11 Black Owned Wig, Weave & Hair Extension Companies 2024

Black Owned Wig, Weave & Hair Extension Companies

When it comes to choosing hairstyles, there are many options for black women. There are many black owned hair companies that are providing quality wigs, weaves and extensions to choose from. 

There are different wig, weave and extension types you can go with.

You could go with partial natural sew ins. These weaves are great for creating a natural look with your own hairline.

Another option is lace frontal wigs or weaves. These are a great protective style. With lace fronts, your entire hairline is covered.

You could also go with a lace closure wig or weave. Like a lace frontal, a closure is a protective style that covers the area where the weave is sewn in.

Or you could go with other extensions. The types are endless.  

This is why we’ve put together this list of black owned wig, weave and hair extension companies to help narrow your search. 

A-List Lace Hair

A-List Lace Hair, A Black Owned Wig Company

This brand is one of the UK’s most revered wig companies. A proudly black owned company, A-List Hair premium-quality wigs.

The company provides both full lace and lace front wigs. They also have other hair products like hair extensions, frontals and closures on deck.

The company has its main hair studio in London. However, their hair products are available for worldwide purchase. 

A big bonus of shopping with A-List Lace Hair is no matter where you are in the world, they have free shipping. 

The brand is known for taking care in their manufacturing process. Their wigs are made by hand with extra care. 

Turnover time for custom wigs is 6 weeks with this company.

Their wigs are long-lasting, and they are also quite affordable. 

A-List Hair is definitely one of our top picks for premium wigs when it comes to black owned hair companies. 

Wig Dealer

Wig Dealer

Wig Dealer is a U.S based provider of wigs, weaves and hair extensions of a wide variety. Wig Dealer also provides products for the maintenance and upkeep of wigs and hair extensions.

Wig dealer has many wig types from lace frontals to closures to larger cap wigs and more.

This company also does some unique wig types like braid wigs, which a lot of other black owned hair companies don’t have. 

The company also provides wigs in different shapes, lengths and sizes. 

You can get wigs in the form of a bob or with bangs. You can also get really short wigs, really long ones or something in-between depending on your preference.  

If you are not up to buying any of the wigs they have in stock, Wig Dealer also allows you to customize your own wig. 

If variety and affordability is what you are looking for wigs, Wig Dealer is definitely a top pick. 

Hair For The Girls, A Black Owned Wig Company

Hair For The Girls

This black owned hair company’s specialty in textured hair. Hair For The Girls makes wigs and hair extensions for black women interested in creating the natural hair look.

There are four categories of hair extensions and wigs this company provides. These are coils, curls, kinks and straight hair. 

The categories are designed to reflect the different kind of hair types black women have. 

Hair For The Girls provides clip-in extensions that are very affordable and easy to insert. 

Their wigs are also very affordable and they are customized. This means you get absolute value for your money by choosing the exact kind of wig you want for your satisfaction.

The wigs also come in a little more variety than some companies as you can choose the type of parting as well as whether you want a lace front or a closure, among other customizing options. 

If textured wigs and extensions are your style, Hair For The Girls is definitely the company for you. 

Boho Locs

Boho Locs

Founded by a black woman with a desire to solve her hair problems, Boho Locs is one of the best black owned hair companies. 

Boho Locs caters specifically to black women who can’t get enough of locs. They offer locs of many different lengths, thicknesses and colors. 

The variety this company offers is endless. If you love locs, shopping with them is like being spoiled for choice. 

The locs are also very affordable. Not to mention they are customized and made with care. So they are guaranteed to be high quality and long-lasting. 

We highly recommend Boho Locs for black women. 

Latched & Hooked

Latched & Hooked

This black woman owned hair company is a top choice. Latched & Hooked mainly produces synthetic hair or crochet braiding. 

Latched & Hooked offers curled hair and twists as well as the option to buy kinky bulk hair. 

They also sell braids and you can get these pre-stretched or non-stretched. 

The company also does have a textured hair wig collection. 

All the hair extensions sold by Latched & Hooked are very affordable and high quality. 

Furthermore, the company website has a directory that allows you to find a stylist in a number of U.S states so that you can put those hair extensions to good use with the help of a professional. 

If crochet styles are your speed, you will not be disappointed by this black owned hair company. 

To All My Black Girls

To All My Black Girls

To All My Black Girls is another one of the black owned hair companies that are taking the black hair industry forward in exceptional ways. 

