/ / Quick Weave, What It Is, How To Do It, And How To Make It Look Good!

Quick Weave, What It Is, How To Do It, And How To Make It Look Good!

Quick Weave What It Is How To Do It And How To Make It Look Good

10 Of The Best Quick Weave Hairstyles You Can Try

Medium straight quick weave picture

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Stuck for ideas? In need for some inspiration? Check out these 10 styles and see if your next style is among them.

We love love LOVE this jet black long bob. The blunt asymmetric cut makes it a modern and edgy style, but it’s still just as suitable for the office as it would be for the club or a party.

How to do quick weave with a short hairstyle image example

This client had alopecia, so decided to get a quick weave to cover it up. Quick weaves are good for alopecia because you can attach the hair directly to the stocking cap instead of sewing it into braids.

3c curly quick weave hairstyle example with brown

If you’re feeling in the mood for a curly style, why not try this one? We like the fact that the ends look a natural gold color, and the roots are black which means it can blend in easily with your existing hair color. You can find hair extensions with black roots and colored tips, in all kinds of colors, so you can get creative with your next style.

Quick weave with waves

If retro glamor is your vibe, then this style might just be your next one. Finger waves will give you a vintage English or European style, and the styling products needed for this style give it a sheen. This is more of a party style, but if you like to rock a glamorous look every day, then this could be for you too. The only thing to keep in mind is that this style takes a long time to create.

Short purple highlighted quick weave

This short style has a flash of purple in it, making it fun and interesting. You might not be able to rock it when you’re in the office, but going out shopping, clubbing or on vacation? It’s perfect. We think purple looks awesome, but you could use any color you wanted to make you stand out in your own way.


If you’re a fan of long, wavy, Indian-style hair, this could be your next style. That’s the great thing about quick weaves – you can switch up your style whenever you feel like it. In this style, the tracks were probably placed very close together, to give a full, thick look to the hair. If you choose synthetic hair, make sure to get the wave you want right out of the packet. If you choose natural hair, you can buy straight hair and make the curls or waves yourself using styling equipment.

Long black and brown tipped quick weave

Long, straight, sleek. We love it. Like we mentioned before, it’s now all the easier to find hair extensions with different colors at the roots and tips. We think this ashy red tone complements the model’s skin perfectly. You can pick your own color to suit your style.

One side heavy quick weave

If you’re headed to a wedding, a party or a formal event, this could be the style for you. We love the way one side is heavier than the other, covering the eye for a glamorous look. To get this style, we recommend you see a stylist who is experienced in cutting and styling hair for events. The swept back look is likely achieved with a roller set.

Blue and pink quick weave

Unicorn hair alert! Wow! Isn’t this stunning? Now, you’re probably not going to find hair in a packet that comes in this color, but if this is a look you want to replicate, head to a stylist who is an expert in color. You can dye human hair extensions to whatever color you want. In this style, the top is blue, the bottom is pink, and there are purple accents throughout.


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