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Best Topeka Neighborhoods for Black Families

Topeka, the capital city of Kansas, is well known for its rich history. It is renowned for its historical buildings and Victorian-style homes that offer clean and safe neighborhoods and amenities.

The heritage of the Black people in Topeka is preserved, and attractions show how the city became a leader in the civil rights of Black Americans.

3 Best Topeka Suburbs For Black Families

There are several quaint neighborhoods in Topeka that are geared toward families. Whether you love being close to the action or prefer to be in a quiet environment among nature, Topeka offers the best of modern-day living with a historical element.

Collins Park

Collins Park is a neighborhood adorned with beautiful landscapes of tall trees and lavish parks that surround family homes of Cape Cod, Colonial, and English Tudor style. Collins Park is a community where neighbors still care to know each other’s names and gather at nearby Collins Park to watch kids play or have a picnic.

There are annual celebrations that kick off the Fourth of July with a neighborhood parade. The parade, known as the Collins Park Parade, has been prominent for more than 40 years.

One of the understated yet important community events is the neighborhood garage sale. It’s a great place for families to find “new” toys and clothes while offloading some of their gently used favorites.

Potwin Place

Potwin Place is well-known for its Victorian-style houses and neighborhoods that host various annual celebrations throughout the year. True to a Christmas movie, neighbors decorate their homes and streets, sing carols, and have parties for the wee ones that might even include the Big Guy himself.

The Historic District of Potwin Place was named after Charles Wolcott Potwin. The Zanesville, Ohio, banker sold plots of the 70-acres of land he bought in 1869 under the provision that the homes built on that land would cost no less than $2,000. The homes quickly began to cost more to build, and the neighborhood and houses on its land surpassed Potwin’s expectations. Potwin stood alone as a city unto itself until 1899 when it was considered a part of Topeka.

Potwin Place hosts parades at Christmas, as well as Halloween and the Fourth of July. The entire community puts in great effort to make these occasions a community affair.

Potwin Place is close to a vibrant nightlife and activities for kids and families during the day. With the perfect combination of excitement and relaxation, Potwin Place is a neighborhood for families.


Westboro Topeka Kansas

Good schools and several community events make the Westboro neighborhood family-friendly. Factor in the friendly neighbors and unique older homes, and you have a true gem.

Parks, patios, and small shopping centers round out this neighborhood, conveniently located near Washburn U and the Topeka Zoo.

Many of the Westboro homes have Colonial, French Eclectic, or Italian Renaissance Revival styles. Built as models during the roaring 20s and into the 1930s, these homes appeared in national catalogs for years.

The Westboro neighborhood has a median age of 46, with lots of children. More than 40% of people hold a Bachelor’s Degree and 90% of residents hold white-collar jobs.

2 Best Topeka Neighborhoods For Black Singles and Young Professionals

Topeka is a great city for anyone, including the young professional that requires a home in the bustle of the business district. Here are some of the most advantageous locations and sought-after neighborhoods for professionals in Topeka.

College Hill/Washburn U

College Hill Topeka Kansas


Many of the neighborhoods listed are close enough to the town center and transportation networks to be more than convenient for a young professional. College Hill is located near Washburn U and close to Topeka’s center and hub of businesses.

Much of this neighborhood sees active restoration to accommodate the university’s needs. You can find a range of Victorian, Craftsman, Georgian Revival, and American Four-Square styles in need of a little TLC. Of course, those seeking modern designs can find some newer styles peppered throughout.

The eclectic dwellings, college-town vibes, and strong sense of community allow this neighborhood to maintain the city’s heritage and unique charm. It’s a quaint place with access to numerous restaurants and popular businesses.

As with most of Topeka’s neighborhoods, there are Fourth of July celebrations in Boswell Park and surrounding areas for all ages. There is an annual neighborhood garage sale that occurs at the beginning of each summer.

Holliday Park

Holliday Park Topeka Kansas


Dating back to 1885, Holliday Park is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Topeka. The entire historic neighborhood expands from a 1.5-acre park named after the founder of the Topeka and Santa Fe railroad, Cyrus K. Holliday.

If you love the idea of living in a distinct home that you can renovate and personalize to meet your needs, Holliday Park may be an excellent fit for you. Breathe some new life into one of Holliday Park’s eclectic styles that include everything from Queen Anne to Craftsman.

Even better, Holliday Park boasts one of the most diverse populations in the city, with a lot of young professionals. Most Holliday Park residents are between 20 and 44 years of age, work white-collar jobs, and have at least some college education.

Don’t let its age fool you! This neighborhood is full of personality and drawing a massive influx of young professionals. Though the homes may be older and in dire need of updates, it made room for young people to restore and modernize the area.

Is Topeka Safe?

Is Topeka Safe

Moving to a new city can be scary, but knowing a bit about crime rates can help soothe your concerns. While most big cities have some level of crime, it can vary from place to place.

You probably expect to see higher crime rates in Los Angeles than you would in Topeka, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to know what to expect. Looking at Topeka as a whole, it falls somewhere around the 17th percentile for safety.

Topeka falls higher than the state average in most categories, including violent crimes. While that sounds scary, Topeka is like most major cities in that it has a range of safe and unsafe neighborhoods.

The southwest part of the city tends to be safer than the other areas, where you run a 1 in 47 chance of being the victim of a crime.

Additionally, Topeka residents run a higher than average risk of experiencing tornados than the rest of the state.

While this information may sound grim, taking care to protect yourself and your property can help you avoid becoming a crime statistic. Taking precautions during bad weather can help you stay safe during tornado season.

What Is Topeka’s Demographic?

Topeka’s Demographic

Aside from crime statistics, it helps to know about the city’s people profile. From how many Topeka neighbors you could have to what their demographics look like, let’s take a look at some key numbers.

Following the April 2020 census, Topeka boasts more than 126,500 residents for a slight decrease since April 2010.

Topeka has a primarily white population at 78.4%, followed by just over 15% Hispanic or Latino. Only 10.5% of Topeka residents identify as Black or African American.

Aside from the lack of racial diversity, more than 90% of the population aged 25 or older possess at least a high school degree, but less than 30% have a Bachelor’s degree or higher.

According to DataUSA, the median age is 37.7, with an average household income of just under $48,000. Of course, the average home value is around $100,000, making it affordable for young singles and families.

Top Topeka Neighborhoods for Black People, Conclusion

Whether you are a Black family, young professional, or single, Topeka offers a diverse spectrum of experiences and neighborhoods to meet your needs. Topeka is bound by its history but has grown because of it. Close communities with neighborhood gatherings are part of what makes each of these places special.

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