Is DevaCurl Black Owned? What We Found Out

Is DevaCurl Black Owned

DevaCurl is a brand of hair care products dedicated to hydrating, feeding, and nourishing curly hair.

Although it has seen its share of controversy, the company has a long track record of making quality, effective hair care products.

DevaCurl is not currently a Black-owned business.

Here’s what we found out about who owns DevaCurl.

Who Founded DevaCurl?

The DevaCurl story begins in New York City in 1994, where professional hairstylists Lorraine Massey and Dennis Da Silva open the first DevaChan salon.

The DevaCurl Story

The DevaCurl Story


Massey and Da Silva were tired of seeing other stylists treat curly hair in the same way they treated straight hair.

They knew that curly hair was different from straight hair on a structural level and required very particular treatment.

So they opened DevaChan, a salon for curly hair only.

At the DevaChan salon, Massey developed the Curly Girl Method of hair care to help people with curly hair embrace and enhance their natural curls.

Together, Da Silva and Massey created the DevaCut, a unique method of dry cutting curly hair to improve curl definition.

Over time, they opened more and more DevaChan salons and started training stylists in the DevaCut method.

DevaCurl also produces a full line of hair care products for curly hair, including shampoos, conditioners, treatments, and styling products.

DevaCurl Controversy

In 2017, some long-time DevaCurl users began noticing changes in their hair.

Some users claimed that their hair texture had changed, and many said their hair even fell out, leaving bald patches on their scalp.

DevaCurl assured users that its products were up to all health and safety standards for use, but the controversy persisted.

Users have filed a class-action lawsuit against DevaCurl, alleging that the product injured them.

Who Owns DevaCurl Now?

Who Owns DevaCurl Now


DevaCurl’s parent company, Deva Parent Holdings, has changed ownership several times over the years.

Most recently, in 2019, it was acquired by a Germann investment firm called Henkel, which is not Black-owned.

The current CEO of DevaCurl and Deva Parent Holdings is Robert Schaeffler, who is not Black.

As such, DevaCurl is not, and as far as we can tell, has never been, Black-owned.

DevaCurl’s Commitment to Anti-Racism

DevaCurl’s Commitment to Anti-Racism


Although not a Black-owned business, DevaCurl is deeply and loudly committed to eliminating racism in the hair care industry.

Its mission includes a commitment to diversity, equality, and antiracist policies and practices.

The company promised to tackle racism head-on with a three-pillar approach.


DevaCurl includes employee education as part of its workplace culture.

DevaCurl employees have access to professional development and learning opportunities to help foster an inclusive working environment.

But the company’s commitment to antiracist education doesn’t stop there.

DevaCurl partners with their retailers and partner salons to provide racial sensitivity training and educate the hair care industry about how hair and race intersect.


DevaCurl believes that representation in management and media matters.

Internally, the company is committed to increasing BIPOC representation throughout the organizational structure.

Externally, DevaCurl works to partner with more Black-owned businesses and use a diverse range of models in designing its brand imagery.

Community Investment

The third pillar of DevaCurl’s commitment to antiracism is a promise to invest in BIPOC communities.

Internally, the company provides Employee Resource Groups and actively works to amplify Black voices within the organization.

Externally, DevaCurl uses its massive corporate resources to support antiracism initiatives and partner with vendors on philanthropic opportunities.

Black-Owned Alternatives to DevaCurl

Black-Owned Alternatives to DevaCurl

If you’re looking for a socially responsible hair care product line that you know will give your hair the love it deserves, DevaCurl may not be the brand for you.

There’s more to antiracism than sensible internal policies, and one of the best ways to encourage diversity in the hair care market is to vote with your dollars.

If you love DevaCurl products and salons but would rather use your money to support Black-owned businesses, there are plenty of alternative companies you could shop from.

Here are five Black-owned hair care product lines you can switch to if you want to leave DevaCurl behind.

1.    Kinky-Curly

Kinky-Curly’s product line takes the plant-based wisdom of founder Shelley Davis and applies it to natural hair care products.

Popular products from the Kinky-Curly brand include Come Clean Shampoo and Curl Custard gel.

You can even find Kinky-Curly products in many big box stores, so it’s easy to get your hands on.

2.    Miss Jessie’s

Miss Jessie’s was founded by Miko and Titi Branch, who named their natural hair care company after their grandmother.

Miss Jessie’s has crafted a product line that nourishes your beautiful hair using her homemade recipes for hair care products.

Miss Jessie’s is available at superstores and drugstores, so it’s budget-friendly, but it hydrates and feeds your hair like a salon brand.

3.    Uncle Funky’s Daughter

This eco-friendly hair care brand has been moisturizing curly hair of all types since 2009.

Uncle Funky’s Daughter makes chemical-free hair care using sustainable ingredients like coconut oil and aloe.

Fan favorites include Uncle Funky’s Curly Magic Curly Stimulator and Rich & Funky Moisturizing Cleanser.

4.    Eden Bodyworks

Jasmine Lawrence, the founder of Eden Bodyworks, knows all about chemical burns from lousy hair care products.

A scalp-searing experience inspired her to create soothing, natural scalp care products using ingredients she had in her own kitchen.

Today, Eden Bodyworks uses that same formula as the basis for all of its skin-friendly hair products.

5.    Curls

Many curly hair care products can be expensive, including Deva curl.

But you can find quality curl-enhancing cleansers, conditioners, and styling products at the drugstore.

Curls is a budget-friendly product that even celebrities like Alicia Keys and Halle Berry can’t resist.

This product line defines your curls without breaking the bank.

Is DevaCurl Black Owned? Final Thoughts

Is DevaCurl Black Owned Final Thoughts


While DevaCurl has a proven commitment to supporting Black initiatives and partnering with Black-owned businesses, the company itself is not, and has never been, Black-owned.

If you’re looking for an alternative to the DevaCurl line of products, for whatever reason, there are lots of Black-owned businesses to choose from, even at your local drug store.

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