7 Top HBCUs in South Carolina, Study With Others Like You

Top HBCUs in South Carolina

Finding the right college can feel like one of the most important decisions you’ll make.

When you think about it, it’s true. You’re going to enroll in an institution that prepares you for a career and for society in general.

So, choosing a college that values what you value might really transform your future.

That is why we want to showcase the best Historically Black Colleges and Universities in South Carolina.

Allen University

Allen University is a historically black place of education

If you want a small school with a huge passion, then Allen University will easily win you over. It was founded in 1870 and has been operating from Columbia since 1880.

Once you get used to the beautiful historic buildings and rigorous courses, you will love being a part of the diverse and enthusiastic student body.

Many of Allen’s attendees are first-generation black college students who come from southeast states, like South Carolina and Georgia.

Do you want to be accepted and also motivated at your university with students and faculty who share your background and experiences?

Then Allen is the place for you.

In recent years, Allen University has undergone building improvements, the addition of the Dickerson-Greene Theological Seminary, and is seeing a surge in enrollment.

There are also strong biology, math, humanities, arts, business, and education courses accompanying the new Seminary Department.

As a small college with a big impact, there are many ways to get involved at AU.

Whether you prefer Greek life, campus events, clubs, or activities, there is something for everyone here.

You can articipate in Homecoming, Miss Allen & Court, Student Government, fraternities & sororities, Soul Train Student Leadership, and so much more.

With over 800 students enrolled at Allen, you can be confident that professors will get to know you and really care about your education.

Watch this video to see a virtual tour of the campus and grounds of Allen University.

Benedict College

Benedict College

Founded on the principles of providing education to people groups that were excluded from higher education, Benedict College still upholds the mission to serve all underrepresented groups.

Benedict is seeking to make college a realistic experience in every way by also cutting tuition by 26 percent in 2018.

This school’s Strategic Plan for accessible admissions has proved to be successful in the years since, with many students finding academic success from these programs.

The mission of this college is to provide a transformative experience both in classroom settings and in athletics, residential, and social events.

With these priorities, a student at Benedict College is sure to find acceptance and confidence while being proud of their own personal background.

You can find successful careers in STEM, engineering, computer science, sports management, education, business administration, and much more.

Since Benedict College takes pride in providing students with an education that is in high demand in the current world, the social mobility and cutting-edge research at this institution make it a great choice for people who want to create the best life for themselves and their families.

Career readiness is a huge priority at Benedict, so students who want help with their resumes, connections with employers, and hands-on experience can find it here.

Through the Career Pathways Initiative, students, local employers, and alumni can team up and find fulfilling work.

Whether you are totally lost or know where you want to work after graduation, this program can keep you on track towards getting a job and loving it.

We all know that it is never easy to start something new, but with this program, it can be.

If you’re interested in Benedict College, watch this video created by admissions counselors to learn more about the campus.

Claflin University

Claflin University

This liberal arts university puts the “history” in HBCU. It is the oldest of the HBCUs in South Carolina, and is still going strong today.

This university was founded in 1869 to be a place where higher education is available to students that uphold good character and a desire to learn.

If you are looking for like-minded peers who want to live out their beliefs, you should definitely look into Claflin.

As a pioneer in its time, Claflin was the first to open its doors to all people, no matter their race or religion.

Though it has always been a historically black university, Claflin also values inclusion and diversity.

Whatever career you want to pursue, Claflin’s comprehensive schools can guide you in the right direction, with departments focused on Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Humanities and Social Sciences, Business, and Education.

Claflin’s visionary leadership program shows that students’ success matters even after graduation.

With a scholarship and special courses designed to promote visionary leadership, this program encourages every student to become extraordinary with an inspiring outlook and a global perspective.

Career readiness is a strong value for many HBCUs, so Claflin has partnered with UNCF to provide a special workforce competency structure to help students prepare for the real world with confidence.

Elements of the Career Pathways Program include curricula enhancements, experiential learning programs, and guided career pathways.

Hear Claflin professors talk about their passion for students in this short video.

Clinton College

Clinton College

Founded in 1894, Clinton College is a historically black university that is open and accessible to all races and groups.

The mission of this college remains that students will be educated through the structure of Christian beliefs and a global mindset.

This college prioritizes career readiness and strives to be a leading digital learning institution with an emphasis on technology and innovation. This desire for change is not only limited to the students.

Keeping the focus on contributing to the global economy, this college enhances the local job markets by helping underserved people have flourishing careers.

One Clinton College initiative focuses on creating The New Clinton by enriching and serving the city of Rock Hill, where it is located.

On April 6, 2022, the college cut the ribbon to inaugurate its first-ever medical center on campus.

Now, students have access to emergency and routine check-ups, Covid testing, and sports-related exams through their college.

