Is Keracare Black Owned? We Reveal All

Is Keracare Black Owned

Keracare is one of the premium skin, hair, and beauty brands that cater to women of color. It has been around for years and revolutionized the industry. One of the first companies to focus on natural hair, Keracare was huge for the entire industry. However, is Keracare black owned or not? We did the research – here’s what we found out.

Is Keracare Black Owned?

Is Keracare Black Owned


Keracare is not Black owned. It is a company that focuses on Black hair care and maintaining a healthy scalp with textured hair, but the company is owned by Dr. Ali Syed who is Indian.

Dr. Syed is a scientist who has been working with textured hair for decades to find the perfect hair care solution.

Keracare is owned by the company Avlon Industries, which focuses on finding solutions for hair of varying textures and styles. However, it is not a Black-owned business. Avlon Industries was founded and run by Dr. Ali Syed, the chemist behind the formulas and hair solutions.

While it’s not Black owned, Avlon Industries and Keracare do their best as companies to cater to men and women with textured or curly hair. Dr. Syed and his team of chemists work hard for salons and home users to be able to form and take care of their particular hair needs. They have focused on this research for many years. 

Dr. Syed was one of the first hair care manufacturers to address the difference in hair textures, especially with people of color. He revolutionized the Black hair care industry, and even though he is not Black, the entire industry exists thanks to his chemistry and experimenting.

Through his science, many other Black hair care businesses have been able to start production. Dr. Syed laid the groundwork for the hair care industry to be more inclusive. He is still the CEO and forerunner of Avlon Industries and Keracare.

Ali Syed and Avlon Industries

Ali Syed founded Avlon Industries in 1984, several decades before the majority of the hair care business was focused on textured hair. His first product was a relaxer that didn’t damage hair. Since then, he has focused on textured and African-descended hair for many years, creating many more products.

Avlon Industries creates several different lines of products, but all of them are geared towards women with textured or curly hair. Dr. Syed saw a hole in the hair care industry when most shampoos and hair care products were made with straight, fine hair in mind.

Avlon Industries began business with salon products. It wasn’t until the 2000s that the company began making products for individual users. The salon-strength products are their main sellers, but anyone who desires to use the same products can get a less potent version for their home.

Now, Avlon Industries continues to create hair relaxers, shampoos, conditioners, and oils for naturally textured hair. One of the company’s main subsidiaries is Keracare, which focuses on textured hair and hair care products for Black and mixed women.


Dr. Syed started the Keracare branch of Avlon Industries very soon after he created the business. Since his goal was to work with textured hair, he branded it for that very reason. Keracare exists to this day and works to create the best hair care products for men and women with textured hair.

Keracare strives to create naturally-based products without harmful ingredients (formaldehyde, sulfates, parabens, and several other formulas common to hair care products). It works well on relaxed hair as well as natural hair. Salons have trusted these products for years.

In addition to salon hair care products, Keracare has recently added a line of home products. These are available in select stores and on the Keracare website. Keracare’s main lines of hair care products are salon strength, however, and sold worldwide for natural and textured hair salons.

Keracare’s products were originally focused on relaxers that didn’t dry or damage the hair. However, natural and unrelaxed hair has made a comeback. Because of this, Keracare has increased the product line to include other hair care, including these products:

  • Keracare shampoo
  • Keracare conditioner
  • Keracare curling cream
  • Keracare hair gel
  • Keracare thermal protector
  • Keracare curling jelly
  • Keracare edging cream

These are just a few of the products Keracare offers. Keracare products are created with care for the health of the scalp and hair. Textured hair is extremely different than fine, straight hair, and Keracare’s products reflect that difference. Dr. Syed’s research has made it possible to help women everywhere with their hair care.

Black Owned Hair Care

Black Owned Hair Care


While Dr. Syed has done an excellent job researching, experimenting, and preparing salon-grade hair products for women of color, it doesn’t change the fact that Keracare is not a Black-owned business. For those hoping to support Black-owned businesses, it might be difficult.

If you want to support a Black-owned business for hair care products, many are owned by African Americans and several by women. These include Camille Rose, The Mane Choice, and My HoneyChild. Each of these companies was founded and is run by a Black woman.

These and many other Black-owned hair care companies owe the science and research behind their products to the work of Ali Syed, the founder of Avlon Industries. Without his pioneering research into curly and textured hair, it wouldn’t be as easy to start new companies that cater to Black women’s hair.

Whether you decide to support Keracare, Avlon Industries, or a Black-owned hair product line is up to you. People of color know the most about caring for their hair, and many Black men and women have started companies to help solve this problem. With the help of scientific research, many more companies can form.

Is Keracare Black Owned? Final Thoughts

Is Keracare Black Owned - Final Thoughts


Is Keracare Black owned? Keracare is not Black-owned but is the daughter company of one of the leading chemistry labs in natural hair care. Black hair care owes a great deal to the scientific work of Dr. Ali Syed in his laboratories at Avlon Industries. Keracare might not be Black owned but plays a large part in the legacy of Black hair care.

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