This brand offers a variety of kinky hair extensions, weaves and hair accessories for black women.

Hair extensions from this company come in the form of clip-ins and ponytails. This makes theme very easy to insert for a simple and elegant look.

There are a variety of kinky wigs to choose from in the To All My Black Girls shop and they are all very affordable. 

Not to mention, the company’s accessories are beautifully designed. They enhance the look their hair provides and some also help in protecting the hairstyles.

You can get a number of accessories from hair bands to brushes to satin bonnets.

To All My Black Girls is definitely a hair company to try out. 



Catface is a UK based company that makes beauty products and hair products from natural ingredients.

Catface prides itself on being a unique brand that caters to black women who want to express themselves creatively in their look.

The brand produces wigs, locs, kinky extensions and braiding hair among other hair products.

Their hair products are known for incorporating a lot of color and vibrancy. Their braids, wigs and extensions  often come in ombre designs.

Catface hair products are very affordable and generally have a good reputation.

If you want to try out some creative and vibrant looks, Catface is highly recommended for you.

XOXO Virgin Hair

XOXO Virgin Hair

This black owned hair company was founded and is run by a black woman. XOXO Virgin Hair offers high quality wigs and extensions.

The brand offers a variety of hair products. They offer beautiful frontal wigs as well as hair extensions in different styles.

Their extensions come in wavy form, curly form and straight form. 

If you are looking for premium, ethically sourced hair extensions and wigs, this brand is your friend. 

This brand is a little pricier than others, but the investment is definitely worth the quality of their products.

XOXO Virgin Hair has an all-round good reputation for good reason. They deliver on their promises to their customers.

There is a reason some big celebrities like Solange, Jordyn Woods and Jackie Aina swear by this brand.

If quality wigs and extensions are what you are looking for XOXO Virgin Hair has you covered. 


Black Owned Weave Company Mayvenn

Mayvenn is a black woman owned Company. It is built on the principle of providing high quality hair products and services to black women. 

Mayvenn sells a wide variety of hair types. You can shop by the type of look you want. Whether you want a straight hair look, a wavy look or a curly hair look. 

Or you can shop by weave and wig types. You can for lace frontals, closures or other types. 

Mayvenn sells virgin and dyed virgin hair. The virgin hair is unaltered and unprocessed. Whereas, the dyed virgin hair is colored. 

Mayvenn is a brand that has an all-round great reputation. And with their quality, affordable hair products, it is understandable why.

If wigs, weaves and extension of varied types interest you, you can’t go wrong with Mayvenn. 

Big Chop Hair

Big Chop Hair

One of the best black owned hair companies to look to specifically for natural hair extensions is Big Chop Hair

This company offers a range of beautiful, affordable natural-hair-resembling wigs and extensions. 

If you want to protect your natural hair while maintaining its beautiful appearance, Big Chop Hair is definitely the brand for you.

This company is U.S based but they ship products worldwide. This is a big benefit as it means you can get quality hair extensions and wigs no matter where you are in a timely fashion. 

Shipping will cost you more. But with the quality of this hair, it is a worthwhile investment.

Big Chop Hair is definitely a brand worth trying out if this kind of look is for you. 

Heat Free Hair

Heat Free Hair

Another brand that caters to textured hair types is Heat Free Hair. This company sells virgin natural hair in 4B and 4C hair types. 

This brand was inspired by the founders having a vision. 

This vision was to provide a service that allowed for women who wanted to keep their hair natural to be able to do so without giving up the benefits of extensions and protective hair accessories. 

Heat Free Hair ensures that any black woman can wear a natural hair look with full pride in its appearance. 

But without having to expose their hair to harsh conditions or going through too much maintenance.

On Heat Free Hair’s website, you can find a number of hair product types. You can shop for wigs in a number of styles. Form kinks to coils to headband wigs to lace front wigs, there is one that will suit you.

You can also shop for clip-in extensions by different styles. There are blowouts, kinky clip-ins, coils and more. 

Going with Heat Free Hair will not leave you disappointed. 

Best Black Owned Wig, Weave & Hair Extension Companies, Conclusion

11 Black Owned Wig, Weave & Hair Extension Companies, Conclusion

When it comes to hair extensions, weaves and wigs, the options are infinite. 

Luckily for black women everywhere, there are now a number of black owned companies catering to our hair needs. 

Narrowing down the options to find your best hair fit can be stressful.

But by following this guide, you will surely find black owned hair companies that are right for you. 

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