6 African American Romance Books You Simply Must Read In 2022

6 African American Romance Books You Simply Must Read

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We love African American romance novels! Sometimes there’s nothing better than reading a good book to break down boredom. But don’t you hate it when you pick one up and it’s not that great? Well, we’re here to help!

In no particular order, here are 6 African American romance books you definitely must read.

Her Billion Dollar Man 2

Her Billion Dollar Man 2 - part 2 in the series

This African American romance book revolves around the life of Debra and Derek. They seem to be in a perfect relationship and are even engaged. However, something is holding back Derek from setting a wedding date. Debra is determined to find out the reason for this hesitation by all means.

This story will grip you from the very first page. It makes you part of the lives of the characters and makes you feel their fears, sorrows, insecurities and love. The drama and suspense is captivating and of course the sex is great. The characters are real and you will definitely enjoy this love story.

Saving Grace

Saving Grace - an African American romance book

Saving Grace is a Christian romance book for adults. It is about Grace, a black woman who had a rough past but finds solace after discovering God. She also meets a rich attractive deacon. Despite their strong attraction towards each other, their different views and backgrounds present them with many problems.

This African American Romance story will definitely captivate you even if Christian romances aren’t your thing. It teaches about patience, love, and faith. The writer captures your attention from the first page and walks with you till the end. It is no wonder why many people are asking for a follow-up book.

The Billionaire’s Arranged Baby

The Billionaires Arranged Baby - book by a black author

In this book, you get to meet Andrew, a rich guy with an extravagant lifestyle. When Andrew’s father dies, he leaves a very strange will. For Andrew to inherit his father’s company, he has to marry Eva and have a baby with her. Eva is Andrew’s childhood friend and was secretly in love with him.

This story is perfect for someone who does not like sex scenes and crude language but still enjoys a good love story. The plot is simple and flows well from start to finish exhibiting some strong emotions in some parts. The story has little twists that are both creative and interesting, and is a worthy addition to your bookshelf.

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