9 Top HBCUs In Texas, Because Representation Matters

Top HBCUs In Texas

Higher education was nearly inaccessible to African Americans before the Civil War. Then, the second Morrill Land Grant Act of 1890 pressured colleges that received government funding to provide education for black people.

Thus, significantly more Historically Black Colleges and Universities in Texas were established over the following years. Some of the oldest and highest-ranking HBCUs in Texas are listed below. Their histories are rich, and their programs are still relevant today.

Prairie View A&M University

Prairie View A&M University is a black uni

Prairie View A&M University (PVAMU) was established in 1876. The opening of this university was a step toward equality during the Reconstruction Period following the Civil War. Although it is a historically black establishment, the university’s doors have always been open to anyone from anywhere.

The faculty at PVAMU believe in the importance of highlighting challenges that people in all situations face. Because the population of Texas is diverse in both ethnicities and socioeconomic standings, the faculty approach issues from all perspectives and address all students’ concerns.

PVAMU values access and quality of education, accountability, diversity, leadership, relevance, and social responsibility.

This university offers mostly undergraduate degrees. These include popular programs, such as Nursing, Engineering, Biology, Political Sciences, and Psychology. The school also offers less common programs, such as Music Performance and Digital Media Arts degrees. Army and Navy ROTC programs are also available.

31 Master’s and 6 Doctoral programs are also offered. There are Master’s degrees in Community Development, Nurse Education, and Accounting. Additionally, there are Doctoral degrees in Clinical Adolescent Psychology,  Electrical Engineering, and Juvenile Justice.

Students of PVAMU can participate in many extra-curricular activities. The school offers division I athletics. Men and women can compete in basketball, cross country, golf, tennis, and track and field. Men can also participate in baseball and football. Meanwhile, women can participate in bowling, soccer, softball, and volleyball.

 Recreational athletics provide access to competitive rec sports, a bowling center, a gym, and a pool.

Study abroad programs and employment opportunities are available for those who wish to partake. Plus, career services can prepare students and alumni to enter the workforce, and student counseling services can guide students through higher education.

Wiley College

Wiley College

In 1873, Freedman’s Aid Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church founded Wiley College. The Society aimed to provide access to higher education for Negro youth. Wiley College is a nationally recognized liberal arts institution, but there are other programs available.

The college’s mission is to promote leadership and the spread of social good. The faculty is committed to engaging, educating, and empowering students so that they can spark social change across their communities and the workforce. They aim to give students the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to succeed.

Wiley College offers 23 undergraduate degrees. Some Associate programs include Criminal Justice, Homeland Security, and Firefighting.

Bachelor’s degrees are offered in Business Administration with multiple potential concentrations, Biology, Communication, Education, Law Enforcement, Physical Sciences, and Social Sciences.

Additionally, there is an Educator Preparation Program that offers certifications in Early Childhood Core Subjects, Music Education, and Physical Education.

Wiley College competes in the Red River Athletic Conference. Men and women can compete in soccer, cross country, basketball, and track and field. Men can also play baseball, and women can play volleyball.

The Department of Residence Life is designed to assist students in feeling connected to their college community. Services through this department focus on personal and social respect. Greek life is also available for those who wish to get involved through fraternities and sororities.

At the Office of Career Services, students and alumni partake in counseling, skills workshops, mock interviews, and more to prepare for the workforce. For any extra support that may be needed, the Department of Student Health, Counseling, and Wellness is prepared to promote the physical, emotional, intellectual, and personal health of all students.

Huston-Tillotson University

Black students at Huston-Tillotson University

For prospective engineering students, Huston-Tillotson University (HTU) provides the Austin Pre-Freshmen Engineering Program for middle and high school students.

HTU offers many undergraduate degrees, as well as a couple of graduate degrees and special programs. Undergraduate programs include Business Administration, Computer Information Systems, Environmental Studies, History, Kinesiology, Mathematics, and others. There are also some unique minors, such as African American Studies and Professional Writing.

Students can also receive their Masters in Business Administration or Educational Leadership. Additionally, HTU offers a highly successful Alternative Teacher Certification Program and an Honors Program.

