Best Salt Lake City Neighborhoods For Black Families, Young Professionals & Singles

Best Salt Lake City Neighborhoods For Black Families

Salt Lake City, it’s Utah capital and its most populated city. Calling Salt Lake City home provides the advantages (and disadvantages) of big city living. From picturesque mountains to unique history, there’s a lot to discover.

If you’re on your way to Salt Lake City, check out the best Salt Lake City neighborhoods for black families and singles.

3 Best Salt Lake City Suburbs for Black Families

As a major hub in Utah, the best Salt Lake City neighborhoods for black families feature thriving communities, various education choices, and everything a growing family needs.

Liberty Wells

Liberty Wells balances residential and city life. Families benefit from plenty of activities, great elementary schools, and outdoor space. There are restaurants nearby, and the downtown is only eight minutes away. There’s a lot to see and do, including the Grand Theatre, Herman Franks Dog Park, the Tracy Aviary, and the Rotary Play Park.

The median home value is slightly above the national average at $252,904. In contrast, the average monthly rent is lower than the national average at $919 monthly.

The crime rate is average for the city. Although, there is an increase partly because of the general growth of the neighborhood.

Liberty Wells is one of the city’s most diverse neighborhoods, with a blend of historic and new and a density of under 10,000.

Greater Avenues

Greater Avenues boasts one of the lowest crime rates, beautiful outdoor spaces, excellent schools, and big box stores. Almost 20,000 residents call the neighborhood home.

The area has a high walkability score, local restaurants, hiking spots, a swim club, a city library branch, and more.

Residents evenly split renting and owning, with the median home value at $522,488 and the average monthly rent at $1,047.


Yalecrest Salt Lake City Utah


Suppose you’re after a quieter residential neighborhood that still has access to everything you need. In that case, Yalecrest might be the best fit.

The low population density sits above 4,000 with low crime rates and a great diversity score. Walkability is high with access to schools, parks, and stores.

The majority of residents own their homes, with a median value of $645,802. The houses are unique, from Tudor to Colonial, with ample yard space.

Yalecrest is also a short trip to downtown entertainment. The people are friendly, and the environment is picturesque.

2 Best Salt Lake City Neighborhoods for Black Singles & Young Professionals

While Salt Lake City doesn’t have the same reputation as other big cities in the nation, don’t be fooled. There are some top Salt Lake City Suburbs for black singles & young professionals that any metropolitan fan will envy.

Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill Salt Lake City Utah

Capitol Hill is pleasantly quiet yet located near the heart of Salt Lake City. It’s one of the more affordable neighborhoods, although not cheap. The median house value is above $440,00 while the median rent is around $1,000. The split between owners and renters is even, with a lower percentage of families with young children.

The area has 14,195 residents, an above-average crime rate, various entertainment spots, and fine dining. As a result, singles and young professionals can safely enjoy their neighborhood and find events year-round.

Capitol is a top neighborhood for walkability and public transit, including embracing bike awareness. However, if you’re all about your car, you might find some frustration.

Central City

Central City Salt Lake City Utah

Central City has a lot to offer for the singles wanting to explore the city and get the most out of the downtown. Public transportation, diversity, shopping, dining, and modern living it’s all available for young professionals to explore. Check out exhibits at The Leonardo Museum, go ice skating at The Gallivan Center, or catch a Salt Lake Bees game at Smith’s Ballpark.

Crime rates are above average, but there are some risks due to the downtown location, such as theft and some uppity nightlife.

A total of over 12,600, most residents rent with an average of $902 monthly. The median house value is $302,121.

Is Salt Lake City Safe?

Is Salt Lake City Safe

Utah has a general peacefulness rating of 1.72. The scoring system equates lower values with more peacefulness. For example, Maine is considered the most peaceful with 1.3. But there are only three states between the number one slot and Utah.

According to a 2019 U.S. census, the reported violent crime rate was 235.6 per 100,000, which again sits Utah at the better end of the national statistics. However, Utah misses the top ten best by landing at number eleven.

What Is Salt Lake City’s Demographic?

Salt Lake City’s Demographic

Salt Lake City is home to 181,743 people. While change is slow, Salt Lake City is diversifying, with 37.2% of the population identifying as non-white, including 2.6% African American or black.

If you’re familiar with Salt Lake City’s religious history, you likely remember that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints founded the city in July 1847. Although the Salt Lake Temple took 40 years to complete, the Historic Temple Square remains the city’s center.

To this day, the percentage of people identifying as Mormon remains significant, with 68.55% of Utah’s population.

Age groups in the city include 62% in 18-65, with the most significant percentage in the 25-35 category. Females persons account for 49% of Salt Lake.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Living in Salt Lake City?

Pros and Cons of Living in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City blends big-city amenities and a love of the great outdoors. When approaching the city, the first sight is the Wasatch Mountains, including Mount Olympus. From hiking to skiing, the mountain range offers views and activities.

Additionally, the area features access to five national parks. Explore Utah’s first national park, Zion National Park, or Arches National Park, known as a red-rock wonderland.

Snow can be both a pro or a con. If the idea of a winter wonderland and distinct four seasons is appealing to you, then it’s a positive. On the other hand, if you struggle with driving on icy roads or shoveling piles of fluffy white, you might reconsider your commute and shovel quality.

Suppose public transit is your go-to. Good news because Salt Lake City made the list of top 20 cities for a reliable public transportation system in 2021. The city scores 59 for walkability, 44 for transit, and 73 for bike transportation, with the walk score increasing in specific neighborhoods.

Salt Lake City is predominately sunny, although air quality and pollution are problematic. The chilly winters contrast with dry, hot summers. January has an average low of 26 degrees, and July has an average high of 90 degrees.

The economy is yet another pro mixed with a con. The professional atmosphere is expanding, rising as a top technology hub, Delta Airlines’ home, and other growing sectors. As a result, young job seekers benefit from diverse opportunities.

With the growth of Utah’s GDP also comes an increase in the housing market. While there are plenty of affordable rent options, home purchasing in the city can be pricey. However, if you don’t mind moving further out, you can find neighborhoods with remarkably affordable housing.

Salt Lake City is also relatively inexpensive for a major city. As a result, residents can get a little more bang for their buck in their day-to-day purchases.

Last but not least, Salt Lake City has an international airport. So whether you’re a frequent flyer or fly once in a while, residents benefit from the travel convenience.

Top Salt Lake City Neighborhoods For Black People, Final Thoughts

Whether you’re considering a big move or hopping to another neighborhood, there’s room to grow in Salt Lake City. Try to schedule a visit if you can, find out what excites you about the area.

Out of the best Salt Lake City Neighborhoods for black families, young professionals, and singles, which one caught your eye?

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