You can attain either an associate’s or bachelor’s degree at Clinton College in many diverse fields.

The departments offered here include Religious and Ministry studies, Education, Business, and Science & Technology.

Hear real students and staff of Clinton college speak on their experiences in this video.

Morris College Is Historically Black

Morris College

If you want a college that prioritizes students, offers diverse educational programs, and values an accessible environment, then Morris College could be perfect for you.

You can enroll in this college to obtain either a bachelor’s degree or a career-focused associate’s degree at this school in many different fields.

The mission of this college is to provide a quality education that equips students for steady careers.

Morris College was founded in 1908 in the small town of Sumter, SC.

If the authentic roots didn’t convince you yet, a personal message from the president promises that this campus strives to feel like family, from students to faculty to the larger Sumter area.

Being an HBCU, this college takes inclusion and diversity very seriously.

So, you can be confident that you will have equal access to education and opportunities just like the founding mission.

For students who have definite interests in the fields of Business, Education, Religion, Humanities, or Natural Science and Mathematics, there are programs for you.

But what if you are not so sure?

If you are a student who needs more time to decide which career you’d like to pursue, then the Division of General Studies at Morris College could be a helpful place for you to start.

This program can ease the transition between high school and college by exposing students to a lot of different subjects so that they can confidently decide what areas interest them the most.

On top of these educational programs, there are many academic and recreational clubs at this college for students to choose from.

With residence hall events, intramurals, music and theater groups, and others, you can always get involved in something new here.

If this sounds good to you, watch this video introducing the opportunities and values of Morris College.

South Carolina State University

South Carolina State University

As the only public university on this list, SC State stands out with its mission and opportunities.

Since 1896, this university has made higher education accessible and attainable to the black community with diverse and practical programs.

Though this university began with a focus on agricultural and mechanical training, it has expanded to the fields of humanities, sciences, agribusiness, and more.

Even today, SC State upholds the values and mission of an HBCU while also inviting white students and faculty to be a part of the community as well.

You will feel a part of this university too, with almost 3,000 undergrads making up the spirited and active student body.

With all the competitive sports offered at SC State, active might be an understatement.

In the athletics department, the men and women Bulldogs give it their all as basketball, football, track and cross country, tennis, and more participate in the Division I level of the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference.

Such a full campus suggests that there are lots of educational opportunities as well.

You can prepare yourself for the workforce in a variety of departments at this school, including social sciences, engineering, performing arts, education, business, biology, science, and math.

Being the largest of HBCUs in South Carolina offers many perks, including offering the only nuclear engineering program on this list, and having the most enrolled ROTC cadets.

Even if you are looking to get a graduate degree at an HBCU, this is the place for you.

The beautiful campus in Orangeburg, SC includes 107 buildings over 160 acres of land, plus an environmental science field station that is the only one in the country.

You will make lifelong friends and gain long-lasting stills at this incredible university.

Watch this video to take a virtual tour of the academic and recreational buildings at SC State University.

Voorhees University

Black teacher at Voorhees University

This HBCU has been a strong force in the local community since 1897.

Located in Denmark, SC over 365 acres of property, this school exercises its mission to better the society by helping students attain lifelong learning and servanthood.

As an institution affiliated with the Episcopal Church, Voorhees prioritizes faith and spirituality, while remaining accessible to all races and beliefs.

Always eager for improvement and progression the school announced on April 8, 2022 that it will be renamed Voorhees University in honor of the 125th anniversary of its founding.

If its name reflects anything about the involvement of black students and professors, Voorhees is on the right track.

With an undergraduate enrollment of almost 650 students, the education at this university is both personal and enthusiastic.

There is a wide variety of courses offered here, including biology, math, English, sociology, health & recreation, and much more.

One thing that makes Voorhees special is the summer program in partnership with the National Nuclear Security Administration, where students can gain experience in cyber security all across the United States.

Even beyond the different options for a strong career path, this university also offers Division I athletics with basketball, cross country & track, baseball, softball, and cheerleading.

You can also stay active and engaged through choir, Greek life, theater, clubs, and faith-based groups at this college to maximize your involvement in the topics that interest you most.

If you want an overview of the classes, activities, and dorms that Voorhees University has to offer, watch this video.

Best Historically Black Colleges and Universities in South Carolina, Final Thoughts

Best Historically Black Colleges and Universities in South Carolina, Final Thoughts

The unique mission and history of every HBCU in South Carolina make each of these options a priceless investment for your career.

Meeting other students and teachers who share your beliefs really might transform your life, not to mention the impressive degree you will walk away with as well.

If you decide between one of these accredited 4-year schools, you can rest assured that you are going to a school that cares about your future and your background.

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