5 Best Oklahoma City Neighborhoods for Black Families, Singles & Young Professionals – Oklahoma

Best Oklahoma City Neighborhoods for Black Families

Low cost of living, a rapidly growing economy, and jaw-dropping attraction sites are some of the many great things that Oklahoma city is known for.

But is it a good and safe place for the African American community? In this article, we will be reviewing in detail the best Oklahoma city neighborhoods for black families, singles, and young professionals.

3 Best Oklahoma Suburbs for Black Families

Oklahoma City is filled with suburban areas that offer excellent schools, affordable housing, and an ideal environment for you and your family to explore and enjoy. Here are the best Oklahoma Suburbs for Black families.



If you’re looking for the ideal suburban area in Oklahoma city to raise your family, Edmond might be the place for you.

Located at the heart of Oklahoma City, Edmond is known to have everything families look for. From great schools to affordable housing, great security, to name a few. In fact, niche.com ranks Edmond as the best place to live in Oklahoma City.

According to the United States census bureau, Edmond has a population of about 94,000, with white people making up 80% of the population. The African American community makes up about 5.3% of the population.

The Asian community makes up approximately 3.4%, while the Hispanic community makes up about 6.6% of the population. It’s safe to say that Edmond has a pretty diverse population.

One of the things that makes Edmond one of the best Oklahoma neighborhoods for black families is its location. Situated right at the center of Oklahoma, just 13 miles north of Oklahoma City, commuting to and from the city is very easy.

Its central position makes it easy to travel to other major cities such as Kansas City, Tulsa, and Houston, Texas.

And there’s a lot of space to unwind, thanks to Edmond’s 33 public parks. These parks are adorned with playgrounds, walking trails that you and your family can enjoy, sports courts, and more!

Edmond is also home to the famous Arcadia lake. This beautiful lake not only offers breathtaking scenery but it is also an excellent place for fishing and swimming. Areas around the lake also provide the perfect environment for family-recreational activities such as picnics, hiking, to mention a few.

According to recent statistics, Edmond’s crime rate is approximately 55% percent lower than Oklahoma’s average crime rate and about 46% lower than the nation’s overall crime rate. This is mainly because of an efficient police office service.

According to US News, the state of education in Edmond is spot-on, with three of its public high schools ranked as one of the best high schools in Oklahoma.

Edmond’s median home value is about $240,600. The average monthly rent in Edmond is about $1047, which is lower than the $1067 national average.

New Castle

New Castle


With just a population of approximately 10,600, New Castle is an ideal suburban area if you are looking for a quiet and peaceful place to raise your family.

New Castle has a pretty diverse population, with the African American community making up about 1.4% of the entire population.

This suburban area is approximately 15 miles from Oklahoma City, making it easy to travel to and from the city, especially if you work there.

You’ll love about New Castle because it is packed with great parks that you and your kids can visit and enjoy. From alligator parks to water parks, you name it.

New Castle also has amazing school options for K-9, with the New Castle public school district among Oklahoma’s top 20 school districts.

This suburban area is also known for having affordable housing, with its median home value being about $197,900, which is way lower than the $217,500 national median home value. The average monthly rent in New Castle is approximately $979, which is also lower than the $1,062 national average monthly rent.

According to recent research, the crime rate in New Castle on a scale of 1 to 100 is 10. This is mainly because of how sparsely populated it is and its active neighborhood watch program.


Yukon Oklahoma City

Its peaceful yet active lifestyle and affordable cost of living make Yukon one of the best neighborhoods for black families. Yukon has a population of about 28,000, with approximately 1% of the population being African American.

Located just minutes from Oklahoma City, Yukon is one of the convenient places to commute to the city.

Yukon is also home to some of the best private and public schools in Oklahoma, with Yukon high school being ranked 38th among high schools in Oklahoma. It is also packed with amazing museums and parks that you and your family can visit.

According to recent statistics, Yukon ranks 3rd among the safest cities in Oklahoma, with its crime rate being less than a third of Oklahoma’s crime rate.

2 Best Oklahoma Neighborhoods for Young Black Professionals and Singles

If you’re looking for a neighborhood with friendly people who understand the 8-5 busy lifestyle, here are some of the best Oklahoma neighborhoods to check out.


Bricktown Oklahoma City

This neighborhood is one of the best places to live in Oklahoma if you love going out and meeting new people. Bricktown is packed with restaurants, night joints, and other entertainment places.

One thing that makes Bricktown the most sought-after neighborhood in Oklahoma is its breathtaking canal with an amazing water taxi service. A 40-minute ride through this canal will give you a front seat to the view of the entire city.

This neighborhood has a population of about 2,500, with a median age of approximately 28 years. Bricktown is also situated just minutes away from Oklahoma City, and it has tons of affordable apartments, making it an excellent place for young black professionals and singles.


Norman Oklahoma City

If you’re a laid-back single looking for a quiet neighborhood in Oklahoma, Norman might be the place for you. Apart from having great food and entertainment spots, Norman is also renowned for its top-rated institutions of higher learning, including the University of Oklahoma.

This neighborhood has a population of 124,800 people, 4.5% being African Americans. The median home value in this neighborhood is about $183,200, while the average monthly rent is approximately $876, making it one of the most affordable places to live in Oklahoma.

If you love art, Norman is home to unique museums and holds an annual music festival where you can connect with other people and enjoy listening to and exploring different kinds of music.

Is Oklahoma Safe?

Is Oklahoma Safe

Oklahoma is a pretty safe place, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be prone to criminal activities when you’re in the state. According to a recent survey by niche.com, almost 60% of people living in Oklahoma feel safe, and about 46% mentioned that the police in Oklahoma are easily accessible and very responsive.

Like any other place in the United States, Oklahoma isn’t 100% safe. That is why it is important always to be vigilant and keep an eye out for anything suspicious in your neighborhood.

What Is Oklahoma’s Demographic?

What Is Oklahoma’s Demographic

According to the United States census bureau, Oklahoma had a population of 3,959,353 as of last year. 74% of the population is white, 11% is Hispanic, approximately 7.8% is African American, and about 2.8% is Asian.

While the white community makes up the largest percentage of Oklahoma’s population, it is safe to say it is quite diverse.

When it comes to gender, approximately 50.5% of the population is female, while 49.5% is male. Oklahoma’s median age is about 36 years, making it the best place for young black professionals and singles to live in.

Top Oklahoma City Neighborhoods for Black Families, Conclusion

Oklahoma is a state with a little bit of something for everyone. Whether you are a young black individual looking for an amazing place to live or a parent in search of a safe and peaceful environment to raise your kids, Oklahoma City is the best place for you!

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