Best Portland Neighborhoods For Black Families, Young Professionals & Black Singles – Maine

Best Portland Neighborhoods For Black Families

If you are thinking about moving to Maine, the city of Portland should be at the top of your list. It is the most diverse city in the state, with a black population of 8.3 percent. This percentage is extremely diverse for Maine. Here are some of the best Portland neighborhoods for black families.

3 Best Portland Suburbs For Black Families

While 95 percent of the state of Maine is Caucasian, the African-American population continues to grow. Portland is the most diverse city in the state, with new people of color constantly coming to the area.

Portland’s suburbs have some of the best Portland neighborhoods for black families.

Of course, within any city, some neighborhoods are more diverse than others. If you are looking for a good Portland, Maine, neighborhood for black families, there is more to look for than just diversity. You also want to find a neighborhood with good schools, libraries, entertainment, and other activities!

North Deering

North Deering Portland Maine


North Deering is a suburb of Portland. About 16,000 people live here, making it a small but comfortable neighborhood. It is home to several excellent schools, including highly-rated public schools for every age group.

North Deering also has one of the more diverse populations in the city and is also a good place for young professionals, with many bars, restaurants, and other activities. There are plenty of jobs here in every sector. The cost of living is moderately high, like many other places in the state of Maine. Despite this, most residents own their homes.

Cape Elizabeth

Cape Elizabeth Portland Maine

Cape Elizabeth is a beautiful suburb that offers a slightly more rural atmosphere with all the convenience and accessibility of living in the city. It rates as one of the best places to raise a family in the entire state of Maine.

Cape Elizabeth is home to an excellent housing market and a wide variety of good schools. While it isn’t the most highly diverse neighborhood in Portland, residents tend to be open-minded and welcome people of all ethnicities and races.

Cape Elizabeth also has many bars, restaurants, group activities, and other things to do, so it is a great place to make friends.

North Yarmouth

North Yarmouth Portland Maine


North Yarmouth is a small neighborhood located just outside Portland. Like Cape Elizabeth, it offers a somewhat more rural feel, with plenty of green space like parks and much less active nightlife than other neighborhoods in Portland.

North Yarmouth has a suburban vibe, with plenty of family housing and highly-rated public schools. The neighborhood has just under 4,000 residents, exemplifying a small, close-knit community with low crime rates.

Most people in North Yarmouth own their own homes, though there are rental properties available. The neighborhood scores moderately high in terms of diversity, making it a great place to raise a black family in Portland.

2 Best Portland Neighborhoods For Black Singles & Young Professionals

If you are a young single professional looking to start a new life in Portland, ME, you might be wondering where the best place is for you. Neighborhoods for young, single people tend to be diverse and community-oriented, with lots of activities and nightlife. Portland has several neighborhoods that fit these criteria. The two top Portland suburbs for black singles & young professionals are East End and East Bayside.

East End

East End Portland Maine

East End is one of the top neighborhoods in Portland, ME, for black singles and young professionals. There is a diverse assortment of housing options, an active dating scene, and plenty of things to do.

East End is an active neighborhood that is community-oriented. People who live here say they feel safe walking around, even at night, thanks to good infrastructure. There are lots of pet owners here, and you’ll even find several dog-friendly establishments.

There are a lot of restaurants in the East End, many of which showcase the diversity of the community with cuisines from around the world. This neighborhood is also home to the Portland Observatory, a theater, and many other arts establishments.

The East End has a reputation for being an interesting but laid-back place that skews young and progressive in terms of population. You won’t find many families living here — it is definitely a place for single people.

East Bayside

East Bayside Portland Maine


East Bayside in Portland proudly claims to be the most diverse neighborhood in the entire city. This neighborhood is all about community, with a lot of outreach. While it started to support underprivileged and marginalized people, it has become one of the hippest and most interesting Portland neighborhoods.

East Bayside is an industrial and commercial hub. These days, it has a reputation as a haunt for hipsters: there are plenty of breweries, coffee shops, and art galleries. It is a favorite place for outdoor activities, as it is home to the Back Cove Trail that follows the waterfront. The population here skews young, with above-average demographics for people of color than any other neighborhood in Portland.

Is Portland Safe?

Is Portland Safe

Portland, ME, is a safe city with lower property and violent crime rates than the national average. Crime in Portland has been dropping steadily over the past 15 years, and in general, it is considered an extremely safe city. Many residents say they feel safe walking around the city at night thanks to good city lighting and low violent crime rates.

However, that does not mean that anyone should be out and about at night. Portland gets very quiet after dark, except for the Old Port and its more active nightlife scene.

Overall, the Portland crime rate is 28.33 per 1,000 residents. The rate of violent crime is 2.43 per 1,000 residents.

What Are Portland’s Demographics?

Portland’s Demographics

The state of Maine is one of the whitest states in the country, with some estimates putting the population at close to 95 percent Caucasian. However, more and more people of color are moving to the Pine Tree State. If you are looking for a diverse city, Portland is your best bet.

The most recent statistics put Portland’s demographics at 84.6 percent Caucasian. Meanwhile, African Americans make up 8.45 percent and Asian Americans 3.47 percent. The remaining population consists of persons of two or more races and people of Native American or Pacific Islander heritage.

The Best Portland Neighborhoods

Best Portland Neighborhoods

Each neighborhood in Portland has a distinct look and feel that makes it unique. Some of the most highly rated neighborhoods include Parkside, West End, Deering, and West and East Bayside.


It should come as no surprise that Parkside is home to the city’s largest green space. This neighborhood is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, with plenty of opportunities to hike, bike, and walk.

West End

West End is one of the most elegant neighborhoods in Portland, full of perfectly preserved Victorian architecture. These historic structures are known nationwide as some of the best living examples of the era.


As we mentioned above, Deering is an excellent neighborhood designed around family life. This neighborhood is one of the most diverse areas of Portland and has excellent schools.

West Bayside And East Bayside

Both Bayside neighborhoods are some of the most thriving and quickly growing areas of the city. Here, you will find diverse communities with plenty of public events. These neighborhoods lay alongside the Arts District and the Old Port, making them the perfect middle point for artists and nightlife. If you’re a young professional in Portland, Bayside is the place to be.

Top Portland Neighborhoods For Black People, Conclusion

We’ve covered some of the best Portland neighborhoods for black families, singles, and young professionals. Though the state of Maine is still mostly Caucasian, more and more people of color are moving there. Portland is the most diverse city in the state, with excellent community events, a thriving art scene, and good schools.

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