years after she left college. He took a liking to Halsey’s voice and asked her to collaborate on a song.

This led to Halsey writing and recording a song with him based on her personal experiences.

This song ended up being a massive hit as it gained a lot of popularity only hours after being uploaded to SoundCloud.

Many record labels ended up contacting Halsey after discovering the song and Halsey ended up signing a record deal with the label Astralwerks. Her career then took off from there.

Is Halsey Black? White? Mixed Race? Other? Race & Ethnicity Revealed, Conclusion

Is Halsey Black? White? Mixed Race? Other? Race & Ethnicity Revealed, Conclusion

Halsey is a star that many are mesmerized by. And this interest tends to bring about a lot of questions in people’s minds about her background.

It’s easy to have misconceptions about Halsey’s race, ethnicity and nationality.

But hopefully with this article, we have cleared up some of them and answered any of your burning questions about Halsey’s identity.

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