7 Best Leave-In Conditioners 2024 For Natural Black, Curly Afro Hair

The Best Leave-in Conditioners For Natural, Curly, Afro Hair

Olive Miracle Anti-Breakage Leave-in Conditioner For Brittle, Transitioning or Damaged Black Hair

African Pride Olive Leave In Conditioner

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This leave-in conditioner is extremely versatile for all different curl patterns and hair textures. But if you’re struggling with dry/damaged ends, weak or brittle hair, this is your new go-to product, without a shadow of a doubt.

Its featherlight moisturising formula will repair any split ends you have.

The best way to apply this African Pride leave-in conditioner is to wash out your hair and apply it in twisted strands.

It will also work wonders for taming and maintaining your chosen style. Alternatively you can even apply a heat protectant afterwards and blow dry your hair on a low heat setting.

However, you know us, we will forever say that natural hair drying is best. Nice job African Pride.

Top For Black Hair: Curl Junkie Curl Rehab

Curl Junkie Leave in Conditioner

Another oldie but goldie. We’ve left this conditioner till last, because although it’s great for repair jobs it is heavily scented and that’s just not everyone’s style.

Whether you’re looking to use this product as a leave-in or a deep conditioner it’s perfect for either. Moisture, moisture and we’ll say it again, moisture!

Having a bad hair day? Curl Junkie it.

Ends feeling dry? Curl Junkie it.

Hair breakage? Curl Junkie it!

The fact that it works just as well left in your hair or washed out speaks volumes for us. And we can’t get over how slick and smooth it leaves our curls feeling.

Not the mention the sheer definition it adds to your hair. It’s perfect!

What Are The Benefits Of Leave-in Conditioners For Natural Hair?

The Best Leave In Conditioner For Afro Hair Straightened

To put it simply, leave-in conditioners are the ride or die of natural afro hair care journeys. Seriously, they’re that good.

If you need taming, and if you want soft, bouncy but manageable natural curls then you need a leave-in. If you’re always struggling with your hair, then it’s not an exaggeration to say that leave-in conditioners will change your life.

They work to reduce the amount of fly-aways you have, detangle that bed-head and keep your gorgeous curls looking silky smooth. That once horrific, mammoth task of styling your hair daily is now something we genuinely look forward to.

I’ve Black Hair, How Often Should I Use A Leave-in Conditioner?

Beautiful African American Girl With Natural Hair

Now, this is utterly dependant on you and how you style your hair daily. If you’re the type of person that wears their hair up a lot, or out of their face then you’re looking at around 2-3 times a week.

On the other hand if you’re one of those typical girly sisters who love their luscious locks to be down, then a small amount applied daily if going to make all your hair dreams come true.

Natural Hair Question; How Long Will One Purchase Last Me If I Have Curly Hair?

Lady With Natural Afro Hair Selects Leave In Conditioner

The length a product will last you depends entirely on the thickness and give when you spread the conditioner about your hair. As an example, if you’re using the product daily, it gives an average coverage and your hair is medium length, then we believe you’ll be looking to top up after 3-4 weeks of use.

To combat the constant buying most brands will simply offer you a larger container, but it’s important to know which product is right for you before committing yourself to that purchase.

What Products Are Complementary To Leave-in Conditioners And Which To Avoid Like The Plague

Natural Hair Needs Leave In Conditioner

Say goodbye to any water-based products right now, unless you want to look like a damp rabid sheepdog, that is. Leave-ins usually work well with most of your general oil-based styling products and act as an enhancer more than anything.

So, you’ll be able to use that heat protection and gel you just spent a fortune on in peace!

The Best Leave-in Conditioners For Natural, Curly, Afro Hair Conclusion

The Best Leave-in Conditioners For Natural, Curly, Afro Hair

Finding the leave-in that’s right for you should now be a piece of cake! We can’t wait for you to pick your favorite and discover a new dimension to hair care.

Or, maybe just switch up to a better product. The choice is yours!

Was your favorite in our list? Regardless, we’ll see you looking fabulous soon!

We know you do already… but we weren’t entirely sure that fabulous-er was a real word…

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