5 Best Montgomery Neighborhoods for Young Black Professionals, Singles, & Black Families – Alabama

Best Montgomery Neighborhoods for Young Black Professionals

Montgomery is the state capital of Alabama, so downtown is bustling with state lawmakers and advocates during the legislative session. Montgomery is steeped in history but is also a thriving metropolis, often called the River Region. It’s no wonder so many young people and couples starting a family are moving to the area.

3 Best Montgomery Suburbs for Black Families

Several of the communities near Montgomery are excellent for black families. From high-quality public schools to kid-friendly sports and activities, Montgomery neighborhoods, like Millbrook, Prattville, and Pike Road, offer various entertaining and exciting housing options. Many of the suburbs of Montgomery offer plenty of space and affordable housing for families; furthermore, most people living in the area are relatively young and have chosen to have families.


Millbrook Montgomery Alabama

Millbrook, Alabama, is about nine miles from Montgomery and holds a population of about 14,600 people. Millbrook is a great place for a family because of the nature-based educational experiences children can visit. For instance, Alabama Nature Center is a vast nature discovery center with wildlife displays, a theater, and outdoor hiking trails.

Millbrook was only incorporated as a municipality in the 1970s, but the region’s popularity is much older. Once named Robinson Springs, the Millbrook area served as a retreat from the bustling city life playing in Montgomery.

Due to its proximity to Montgomery, there are few restaurants or shopping areas in Millbrook, making the quiet neighborhood a perfect place for a respite from city life and certainly one of the best Montgomery neighborhoods for black families.


Prattville Montgomery Alabama

Prattville is named “The Fountain City” for its many artesian wells. The community is located a mere 12 miles from Montgomery, and the community is around twenty minutes via Interstate 65.

In 1839, industrialist Daniel Pratt founded the town to build manufacturing facilities along the banks of Autauga Creek. Pratt selected the location because the spring could provide energy to the cotton gin manufacturing equipment.

More than 30,000 people live in Prattville. A massive Bass Pro Shop is located immediately off the exit from Interstate 65 into Prattville and generates lots of business for the city. Additionally, Prattville has named a community, Happy Hollow, as a historic landmark. Happy Hollow was a robust African American community between the 1930s and 1950s; it included an artesian well and a church.

Prattville is an excellent community for a family adjacent to Montgomery and is included in the River Region area. It’s a fantastic choice for families who want to live surrounded by historical and artistic landmarks without being too far from the main hub of the city of Montgomery.

Pike Road

Pike Road


Pike Road is a new community, incorporated in 1997, hundreds of people call this neighborhood home. The Pike Road Public Library is part of the Montgomery City-County Public Library system and is located on Pike Road. Additionally, the public school systems in Pike Road are sound but are relatively new.

The Pike Road community is close to Montgomery but is also close to Alabama Highway 231, which leads to Troy, Alabama, where a quality educational institution – Troy University – is located.

Pike Road is a great community for families with children because it is a quiet and tight-knit neighborhood near Montgomery. The community is beautiful and mostly covered in lush green fields.

2 Best Montgomery Neighborhoods for Young Black Professionals & Singles

For single individuals and young professionals, Downtown Montgomery is a great location to live and work with plenty of bars, restaurants, and other establishments for socializing. With the state legislature meeting in Montgomery and other county and municipal buildings in the immediate area, if you are interested in pursuing a path in politics, Montgomery could be a great place for you!

Montgomery and its surrounding neighborhoods are great for anyone seeking to boost their careers and engage in various social activities. Here are the top Montgomery suburbs for young black professionals & singles.

Downtown | Riverwalk

Downtown Montgomery Alabama

For the last decade, Downtown Montgomery has undergone massive revitalization. The downtown area, near the Riverwalk, offers various restaurants, inviting public spaces, residential apartments, and a minor league baseball stadium. As of 2019, more than 1500 residential apartments are available to rent in the downtown area.

Downtown Montgomery is exceedingly dog-friendly and offers multiple dog parks in the immediate area. Governmental buildings like the Montgomery County Courthouse are nearby, as is Old Alabama Town, a historical recreation of how settlers in the area would have lived.

Downtown is often filled with visitors and tourists because of conference centers and museums. Career opportunities abound near downtown due to the constant influx of tourists and its proximity to governmental buildings.

Furthermore, the nightlife in this area is lively. The AlleyBAR has been a staple of this neighborhood for drinks and dancing. Other options include the Aviator Bar and the SandBar. Young professionals and singles have lots to explore in the Downtown Montgomery community.

Garden District

The Garden District is a historic district near Alabama State University in the heart of Montgomery. The Garden District holds the Downtown Montgomery’s YMCA as well as Bellinger Park and the Governor’s Mansion.

Lunch at Filet and Vine is an absolute necessity for any resident of the Garden District. Reese Realty and the Mallory Rental Company are located in the Garden District and offer assistance to those seeking to buy or rent a home.

Montgomery in general is a hub in the South for arts and cultural appreciation. Specifically, the Alabama Shakespeare Festival produces seasonal productions and maintains a beautiful theatre and grounds for the public to enjoy.

For young professionals who enjoy proximity to a living social scene but do not want to be fully immersed in the downtown scene, the Garden District is a great option.

Is Montgomery Safe?

Is Montgomery Safe

Some advantages of living in Montgomery, Alabama, include an affordable cost of living, high-quality education, and livability.

Unfortunately, approximately twenty percent of the population of Montgomery lives below the federal poverty line. Research has demonstrated that poverty-ridden communities tend to encounter higher crime rates. The municipality’s violent crime rates are below the national average, but the city has more property crimes.

Montgomery ranks as the safest of the largest cities in Alabama, including Mobile, Birmingham, and Huntsville. Unfortunately, Montgomery ranks very low when it comes to vehicular deaths – likely due partly to the convergence of Interstates 65 and 85 within the confines of Montgomery.

One thing to know about living in Montgomery is that many places are completely closed on Sundays, so purchasing alcohol from a retailer or a restaurant can be challenging. Additionally, many places close by 10:00 pm in the evenings, so pre-planning for any of your dieting needs is essential. On the plus side, this means you won’t have to worry as much about crime at night.

What is Montgomery’s Demographic?

What is Montgomery’s Demographic

Nearly 200,000 people live within the city limits and the neighborhoods. Montgomery’s population is about 60 percent black or African American, 32 percent white, while the remaining population is a diverse collection of others.

The average age of the population of Montgomery is thirty-five years old, and most families in Montgomery have three children. It’s a very diverse city that is incredibly welcoming to both younger adults looking to start a new career or grow their family and older adults who want to enjoy a variety of entertainment and dining options in a friendly atmosphere. Almost anyone could feel at home here.

Top Montgomery Neighborhoods Black Families, Conclusion

Montgomery is considered by many to be the birthplace of the American Civil Rights Movement. Today across the River Region, museums and monuments honor the fight towards equity. From Prattville to Pike Road, the Montgomery metro region is an excellent place for black families, singles, and young professionals to make a home.

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