5 Best Baton Rouge Neighborhoods For Black Families, Singles & Young Professionals

Best Baton Rouge Neighborhoods For Black Families

If you like the South and Southern cooking, you’ll love to take a visit to Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Before you know it, you’ll fall in love with this city with its landscape of the Mississippi River, its Creole food, and its friendly people.

Soon, you’ll want to relocate to one of the excellent neighborhoods of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

3 Best Baton Rouge Suburbs For Black Families

Do you have children? If so, you may want to consider having your children attend a private school, but there are a handful of decent public schools where your children could obtain a good education.

Some of the best public schools in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, include:

●      University Laboratory School

●      Tanglewood Elementary School

●      Zachary Elementary School

●      Parkview Elementary School

  • Westminster Elementary School

If you have a family with some children, you’ll want to check out the following three best Baton Rouge neighborhoods for black families.


Monticello Baton Rouge Louisiana

The majority of residents who live in the Monticello suburb own their property and home. This region has a population of 4,774 people.

Monticello is in the East Baton Rouge Parish. People can enjoy a rural feel in this neighborhood.

Both young, black professionals and black families live in the Monticello suburb. Those who live here tend to be more liberal in terms of their political preferences.

Monticello has mediocre public schools, so you may want to consider finding a private school for your son or daughter. This is a rather diverse region, but the nightlife is only so-so.

Park Forest

The Park Forest neighborhood in Baton Rouge is tightly packed with 2,933 residents per square mile, and it has a population of 5,338 people.

Out of the entire population in the Park Forest region, 77.9 percent are black residents, 9 percent are white, 7.1 percent are Hispanic/Latino, and 3.4 percent are Asian people.

The majority of residents in Park Forest are under 50 years of age, so you’ll find other young couples with small children. Furthermore, the median household income in 2019 for the Park Forest neighborhood was $48,801.

The public schools of Park Forest are ranked as average, so your child should receive an outstanding education.

Furthermore, these schools and the neighborhood are somewhat diverse, so if you want to make sure your children have exposure to people of multiple backgrounds, you’ll want to move to the Park Forest suburb.

Broadmoor/Sherwood Forest

Out of all the best Baton Rouge neighborhoods for black families, Broadmoor/Sherwood Forest may be the best choice.

While the public schools may be average, the housing is rather good, and the diversity is excellent. You’ll also get to enjoy the great nightlife in the Broadmoor/Sherwood Forest area.

The entire population of Broadmoor/Sherwood Forest is 37,942 people.

Essentially, this is a nice place to raise a family. There is a strong suburban feel for residents in this neighborhood, and the majority of people own their house or real estate property in Broadmoor/Sherwood Forest.

This region has plenty of parks and restaurants for you, your spouse, and your kids to enjoy in terms of family life. The majority of people here tend to be more liberal in their political choices.

You’ll find many families and young professionals living in this region.

2 Best Baton Rouge Neighborhoods For Young Black Professionals & Singles

The top Baton Rouge suburbs for young, black professionals & singles include the downtown area and the Highlands/Perkins neighborhood.

The Downtown

Downtown Baton Rouge Louisiana

While the housing options in downtown Baton Rouge are roughly average as compared to other regions, the nightlife is incredible, and there are plenty of great outdoor activities to take part in.

For instance, you can go for a walk or a jog in one of the beautiful parks located in downtown Baton Rouge. You’ll also enjoy the warm weather of Baton Rouge, as well as the diversity and easy commute in the downtown area.

A total of 1,641 live in downtown Baton Rouge. Here, residents get to live in an urban city center, and most people rent their homes in the downtown region. You’ll find plenty of bars and coffee shops around here as well.

This is the perfect place for young, black professionals to settle down in. Most residents of this area have moderate political viewpoints.


Highlands - Perkins Baton Rouge Louisiana

If you’re looking to move to a place with good jobs, fantastic nightlife, an easy commute, and great diversity, you can’t go wrong with choosing the Highlands/Perkins region of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

This region has a large population of 58,933 people. Most people who live here claim it is easily one of the best places to live throughout Louisiana’s entire state.

Furthermore, this particular area has a mix of both an urban and suburban living environment. The majority of young, black professionals who live here rent their homes.

Best of all, you’ll find tons of restaurants, bars, parks, and cafes in the Highlands/Perkins region. If you’re concerned about the politics of your fellow neighbors in this location, you’ll find that most have moderate views.

Is Baton Rouge Safe?

Is Baton Rouge Safe

If you’re wondering whether it is safe to live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, you can look at one study ranking all 50 states in terms of peacefulness. This study is known as the United States Peace Index 2012.

This study looked at:

  •  how large the police force is in each state
  • how available small arms weaponry are per state
  • the number of violent crimes
  • the rate of people in prison
  •  the number of homicides

According to the United States Peace Index 2012, Louisiana is in first place for the most peaceful state in the entire nation. As such, Baton Rouge should be rather peaceful and safe.

Yet, more recent statistics from 2019 show that only four states and the District of Columbia have a higher reported violent crime rate than Louisiana.

The only states that have a higher violent crime rate reported to the police than Louisiana are Alaska, New Mexico, Tennessee, and Arkansas. As such, it is possible that Baton Rouge may have become less safe in recent years.

What Is Baton Rouge’s Demographic?

What Is Baton Rouge’s Demographic

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, has the following demographics:

  • 54.7 percent black or African-American descent
  • 38.7 percent of people are white
  • 3.7 percent of people have a Latino/Hispanic descent
  • 3.5 percent of people are Asian
  • 0.3 percent of people have an American Indian and Alaska Native background
  • 0.1 percent of Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander descent

In addition, as of 2019, there were 105,239 males (47.8 percent) living in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and 114,997 females (52.2 percent) residing here.

Within the entire state of Louisiana, 32.4 percent of the whole population is of black or African-American descent. Essentially, 1,527,744 black people live in Louisiana.

The Best Baton Rouge Neighborhoods

Spanish Town Baton Rouge Louisiana - Best Baton Rouge Neighborhoods

Along with the excellent neighborhoods already mentioned in this guide, we recommend you to check out the following incredible Baton Rouge neighborhoods. The best Baton Rouge neighborhoods include:

  • The Garden District
  • Spanish Town
  • Old Goodwood
  • Mid City

These regions have libraries, bakeries, theaters, and more. They’re perfect for artists, young professionals, and families.

Top Baton Rouge Neighborhoods For Black People, Conclusion

Whether you are a young, black professional, a single looking for a new place to find a spouse, or a black family looking for a change in scenery, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is an incredible place to live.

Monticello, Park Forest, and the Broadmoor/Sherwood Forest region are perfect for black families to relocate to, while downtown Baton Rouge and the Highlands/Perkins area are ideal for young, black professionals.

Whatever your background, you’ll love living in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, as you savor the nightlife, parks, bars, restaurants, and more.

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