5 Top Sacramento Neighborhoods for Black Families, Young Professionals, & Singles – California

Best Sacramento Neighborhoods for Black Families

You’re a young black professional, single, or have an African American family. You’re thinking Sacramento California looks nice, but aren’t quite sure where in Sacramento would be best for you.

Well today we’ll help you identify the best neighborhoods for you. Read on to get information that will help you decide where in Sacramento to settle as a black family.

Best Sacramento Suburbs for Black Families

If you’re looking for the best place to live in the suburbs for Black families in Sacramento, we have considered all of the information you need to help you make your decision. We settled on three Sacramento neighborhoods ideal for Black families: Upper Land Park, South Natomas, and Del Paso Heights.

Upper Land Park

Upper Land Park is a beautiful neighborhood with a population of 4,961. You will find the neighborhood walkable, with tree-lined streets and ample sidewalks. The schools in Upper Land Park perform really well, which you’ll care about as a member of a Black family raising children in this neighborhood.

You’ll love the housing values in Upper Land Park, which are lower than the city of Sacramento overall. And, the cost of living is 16% lower than California overall, an important consideration you will want to make if locating your Black family to this neighborhood.

One thing we love about Upper Land Park is the family-friendly events and locals. Two of our favorites for families in this neighborhood are the annual Gumbo and Jambalaya Festival and the California Native Plant Botanical Garden.

Upper Land Park is family and pet-friendly overall, with a Black population that makes up 12.9% of the total neighborhood population. Crime rates are much lower in this neighborhood than in others in Sacramento. It ranks as only number five for crime rates among all of Sacramento’s many neighborhoods.

South Natomas

South Natomas

You should also consider South Natomas, a neighborhood on Sacramento’s upper east side. The median age in South Natomas is 35, so you’ll likely find yourself in good company with young families of similar ages.

South Natomas has ample sidewalks and is child and pet-friendly. While public transportation is not the most accessible, you’ll find ample parking around this neighborhood. You’ll love all the tasty restaurants this neighborhood has to offer, most of which have a delivery option.

Are you looking for fun activities in this neighborhood? The Mariachi Trio Generacion is based in this neighborhood, as well as the Sacramento Film Festival.

Schools perform well in this neighborhood, which is 14.8% Black. This makes the percentage of the Black population in South Natomas higher than the city of Sacramento overall.

If you’re relocating your family to South Natomas, you may also care about shopping for all ages.

Our favorite shops in South Natomas are the kid-friendly Comic Command Center with lots of toys and comics for your youngsters, King’s Wigs & Beauty Supply with an ample selection of hair care and beauty products at great prices, and Clothes4bros with the most stylish casual men’s clothing you can find.

Del Paso Heights

Finally, we love the Del Paso Heights area for Black families looking for the ideal suburban neighborhood in Sacramento. Del Paso Heights has a total population of 4,349, the Black percentage of which is 22.3%.

Del Paso Heights is on the upper west side of Sacramento. Downtown is easily accessible on the highway, so you’ll have great access to all the attractions downtown has to offer while enjoying the peace and quiet of a suburban neighborhood.

You’ll see lots of children playing outside in Del Paso Heights, making this neighborhood welcoming to families in general. Given that the Black population percentage is higher than the city of Sacramento general, we find this neighborhood-friendly for Black children in particular.

Del Paso Heights offers lots of delectable restaurants, including two soul food restaurants, Tori’s Place and Jimmy’s Soul Food. We especially love Jimmy’s because, in addition to soul food, you can order traditional Chinese Hmong cuisine.

There’s also a great barbeque restaurant, Smokin’ Go’s Fine Foods, which you won’t want to miss.

Del Paso Heights is walkable, with plenty of sidewalks and well-kept yards. While most residents use cars to get around, you’ll likely be able to walk to the grocery store, shops, and restaurants.

Black Families moving to Sacramento will love all three of these Sacramento suburbs.

Best Sacramento Neighborhoods for Black Singles & Young Professionals

If you’re a Black single or young professional looking to move to a Sacramento neighborhood, we recommend the neighborhoods of Arden Arcade, Colonial Village, and Central Oak Park. You’ll want to consider these neighborhoods whether you’re moving close to the city or looking for the top Sacramento suburbs for Black singles & young professionals

Arden Arcade

Arden Arcade


Arden Arcade is a great neighborhood for Black singles and young professionals because of all its entertainment. Arden Arcade is home to Cal Expo Fairgrounds, Sacramento Republic FC soccer club’s Papa Murphy’s Park, and the Arden Fair Mall.

