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Best Philadelphia Neighborhoods For Black Families

Is your spouse’s job taking you to Philadelphia, and you’re wondering where you’ll live? Or maybe you just want a change of scenery?

Whatever the reason you’re moving, you’re probably concerned about factors such as housing costs, safety, schools, and job opportunities.

Here are the best Philadelphia neighborhoods for black families, singles, and young professionals.

3 Best Philadelphia Suburbs For Black Families

Philadelphia is a pretty great city that’s home to roughly 1.5 million people. It’s generally a pretty diverse city, although you can never be too sure.

On the plus side, its racial composition consists primarily of black people. However, although typically most neighborhoods have a high percentage of African Americans, not all are best for families.

Here’s a list of the best Philadelphia suburbs for black families.

1. Olney

The Olney area has close to 20,000 residents, with black people occupying most of the population.

It’s a quiet area with great attractions, although these are located in neighboring suburbs. That means if you regularly have family events, you’d be better off living out of town.

In terms of housing costs, the rents are pretty average and mostly cheap. And as far as schools, you don’t have to worry about finding a school for your children as there are several public elementary schools within the area.

2. Frankford


If you prefer to move to a quiet, kid-friendly suburb, then this is the place for you.

You’ll be glad to know that the neighborhood is mainly composed of black families. In addition, it’s a family-friendly area, and most of the residents have kids; therefore, you need not worry about your kids having a social life.

There are many schools here, including Frankford High school, and finding one won’t be a hassle.

Housing costs are moderate per the national average.

3. West Philadelphia

West Philadelphia

Often referred to as West Philly, this area ranks third on our list of best Philadelphia suburbs for black families.

With a high percentage of the racial composition consisting of African Americans, it’s safe to classify it as one of the best suburbs for black families.

Housing costs in West Philly are significantly higher than in the previously mentioned suburbs. And in terms of school, there are several public schools run by the School District of Philadelphia; therefore, finding one for your child shouldn’t be a struggle.

2 Best Philadelphia Neighborhoods for Young Black Professionals & Singles

If you’re a single or young professional looking to move to Philadelphia, I couldn’t stress more how great an idea this is. It’s an area flooded with numerous activities and several job opportunities.

Below is a list of top Philadelphia suburbs for young black professionals and singles:

1. Fishtown


If you’d like a neighborhood with several hangout spots, then Fishtown is the place for you. It has multiple coffee shops within walking distance, several restaurants, art galleries, and bars for those of you who enjoy the nightlife.

Housing costs are pretty moderate considering the standards of living. The problem is, the housing costs here continue to increase as more people relocate to this rapidly-developing neighborhood.

If you’re looking to begin a career in this lovely neighborhood, I don’t see it being a problem as several job opportunities exist in the area. Of course, if the available options don’t match your resume, then you can easily commute to neighboring areas such as New Jersey that may offer better options.

If you have a car and are looking to get a job in the neighborhood, then you’re likely to consider letting it go to cut off the extra costs as most of the town is accessible by foot.

2. Manayunk


Manayunk is the perfect neighborhood for young professionals and singles looking for a place that’s always action-packed.

For one, it’s known for its festivals where there’s an event almost every night. In addition, there are more bars and nightclubs here than in any other neighborhood in Philadelphia.

Regarding employment for young professionals, I don’t think you have to worry much about finding a job as there are several job opportunities in the area.

Housing costs tend to be steeper than in Fishtown, but I think it’s safe to say it’s worth it considering all the pluses the area has to offer.

Is Philadelphia Safe?

Is Philadelphia Safe

Philadelphia is generally a safe city. But as with just about any other area, nowhere is perfect and there are parts of this city you should potentially avoid. It’s also great to note that Philadelphia records a decrease in the crime rate every year.

Below is a list of the neighborhoods to take care with when you move to Philadelphia.

1. Tioga – Nicetown

Don’t let the name “Nicetown” fool you. This neighborhood records the highest crime rate in Philadelphia.

With a population of roughly 18,000 people, Nicetown records the highest likelihood of being a victim of crime.

2. Alleghany West

Alleghany neighbors Nicetown (mentioned above) and is ranked the second most unsafe neighborhood in Philadelphia.

Although the crime rate here is lower than in Nicetown, it has a significantly higher crime rate than most neighborhoods in America.

3. Strawberry Mansion

Located on the Northeast side of Philadelphia is our second neighborhood on the list—Strawberry. It currently has approximately 20,000 residents and a slightly lower crime rate than Tioga and Allegheny West.

But although the crime rate is lower, you may not want to take the chance moving there.

What Is Philadelphia’s Demographic?

Philadelphia is a pretty significant city. Surprisingly it’s among the few cities in America with a slightly higher population of blacks than whites. Over the years, Philadelphia hasn’t recorded a significant increase in population.

The racial composition in Philadelphia is as follows:

  • Black – 42%
  • White –  40%
  • Asian – 7%
  • Other – 11%

More Top Philadelphia Neighborhood For Black People

More Top Philadelphia Neighborhood For Black People

Philadelphia is generally a safe city, although there are places that should be avoided.

Every neighborhood in Philly is perfect in its way, but some fabulous neighborhoods are well-rounded in terms of safety, housing costs, hangout spots, and schools.

Below is a list of the best neighborhoods in Philadelphia.

1. Bustleton

Bustleton, located NorthEast of Philadelphia, is among the best and safest neighborhoods in Philadelphia. It records a crime rate that’s 56% lower than the national average.

Housing in Bustleton is a bit higher than that of the average Philadelphia neighborhood.

In addition, there are shopping malls to serve all your needs and a couple of restaurants and bars. It’s also a rather large town; therefore, you should probably plan on keeping your car.

2. Bella Vista

Bella Vista, often referred to as Little Italy, has a relatively small population, smaller than Bustleton.

It’s famous for its numerous Italian restaurants that attract numerous people to the area for the experience. The restaurants provide excellent hangout spots for friends to meet up and chill.

Housing here is steeper than in Bustleton. The neighborhood is small, and most of it is accessible by foot.

3. Graduate Hospital

If you’re looking for a kid-friendly neighborhood, then this is the place for you. Frankly, more than half of the residents in the area have children. In addition, there are several recreational centers for you to enjoy yourself alongside your kids.

Also, for grown-up activities, several restaurants are offering pretty fine dining.

Housing costs in this neighborhood are pretty average. The area is partially accessible by foot, so don’t rule out having a car.

Top Philadelphia Suburbs For Black Families, Conclusion

Now you know the best Philadelphia neighborhoods for black families. And if you’re looking for work, you can’t go wrong living in any of these top Philadelphia suburbs for young black professionals and singles mentioned above. We hope you find this information helpful in helping you make this big decision of where to live.

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