6 Black Female Inventors Who Changed The World

6 Black Female Inventors Who Changed The World

Black women have invented a lot, and given a lot to society. We hear about the George Washington Carvers, Lewis Howard Latimers, and Elijah McCoys, but what about the Madame CJ Walkers of the world?

Today we’re going to look at six African American women who invented and triumphed over adversity in the world of science, development and research. Share if you respect their achievements like we do. 🙂

Sarah Boone, A Black Female Inventor

Being wrinkle-free is among the standard when it comes to dressing professionally everywhere you go. Dressmaker Sarah Boone, born Sarah Marshall, understood all too well that impressions mean everything. Boone invented an iron board that had a curved narrowed ending that allowed for easy ironing when it came to the sleeves of women’s dresses. Not only that, this original ironing board was reversible so it could easily flip over to get the job done without much hassle. Believe it or not, this earlier model was patented in 1892, and we still use this form of ironing board today.

Patricia Bath

At the time of her research, Dr. Patricia Bath concluded that the Black American population was twice as likely to suffer from blindness than the general public. In her quest to counteract this statistic Dr. Bath became the first Black female doctor to receive a medical patent and become the inventor of the Laserphaco Probe. This invention changed the face of medical technology as we know it. With the Laserphaco Probe, Dr. Bath created a way to safely and more accurately treat cataracts using a laser surgical device. With the use of her technology, laser surgery has changed the face of medical procedures everywhere.

Annie Malone, A Haircare Related Inventor

Annie Malone witnessed hair straightening techniques that were painful and did more damage than good to textured hair. With the help of an aunt who had an understanding of chemistry, Annie styled hair and developed a chemical that straightened hair without damaging hair or the scalp. This revolutionary straightening haircare solution was actually created a few years before Madam C.J. Walker came on the haircare scene. Malone is believed to be the first African American Female Multimillionaire.

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