The Adult Degree Program and Continuing Education program draw many adults to HTU. Through the Adult Degree Program, most students earn a degree in two years. The Continuing Education program offers industry-recognized certification courses and personal enrichment classes.

The Office of Campus Life is dedicated to approving student organizations that allow students with varying interests to get involved. The Student Government Association and Greek Letter Organizations connect students with similar interests.

RAM CONNECT is a new program that provides laptops to qualifying students, making higher education more accessible to those who are especially challenged by costs associated with college.

Although HTU is specifically affiliated with the United Methodist Church and the United Church of Christ, the Religious Life and Campus Ministry caters to those of all religions and provides a space for all people of faith to interact.

Additionally, HTU offers Counseling, Health, and Disability services, as well as an IT help desk, math center, and writing studio.

Texas Southern University

Texas Southern University

As one of the largest historically black universities in the United States, Texas Southern University has much to offer. Today, TSU is one of the most diverse institutions in Texas.

TSU prides itself on being a student-centered university. Its mission is to provide equality, innovative programs, and guidance to allow all students to become educated, engaged citizens and creative leaders.

With over 100 undergraduate and graduate programs and concentrations, all students can find their place at TSU. Bachelor programs are divided into 10 colleges and schools, including the School of Business, College of Education, College of Liberal Arts and Behavioral Sciences, School of Public Affairs, and College of Pharmacy and Health Services.

Available Master’s degrees include Communication, Human Performance, Curriculum and Instruction, Health Care Administration, Administration of Justice, and Transportation Planning & Management. Doctoral degrees include Counselor Education, Pharmaceutical Science, and Environmental Toxicology.

The Office of Continuing Education is available for those seeking nontraditional, degree, and non-degree programs. There are also online programs that are more flexible and affordable than traditional learning.

TSU athletes compete in the Southwestern Athletic Conference and the NCAA. Men and women can compete in track and field, basketball, golf, and cross country. Men can also play baseball and football, and women can compete in bowling, softball, volleyball, and soccer.

For active students who do not wish to compete at the college level, TSU provides a Recreation Wellness Center with courts, an aquatics center, a fitness arena, a massage room, and a relaxation center. Recreational sports are also available.

Campus organizations such as the Debate Team, Student Publications, and Cheerleading provide more opportunities for involvement.

Other departments that assist students include Career, Health, and Student Accessibility Services. Additionally, the Office of Veterans Services, University Counseling Center, and Pride Center provide support for those who need it.

Paul Quinn College Is Historically Black

Paul Quinn College

Paul Quinn College is affiliated with the African Methodist Episcopal Church and emphasizes faith-based education. PQC promises to provide academic, social, and Christian development to allow students to become servant leaders.

This private liberal arts college does not include graduate degrees. Bachelor’s programs are designed to prepare students to further their education or enter the workforce. These programs include Business, Health and Wellness, Liberal Arts, Legal Studies & Criminology, Religious Studies, and Path to Teacher Certification degrees.

Entrepreneurship and Fundraising and Philanthropy are a couple of unique aspects of the Business Administration degree.

PQC offers an honors program for students to challenge themselves as well as programs for those who are struggling academically. Through the Writing Hub, students can receive one-on-one writing coaching and feedback. Student Support Services are also available for assistance and motivation of students who need it most.

Plus, the college offers Study Abroad opportunities for those who aim to receive diverse education by becoming engulfed in new cultures.

Texas College

Texas College

As a college with its roots in the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, Texas College strives to incorporate the principles of this faith. It emphasizes creative thinking and attaining skills related to the area of study chosen by the student.

The environment of Texas College is tailored to promote intellectual, spiritual, ethical, moral, and social development, as well as continued learning, leadership, and service. Faculty assist students in reaching their goals of finding their purpose, becoming financially secure, and developing leadership skills.

Texas College includes four academic divisions: Business & Social Sciences, General Studies & Humanities, Interdisciplinary Studies (Teacher Education), and Natural & Computational Sciences. There is also an Associate’s degree available in the arts.

Athletes at Texas College compete in the NAIA and the Red River Athletic Conference. Men and women can participate in cross country, soccer, basketball, and track and field. Additionally, men can compete in football and baseball, and women can compete in volleyball and softball. 

