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Best Dover Neighborhoods For Young Black Professionals

Dover has so much to offer as the capital of Delaware. From historical attractions to soothing beaches, there’s something exciting for all residents of Dover to enjoy.

To learn about some of the best Dover neighborhoods for young Black professionals, singles, and families, continue reading.

3 Best Dover Suburbs for Black Families


Camden Dover Delaware

For a diverse and quaint piece of Dover to raise a family, Camden is ideal. With a population of just 3,484, it is easy to get that small-town feeling.

With plenty of parks to enjoy and an abundance of local businesses to support, this suburb will take you out of the city living environment.

Traveling around town is made easy with accessible public transit, with many amenities such as schools, restaurants, and the post office all being within a walkable distance.

Established in 1783, Camden has a rich history reflected by the many properties that inhabit the community.

For weekend getaways, Camden is located less than an hour away from Rehoboth Beach. This neighborhood is also very close to the Dover Air Force Base.

According to Niche, there are several schools for all grades in this neighborhood, all of which boast high ratings and reviews.

Residents of Camden love the calm area and feel safe in the low-crime environment the town facilitates.

Highland Acres

Another relatively small, suburban piece of Dover, Highland Acres is a great place to live.

Highland Acres caters to convenience, as most everything you’ll need will be right around Route 13. Beaches are accessible with just a short drive, and additional outdoor activities such as hunting and fishing are also popular.

Housing is affordable, with the median home value coming in at $253,500. The majority of residents in this diverse community are homeowners.

Although Highland Acres accrues more than the national average of rainfall per year, it is considered one of Delaware’s hottest locations.

Many of the schools accessible to Highland Acres share territory with Camden and therefore have students coming from both suburbs. The schools have a ratio of about 15 students to each teacher.


Wyoming Dover Delaware

Just minutes from Dover, Wyoming is a neighborhood that is a fine blend of the suburbs and a rural environment.

Although it is often associated with Camden because of its proximity and the sharing of public facilities such as the post office and public schools, Wyoming exists independently from Camden and has its unique charms to offer.

Many of the people of Wyoming have resided there for generations, and the population is just a mere 1,381 residents. This small suburb of Dover has a close and supportive community.

The town has a rich history based on creating accessibility around the Pennsylvania Railroad. Even the homes of Wyoming are historical, several of which are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Farming is also an important part of this town’s culture, where it produces peaches that are shipped all around the world every season. Wyoming commemorates Delaware’s state fruit with an annual Peach Festival.

The Wyoming Park is a popular family-friendly attraction meant to host local events and features a playground for children. The community takes special care to ensure the park is looking its best at all times for the people of Wyoming.

There are private and public school options available in Wyoming, again sharing some of those jurisdictions with Camden and Highland Acres.

2 Best Dover Neighborhoods For Black Singles & Young Professionals

Downtown Dover

Downtown Dover Delaware

For young Black professionals and singles, Downtown Dover is the place to be. The city holds events such as a weekly farmer’s market and First Fridays, attracting participation from many local establishments.

This part of the city hosts many programs supporting the arts, including a gallery for local artists and a dance studio. A museum of American art is also located downtown.

Local shops and boutiques are abundant in this neighborhood, with a vintage shop, bazaar, and plenty of clothing stores for all occasions.

History buffs will love the significance of Downtown Dover, as it was a stop on the Underground Railroad. Beautiful historic landmarks and buildings also surround the area, such as the Delaware Governor’s Mansion, Macomb Farm, and Town Point.

Other sources of entertainment in the area are the Dover International Speedway, which hosts NASCAR racing, and the Dover Downs harness racecourse, located at the casino. The city is also the host of the annual Firefly Music Festival.

The cost of living for singles is affordable here, with rent averages coming in well below the national average at about $780-$856 for a one-bedroom.


Smyrna Dover Delaware

Smyrna is a comparatively larger neighborhood in Dover, with a population of 11,484 residents. As another suburb with a more small-town feel, Smyrna has a close community.

The town does not have as convenient public transit options, but with a car, you have access to all types of activities. There are beaches nearby and conveniently close to bustling cities such as Baltimore, Maryland, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Delaware State University, a well-established historically black university, is located nearby. The university hosts colleges of agriculture, humanities, business, and health and behavioral sciences.

According to Niche, Smyrna ranks No. 13 in places with the lowest cost of living in Delaware. This area would be ideal for any young Black professional working in the city or even in a nearby state who is willing to commute.

Is Dover Safe?

Is Dover Safe

Safety is an incredibly important factor when deciding to move somewhere new. In regard to how safe the state of Delaware is, it falls in the middle of the peace index, according to Statista.

As far as the cities within Delaware go, measured on criteria of needing a population of 10,000 or more, Dover falls at number four out of six ranked cities.

Statista also reports Delaware as having a reported crime rate of 422.6 per 100,000 residents. Dover earned a “C” ranking in Niche’s crime and safety category, with the city’s assault and theft-related crimes coming in above the national average.

That being said, many of the residents of the suburbs and neighborhoods of Dover tend to speak highly of the police responsiveness and low crime rates.

What Is Dover’s Demographic?

Dover’s Demographic

The demographics of a city can greatly influence your decision as you research places to move.

Dover had a population of 38,166, according to the U.S. Census’ 2019 estimate. The city is made up of a predominantly Black population, with 46.5% of residents being Black or African American. White people are the next largest percent of the population, with 43.1% of residents.

Of the population, the median age is 30.7, and the city is nearly an even split of men and women, with 53.4% of the population being female.

Nearly 50% of all households are homeowners, with 72.1% of those households being married residents. The overall marriage rate is 31.5%.

The median income for households is $47,669, with an employment rate of 54% and an unemployment rate of 6.2%. For people in the 25-34 age group, the employment rate rises to 75% and higher, which is promising news for young Black professionals.

The average household size for Dover is 2.35, but it is 3.01 among the married, which indicates a good mix of singles and families are choosing to settle down in this city.

Top Dover Neighborhoods For Black Families, Conclusion

As far as cities go, Dover is more of a low-key, quiet place to live.

The surrounding suburbs and neighborhoods all have distinct communities and charms, which is fine for a small-town vibe. Those listed above are the top Dover suburbs for Black singles and professionals and the best Dover neighborhoods for Black families.

For Black singles, young professionals, and families looking for peaceful living, beach getaways, and many more amenities, Dover, Delaware, could be your new home.

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