11 Best Dating Sites For Black Singles 2024

Best Dating Sites For Black Singles

Dating can be a bit complicated. Online dating is no easier than face to face dating, as dating sites can be just as hard to navigate. 

For black singles, finding the right partner can feel like it’s more effort than it’s worth sometimes. But this is where we come in to help. 

Here’s a list of the best dating sites for black singles. 



eHarmony is focused on catering to its users in every way. 

This dating site has a right to boast. They have created over two million successful relationships since their conception across over a hundred different countries.

eHarmony is all about diversity. The site may be run by a small management team of three men, but their site caters to a wide range of people. 

Whether you are Black, White or Asian. Whether you are young, middle aged or old. 

Whether you are a man or woman. Whether you’re religious or not, eHarmony is for you. 

Through their site, you can find different sections based on religion, race, age and so on. 

When you go through these portals, you can find singles based on those criteria. 

This allows the site to offer you a unique dating experience that caters to your diverse background and what you are looking for in others. 

The site allows you to register and create a profile for free. Which means it’s pretty accessible. 

The site has an in-built compatibility quiz that allows it to help you find the right matches. 

They also have a personality profile that they make for each user. 

This helps you with tips based on the compatibility quiz results to help you find and navigate a relationship with a match.

The site isn’t just there to make quick matches. They are dedicated to building lasting relationships. 

The site even gives you a tour that allows you to see how the website works. So you can get started on your journey to finding your other half.



Hinge wasn’t necessarily designed for black people specifically. But it does have features that black singles will definitely appreciate.

Hinge is made to get you off of dating apps. This mission sounds counterintuitive, but it makes a lot of sense. 

Most people aren’t on dating apps just because they love to be on their phone. People join dating apps so they can make connections past the swiping. 

Hinge understands this well. The app is designed to make its users intentional and mindful about creating a connection with someone. 

The app especially appeals to black people because it is designed to get you talking to people who meet your specific needs and are similar to you. 

With Hinge, you won’t find yourself being overlooked by people who are looking for nothing meaningful. Or entertaining users who won’t take you seriously as a black single. 

On Hinge, you will go through a step-by-step process of creating a detailed dating profile that shows other singles exactly what you are about. 

This dating site has features like prompts. The prompts allow you to think on and answer questions about yourself that signal to other users exactly what matters to you in relationships. 

The website also has a powerful algorithm that brings you only the most compatible, quality matches. So that you can find someone who is just right for you. 

When you come across people you like, Hinge gives you a number of options to communicate. 

You can message other singles, like their photos and responses to questions, or even comment on their profiles to show interest. 

One thing that can be said about Hinge is that it’s serious business. If you are ready to find a real, meaningful connection, Hinge may be the site for you. 



This site, Match, is another one that has plenty of reason to boast. The site is currently responsible for making 1.6 million matches.

Match is a UK based site. According to Match, one in every five people in the UK knows a couple that met on the dating site. 

This is just a testament to how well the website works. 

The site comes with a virtual coach. This coach helps you with advice, enhancing your profile and coming up with messages for connecting with new matches. 

This site, like Hinge, is also helpful in taking connections out of the device and into real life. 

Match hosts informal in person Match nights. At these events, any users can meet other Match users that they may have a spark with. 

The site is great for black singles because it gives you a chance to really get out there and connect with a variety of people. 

You can meet many different people of different age ranges and backgrounds on the site. 

If exploring fun and also meaningful connections is what you’re up for, Match may just be the dating site for you.

BlackCupid.com, A Dating Site For Black Singles


Another recommended dating site for black singles looking for love is BlackCupid

BlackCupid is a premium site that is specifically made for black people looking to meet other black people. 

This U.S based site is free, which makes it easily accessible to black singles. The process of getting started on the dating site is also quite easy. 

All you have to do is create a dating profile with your photos. Then you can begin to interact with other black singles and communicate with anybody you match with on the site.

BlackCupid is owned by Cupid Media. This company owns a variety of dating sites.

There are other dating sites owned by Cupid Media such as AsianDating.com, ChristianCupid and more. 

What makes BlackCupid especially great for black singles is that it is specifically built to help black people find love with other black people. 

This isn’t something that some of the other Cupid Media sites do.

If you are a black single who is serious about meeting your other half, this site may be for you. 

You can even download the dating app onto your phone for easier use of the dating site. The BlackCupid app is available for all android mobile devices. 



This is another dating site that has plenty of reason to be trusted. Zoosk is a site that has over forty thousand users worldwide and has been responsible for many successful matches. 

There is a reason this site’s app is the number one grossing online dating app in the Apple App Store. Zoosk is known worldwide for bringing singles together. 

The site is not specifically designed for black people. But black singles can certainly benefit from it.

Zoosk is available in over eighty countries in the world and is translated into twenty-five languages.

On Zoosk, you will meet a variety of singles from all around the world who are looking for their other half. 

Zoosk also has other benefits. The site doesn’t only provide a matchmaking service. 

They also give users dating tips and advice. This makes it easier for singles to navigate their relationships past the initial matching process. 

The site’s mobile app is available across all devices. So you can download the app and get to meeting other singles easily. 

If you are new to dating sites and you are looking for one with a high chance of bringing you closer to meeting your other half, Zoosk is for you.

Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee Meets Bagel

This is another dating site that is on a mission to get people off of dating sites. Coffee Meets Bagel is a just little different to other dating sites.

