Popular Billings Neighborhoods For Black Families, Singles & Young Professionals – Montana

Best Billings Neighborhoods For Black Families

Do you love looking at large mountains and cliffs right outside your door?

Then you may want to consider relocating to Billings, Montana.

If you do decide to move to Billings, Montana, which neighborhood is the best one for you? We will go over the best Billings neighborhoods for black families, singles, and young professionals.

3 Best Billings Suburbs For Black Families

Best Billings Suburbs For Black Families


Billings is in the top 10 cities in Montana with the largest African-American population as of 2021. However, this may not sound as impressive when considering that Billings has a total of 705 African-American residents, which accounts for 0.64 percent of the Billings’ population.

Nonetheless, it seems that the African-American population in Billings is growing. The best Billings neighborhoods for black families include:

  • North Elevation
  • Cameron Park
  • Billings Heights

The public schools in North Elevation, Billings Heights, and Cameron Park are of good quality and above average, so if you’re a parent with a couple of kids, you will know that your children are getting a supreme education.

Billings Heights is a quiet place to live and is located near local schools and a general store. You’ll find your children will enjoy playing outdoors in this neighborhood with other kids. And if you have a dog, there’s plenty of room for your canine to run around at local dog parks.

The housing in each of these suburbs is also decent, so you will be able to find a home to suit your needs. The diversity is alright. While the African-American population is lower, there is a larger Hispanic population (6.4 percent) along with the American Indian population (4.5 percent). Biracial individuals live here as well.

The weather is nice in Billings neighborhoods, and the nightlife is excellent, as there are many restaurants and bars to check out. There are also plenty of parks for your kids to play in.

You’ll find that Billings neighborhoods have a rather suburban feel and are perfect for families.

2 Best Billings Neighborhoods For Young Black Professionals & Singles

Best Billings Neighborhoods For Young Black


You will see that the two best Billings neighborhoods for young, black singles and black professionals are Central-Terry and South Side.

In these two neighborhoods, you’ll enjoy the nightlife, as South Side has a great local bar while Central-Terry has coffee shops and restaurants.

The top Billings suburbs for young black professionals & singles have great dog parks and fun recreational activities. You’ll love the outdoor sports available at local parks.

As a young professional, you’ll be happy that the commute to work is nice and easy. You won’t be stuck in traffic, and it won’t take you forever to get to your place of employment.

The cost of living in Billings neighborhoods might be a little pricey, but you’ll find that employment rates are good, and it’s a great place for finding a stable job.

Whether a black family or a single professional, you will find that most residents in Billings, Montana own their home. Whether you want to go for a jog in the park or get a drink at a bar, Billings neighborhoods like Southside and Central-Terry are perfect for both.

Both families and young professionals live in this city, and many residents lean more conservative in their political views.

Is Billings Safe?

Is Billings Safe

Whether Billings, Montana is safe depends on various factors. According to a ranking known as the United States Peace Index 2012, the state of Montana is the 33rd most peaceful state in the nation.

The following five metrics measure the peacefulness of each state.

  • The number of homicides
  • The availability of small weaponry
  • The number of violent crimes
  • The rate of imprisonment
  • The size of the police departments and the number of officers

To determine how violent the state of Montana is, we look at the reported violent crime rate per state as of 2019. Montana has the 20th highest rate of violent crime reported.

The violent crime rate is dependent on the number of reported occurrences per 100,000 people in the entire population. Furthermore, violent crime consists of either robbery, aggravated assault, forcible rape, or murder and negligent manslaughter.

Montana seems to be somewhere in the middle-of-the-road when it comes to its peacefulness and crime statistics when you compare it to other states. As such, it seems that Billings, Montana is a somewhat safe place to live.

What Is Billings’s Demographic?

Billings’s Demographic

The population of Billings, Montana, is 117,116 people as of April 1, 2020. In addition, 51.6 percent of the state is female, and the black or African-American population is around 1 percent.

The American Indian and Alaskan Native population is 4.6 percent, while the Hispanic or Latino population is 6.3 percent. Asian people account for 0.9 percent of the population. Meanwhile, white people without a Hispanic or Latino background account for 85.1 percent of the city’s population.

A total of 7,904 veterans live in Billings, Montana. While 94.3 percent of residents in Billings, Montana have a high school diploma, only 35 percent have a Bachelor’s degree or higher.

As of 2012, 11,376 companies hire the people of Billings across its multiple neighborhoods. There were 3,672 women-owned businesses in 2012 and 560 minority-owned firms.

The demographics of the entire state of Montana are somewhat similar to this city. A total of 1,085,004 people reside in Montana as of 2021.

The African-American population accounts for 0.5 percent of this population, while the Native American population accounts for 6.36 percent, and the white population accounts for 88.54 percent. As such, 54,250 African-Americans live in Montana.

The Best Billings Neighborhoods

Best Billings Neighborhoods

The best Billings neighborhoods include:

  • Lockwood
  • West End
  • Cameron Park
  • Billings Heights

The Lockwood suburb in Billings, Montana, has good public schools and plenty of adequate housing. It’s a perfectly good place for black families to raise their children, and it even has rather good diversity along with a great nightlife scene.

There are an adequate number of good jobs available and plenty of outdoor activities in which your kids can participate. The commute to work is great, and the weather is fine.

The only negative of the Lockwood suburb is that the cost of living is somewhat higher than in other places. Yet, high-quality neighborhoods have always had somewhat higher costs.

Lockwood has a population of 8,066 residents and is located in Yellowstone County. This area is both a suburban and rural place where most residents own their homes. 

At West End, you’ll enjoy hanging out at the local mall and have whatever you need to purchase located right at the Walmart Supercenter. There are also plenty of restaurants and clothing stores like Target.

Cameron Park is a perfect place to raise a family. It even has a preschool right in the center. There are also elementary schools nearby and parks where kids can play. Furthermore, you can buy your daily bread at the local grocery store and cook your family a nice dinner.

Billings Heights also has a Walmart Supercenter as well as Lake Elmo State Park. If you enjoy a game of golf, you’ll love that Billings Heights has a huge golf course. There are plenty of schools for your kids to attend and a church for your family to attend.

These are some of the best Billings suburbs for black families, along with singles and young professionals.

Top Billings Neighborhoods For Black People, Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve read through this guide, you should know the most amazing best Billings neighborhoods for black families and the best Billings suburbs for black singles or young professionals.

Pick out the one you like most and start a new life in beautiful Montana. You won’t regret moving to Billings.

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