If you care about dining in your neighborhood, you’ll love GEN Korean BBQ, Taro’s by Mikuni, and national favorite The Cheesecake Factory. If nightlife is more important to you as a young Black single, make sure to hit up Dante Club, Hard Luck Saloon, or Trino’s Lounge.

We love this eastside neighborhood for Black professionals because of its easy accessibility to downtown by surface streets or freeway.

If you have a downtown Sacramento job, you’ll definitely want to check out Arden Arcade. You’ll also find that the percentage of the Black population in Arden Arcade is 28.7%, considerably higher than the city of Sacramento overall.

Colonial Village

If you’re looking for a more suburban feel, consider heading to Colonial Village. This southeast Sacramento neighborhood is highly walkable with lots of amenities.

As a young, Black professional, you’ll appreciate living among other young people in this neighborhood with a median age of 33.5 years.

Colonial Village boasts a natural food grocery store, the yummy Pizza Depot, and two thrift stores if you’re into thrifting. One of our favorite local shops in Colonial Village is Hat Daddy, a cute little haberdashery with hats that will have you styling in whatever outfit you choose.

You won’t find much nightlife in Colonial Village. If you’re a young Black professional focused on your career who plans to stay out of the bars and clubs, this is a great neighborhood for you.

You can enjoy the safety and walkability of the suburbs without a bothersome, noisy nightlife scene.

You’ll find more singles than families living in Colonial Village, with an average household size of 2.8 people. The percentage of families in this neighborhood is 34.9%, which is 8.2% lower than the city of Sacramento overall.

Central Oak Park

Finally, for Black singles and professionals, we love the neighborhood of Central Oak Park. This southeast neighborhood is just outside downtown Sacramento, making it ideal for professionals working downtown.

At a Black population of 20.1%, you’ll find more black professionals and singles in this neighborhood than others in Sacramento.

This neighborhood is highly walkable, with sidewalks, excellent landscaping, and lots of amenities. One of our favorite amenities in Central Oak Park is its many delectable restaurants.

Our favorites include the vegetarian-friendly Anna’s Vegan Cafe, the cafe-fusion Cafe Colonial, and the yummy soul food restaurant Sososoulfood.

One thing Black professionals will appreciate about Central Oak Park is its mid-to-high-end clothing shops if you’re looking for the best professional garb, head on over to My Favorite Little Boutique, Murrell’s Fashions, or Sis Clothing.

If nightlife is important to you as a single Black person heading to Sacramento, Central Oak Park has a couple of great spots to offer.

We love the hip, club vibe at The Colonial Theatre, where you can grab a drink to meet other singles. If you’re down for some local music, make your way to The Colony – Sacramento.

As a black single or young professional living in or moving to Sacramento, you simply can’t go wrong with these three neighborhoods.

Is Sacramento Safe?

Is Sacramento Safe

Sacramento crime rates are higher than the state of California and the US overall. In 2019, the most recent year for which crime data is available, Sacramento’s crime index rating was 338.3. This is 67.7 points higher than the crime index rating for the entire US.

Most crimes, except for sexual assault, are increasing in Sacramento. The most common offense by far is theft, with a total of 10,644 thefts in the year 2019.

This is followed by burglary with a total of 2,993 cases, auto theft with a total of 2,717 cases, and assault with a total of 2,023 cases.

There are a total of 678 police officers in the city of Sacramento, which equates to 2.01 officers for every 1,000 residents. While police to citizen ratios are often used as an indicator of safety, as a Black person living in or moving to Sacramento, you should take this statistic with a bit of caution.

Given increasing attention on police violence against Black people, Sacramento’s lower police to citizen ratio may actually make you safer than a higher one.

While these statistics may be a bit alarming, keep in mind that not all of Sacramento’s neighborhoods have the same crime rates.

When you’re considering where to move in the city as a Black family, young professional, and/or single, pay attention to crime rates and consider how important neighborhood safety is to you.

What Is Sacramento’s Demographic?

What Is Sacramento’s Demographic

As of 2019, the most recent year for which data is available, Sacramento had a total population of 513,624 people. The city is considered 100% urban, 0% rural. Here’s how statistics break down across various demographic categories:

  • Race: 32% White, 30.9% Hispanic, 18.2% Asian, 11.3% Black, 5% Other race, 1.9% Native Hawaiian, and 0.6% American Indian
  • Gender: 50.4% female and 49.6% male
  • Median age: 34.8 years
  • Median household income: $69,134

Best Sacramento Neighborhoods, Conclusion

Whether you’re a Black family, young professional, or single, we’ve identified the best neighborhoods for you.

Consider the factors we’ve outlined here as you decide which Sacrament neighborhood is ideal for you.

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