The site has a dating app that can be downloaded on any mobile device. 

Instead of allowing users to swipe constantly on the app and match with other users, it only shows you your matches daily at noon. 

The idea behind this unique approach to matchmaking is to get people to make authentic, meaningful connections instead of swiping quickly and endlessly without really connecting. 

The way profiles are set up on the app is also quite unique. 

On Coffee Meets Bagel, users are encouraged to dig deep and share more than just their surface traits. This helps users match with other users that have similar core values. 

This site is good for black singles even though it’s not specifically made for black people. 

This is because the makers have taken the time to make sure each user has an experience that is tailored to bring them real, meaningful connections with people similar to them. 

We highly recommend this site for black singles looking for serious connections.



Another dating site that is dedicated to matching users based on what they really value is OkCupid

This site is designed for a diverse range of users. On this site you can meet many different people with lots of great qualities that are looking for the same thing in a connection as you are. 

OkCupid does this best through asking their users questions. When you create your profile on the site, it prompts you to answer questions about yourself that really get to the core of who you are. 

The proof that this method is incredibly valuable in dating is that OkCupid makes over ninety million matches every year and fifty thousand dates across the world every week.

The site surely knows how to successfully bring singles together. 

This site is available internationally. So black singles everywhere can use it.

OkCupid is good for black people because it is so easily accessible but at the same time, it offers a premium experience in online dating.

Registration for the site is free. And you can download their mobile app on any mobile device. 

We highly recommend that black singles looking to make a deep connection try this site. You won’t likely regret it. 



EliteSingles is a U.S based dating site and service. They are mainly focused on bringing together  singles who are looking for a serious, committed relationship. 

This site is mainly used by single people who are over thirty years old and who hold an above average education

For black people looking for quality matches and who are interested in building a meaningful connection offline, EliteSingles is the best. 

Although the site is U.S based, it has partners in over 25 countries worldwide to bring the elite dating experience to anybody who is seeking it.

This site is great for black singles because it caters to people of all races including black people, all religions and other backgrounds.

The site is quite helpful to new users. They offer expert tips on creating a detailed profile that portrays who you are and why you are looking for in a partner.

The site also gives users relationship advice. This helps users maintain meaningful relationships even past the matching process. 

The site even offers a dating guide in different regions in the U.S to help EliteSingles users meet other single people in their areas. 

If you are a black single looking to really commit to finding that right match, EliteSingles will be very helpful to you. 



This is a dating site you have surely heard of. Tinder is probably one of the world’s most renowned sites for single people. 

Tinder is a really good dating site for singles who are new to online dating. Getting into the Tinder experience is easy.

One you sign up, all you have to do is curate a dating profile with pictures and you can begin swiping away.

This site may seem like too obvious an option to some. But sometimes the simplest and most accessible option is the best.

On Tinder, you will meet an endless number of diverse people looking for different things. 

As long as you state what you are looking for in a match, you are almost guaranteed to meet at least a few people who are interested in the same things.

There are plenty of black singles of all ages on this site. And there are singles of other races too.

For any black singles who need to warm up to the experience of online dating, Tinder is the best place to start. 

You can download the Tinder dating app onto any mobile device. And wherever you are in the world, you can start making connections with other single people.



This site is another one that is designed for black people wanting to meet other black singles. BlackPeopleMeet is the largest black dating site in the U.S. 

Signing up for this site is free, which means it’s easy for any black singles to have access to it.

On the site, you can set up a personality profile that really showcases who you are and shows other singles what you are about.

When you’ve matched with someone on the app, communication is open and simple, thanks to the site features that allow you to send flirts, messages and photos.

You can even set up video calls on the site, which some other dating apps don’t have. 

BlackPeopleMeet is specifically made for black people, which makes it a premium dating experience.

The site has a free mobile app that you can download on any mobile device. So you can connect easily with other single people.

For black people that are new to dating sites, this is an easy one to get the hang of.

We definitely recommend giving BlackPeopleMeet a try. 



If you are a black single looking for good connections, Bumble may be the site for you. 

Bumble is a good site for singles who are new to dating sites or who are just getting used to them.

This dating site is especially recommended for black women. 

On Bumble, women make the first move. This means that when two people match, the woman has to send the first message to kick off a conversation. 

This is a unique approach to the dating site format. It empowers female users of the service to be bold and really take the lead in making good connections. 

Bumble is also a great site because of how it goes about creating dating profiles. 

New users get to curate detailed profiles where they share their interests and the things they are looking for in relationships. 

On Bumble, you can even showcase things like your music taste by connecting your music streaming platform to your profile. 

The site also prompts users to answer questions that reveal things about their personalities and what they look for in a partner. 

Users can display these answers on their profiles to attract similar people. 

Bumble is free but it also has a premium option. This makes it quite accessible to users.

You can also download the Bumble app on any mobile device. 

We highly recommend building a Bumble profile if you are a black single looking for a fun and also meaningful online dating experience. 

Top Dating Sites For Black Singles, Conclusion

11 Best Dating Sites For Black Singles, Conclusion

When it comes to online dating, there are many sites you can invest your time and effort in. 

But knowing what sites will really cater to your needs will help you make better connections quicker and find the right partner. 

With this guide to dating sites for black singles, you can’t go wrong. Sooner or later, you will find your other half. 

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