What Is Pre Poo, Why To Do It, And How To Pre Poo Afro Hair

What Is Pre Poo, Why To Do It, And How To Pre Poo Afro Hair

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As black women, our hair can be very fragile and should be handled with care. One of the areas where a lot of hair breakage occurs is during washing. This is the result of scrubbing, rubbing and manipulating the hair while cleaning it.

Well, there’s a solution to this problem and it’s called pre poo. In this article we look at what pre pooing is, why you need to do it, how to get started, and everything else in-between. So read on girl and become a pre poo queen! 🙂

What Does Pre Poo Mean?

What is pre poo?As the name suggests, pre-pooing is done before shampooing or washing the hair. The process of pre-pooing involves treating hair with oils or conditioner treatments before washing it. This process is similar to the hot oil treatment used for deep conditioning back in the day. It entails applying natural oils to the hair and letting it rest for some time before washing the hair.

Why Do Black Women Prepoo Their Hair?

Benefits of pre pooBlack women find pre-pooing very beneficial to their hair. For starters, it adds moisture to hair and also prevents moisture from escaping. In most cases, hair gets dry as a result of stress impacted by styling, weather and heat. Pre poo restores the lost moisture and makes hair vibrant.
Another major benefit of a pre poo treatment is the preservation of natural oils found on the scalp and hair. Most shampoos strip off these oils leaving the hair follicles exposed. By preserving these oils, hair retains its shape, definition and shine.
Pre poo allows smooth detangling of hair. At this point, less breakage occurs which is a good thing. Regular pre poo treatment also improves hair texture, shape and sheen.

What Should I Use To Pre Poo My Hair?

What you should use to pre pooThere’re many things you can use as pre poo. It can be coconut oil, argon oil, olive oil, honey, mango butter and yogurt. You can also make your own homemade blends or simply buy store bought treatment or hair masks. Even your favorite conditioner can be used to pre poo or a sulfate free shampoo. You can’t lack something to pre poo your hair with all the options you have.

How To Pre Poo Natural Afro Hair

How to pre poo natural African hairYou’ll need to gather your supplies which include the oil you’ll be using to pre poo, a spray bottle with water and hair bands. Begin by detangling the hair and dividing it into four or more sections. Tie these sections with a hair band or simply braid or twist them. Apply your pre poo treatment of choice to one of the sections. Start from the tips and go down to the roots. Do this for all sections one by one. When you finish applying the pre poo on your entire head, use a plastic cap to cover your hair for 30 minutes. Lastly, rinse the pre poo and proceed with your normal wash or co cash regimen.

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