For musically-inclined students, Texas College offers marching band, concert band, jazz ensemble, percussion ensemble/drumline, brass and woodwind, ensemble, flag line, and concert choir. There are scholarships available for eligible participants in these music groups.

Students can partake in Greek Life and student activities designed to develop students mentally, socially, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Jarvis Christian College

Jarvis Christian College

Jarvis Christian College approaches learning from multiple angles to reach as many students as possible. Professors interact with the students during class and tailor the delivery of instructions to the needs of their students. Due to its small size, professors at Jarvis can get to know their students and how they learn best.

The Jarvis community is rooted in six principles, which are: scholarship and lifelong learning, service, integrity, respect, responsibility, and Christian ethics.

Jarvis Christian College offers 18 Bachelor’s degree programs. Education, Management, Business, Criminal Justice, and Biology are the most popular concentrations.

Other degree programs include Chemistry, Criminal Justice, English and Literature, General Studies, Marketing and Advertising, Retailing and Wholesaling, Sociology and Anthropology, and Theology and Religion.

Adults can continue their education through the Renaissance Adult Education Program. There are Associate and Bachelor programs available, as well as National Certification courses.

Athletes at Jarvis compete in the Red River Athletic Conference and the NAIA.

Men and women can participate in basketball, bowling, cross country, golf, soccer, and outdoor track and field. Men can also compete in baseball and golf, and women can compete in JV basketball, softball, and volleyball. There is also a coed option to join the “J” Squad.

Jarvis offers student organizations and clubs, choral activities, bands, and intramural sports. There is also a Student Health Center, Counseling Services, and a Religion and Culture Center with a chapel. Additionally, the Department of Cultural Diversity aims to assist students of all cultures throughout their college experience.

Southwestern Christian College

Southwestern Christian College

Southwestern Christian College (SwCC) believes in a holistic approach to learning. Faculty inspires students to work toward success in education while staying true to their moral and spiritual values.

SwCC offers an Associate of Arts degree and an Associate of Science degree. Bachelor’s degrees are offered in Religious Studies and Science. Basic courses required across most majors include Bible, Computer Science, English, History, Humanities, Mathematics, Physical Education, Psychology or Sociology, and Speech.

Athletes at SwCC compete in the National Junior College Athletic Association Region 5 in Division I. Basketball and track are available for both black men and women, and those of other races. Women can also participate in volleyball.

Acapella Chorus is an organization that allows those with a mutual love of music to come together and forge friendships.

The Center for Student Success offers several supportive services, such as tutorials, workshops, and academic, personal, and career counseling. There is also a Default Prevention Department, which works with students to keep their student loans out of default.

St. Phillip’s College

St. Phillip’s College

St. Phillip’s College was founded in 1898 and is a Historically Black College and Hispanic Serving Institution. Today, this public community college prepares students of all backgrounds to pursue academic success and workplace readiness.

SPC offers many Associate’s degrees. Students can study some unique programs, such as Automotive Mechanics Technology, Respiratory Care Therapist, Diesel Mechanics Technology, Chef Training, Construction Engineering Technology, and Hotel Management.

Additionally, more mainstream Associate degrees include those in Criminal Justice, Computer Programing, Pre-Nursing Studies, Child Development, Physical Therapy, and Teacher Education.

SPC offers men’s and women’s basketball, women’s volleyball, and intramurals and recreation.

There are also several student support services in place at SPC, including Counseling, Disability, and Career Services.

At the Counseling Services, trained and professional staff assist students as they work through anxiety, depression, loss of relationships, and other mental-health-related issues. The Center for Health Care Services also provides crisis care, services for veterans, and treatment for substance use disorders.

Top Historically Black Colleges & Universities In Texas, Final Thoughts

Top Historically Black Colleges and Universities In Texas, Final Thoughts

HBCUs currently provide unbiased education for people of all cultural backgrounds. One of the major benefits is the focus on catering to diverse people in all classes.

Those in Texas provide quality education across many subjects, some of which are uncommon in most colleges and universities. These 9 HBCUs in Texas have a great deal to offer to young and adult students anywhere in the world.

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