7 Exceptional Films Starring Black Female Leads

7 Exceptional Films Starring Black Female Leads

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Hollywood is slowly evolving in how many people of color are cast in big movies. However, it can still be a rarity to see Black women in lead roles on the big screen. In this article, we feature 7 great films that have Black actresses in lead roles. Whether you’re looking for a drama or an action movie, we have options that you can choose from!

1. Precious Starting Gabourey Sidibe As The Female Lead

Gabourey Sidibe Starring In PreciousActress Gabourey Sidibe plays the role of Claireece ‘Precious’ Jones in this powerful film. The movie takes its viewers on a journey through the life of Precious, who has experienced more turmoil in her lifetime than one could ever imagine. Precious has experienced a tremendous amount of abuse from both her parents but in the end she doesn’t want to let that hold her back from pursing her own dreams. Sidibe embodies resilience and strength in this very touching film.

2. Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

Exceptional film staring lead Paula PattonPaula Patton stars as Jane Carter in this amazing action-thriller that follows a spy team which has been wrongfully accused of plotting a terrorist attack. Patton’s character and the rest of the team go on an intense mission to clear their names, all unassisted. This movie will have you questioning everything and everyone as the team tries to find answers and stop new terror threats. Watch Patton and the team here.

3. Fruitvale Station

Black Actress Octavia SpencerStarring Octavia Spencer as the lead actress, Fruitvale Station is based on the real life events of Oscar Grant, a Black man who was unjustly and fatally shot by a policeman. In the movie, Spencer is Grant’s loving mother who seems to be his main source of support, even when times are difficult. Although sad, this movie is based on the events of Grant’s life just before he was killed and sheds light on the important issue of police brutality in communities of color.

4. Skyfall

Naomie Harris Lead in SkyfallIf you’re a fan of the James Bond series, you’ll love Skyfall. British actress Naomie Harris plays the famous Miss Moneypenny (Eve Moneypenny), who is the secretary of Bond’s boss. The cool thing about Harris’s role is that she is the first Black actress to ever play the role of Moneypenny. Ever. This film is action-packed and will leave you on the edge of your seat as Daniel Craig (James Bond) and Harris team up to destroy all threats to the Secret Intelligence Service.

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