What Are 4A, 4B and 4C Hair Types? Answers And Picture Examples Inside

What Are 4A, 4B and 4C Hair Types? Answers And Picture Examples Inside

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4B Hair Type Examples

4B hair care tipsType 4B hair has fluffy cotton like appearance. The hair strands have a “Z” shape and do not have a clearly defined curl pattern.

The “Z” shape is formed by the sharp bends that the hair takes instead of forming a curve. This hair type usually feels wiry when you touch it and is tightly coiled.

Due to the sharp bends on the hair strands, this hair type is drier and breaks easily.

4b hairstyles picture, examples not on pinterestThe 4B hair type is very diverse in texture and density. It rangers from a fine texture and scarce density to a coarse texture and densely packed hair strands. 4B hair experiences shrinkage of up to 70% of its actual length making it appear shorter than it really is.

Do only black women have 4B hair?Women with natural 4B hair should go for protective hairstyles such as twists, braids and buns so that they can protect their hair from damage. They should also stay away from manipulation styles such as ponytail puffs, roller sets and twist outs.

Since 4B hair is dry, it requires regular moisturizing. If you have this hair type, ensure that you deep condition your hair frequently and use gentle cleansers.

When drying the hair, it is best to use microfiber or a t-shirt to dry it so as to avoid tension on the hair strands.

What Is 4C Natural Hair? How To Tell This Type Of Afro Hair

4C hair exampleType 4C hair is more tightly coiled than type 4B and has no defined curl pattern. To define a pattern, women with 4C hair need to braid, twist or shingle through the hair strands.

The hair strands in this hair type do not clump easily. The only way to do so is by applying some sort of styling technique.

4c hair care tipsWhen the hair is not stretched out, it has a shrinkage percentage of more than 70%. This means that it looks a lot shorter than it actually is.

4C hair ranges from soft, fine, thin to coarse and densely packed hair strands. As a matter of fact, this hair type looks a lot like type 4B. However, the major difference is the fact that 4C is tightly packed and has less definition.

4c hair wash and goOf all the type 4 hair types, 4C is the most fragile. This means that it breaks more easily and requires a lot of care.

If this is your hair type, you should put protective hairstyles such as buns, braids and twists to avoid breakage. Due to the high breakage rate of this hair type, the hair should be protected when sleeping using a satin or silk cap.

What Are 4A, 4B and 4C Hair Types?

Hopefully, now you can be able differentiate between type 4A, 4B and 4C hair types, the most common black hair types around. Did you even know that these hair types exist? Let’s here your opinion on this.

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