Do Black Girls Like White Guys? The Truth Revealed!

Do Black Girls Like White Guys?

If we were to travel back 100 years ago, interracial dating would be banned.

In fact, it wasn’t until the 1967 ruling of Loving v. Virginia where interracial marriage became possible.

Even during Jim Crow, there were hundreds, thousands of people who knew that love knew and continues to know no color boundaries.

But where does that leave us in the 21st century?

If you’re a White man who is attracted to Black women, you’ve probably questioned whether or not they’re actually interested in you.

Do black girls like white guys?

Here’s your answer.

Do Black Girls Like White Guys?

While there are Black women who are interested in dating White men, there are also Black women who are not.

We’re not going to kill you with the suspense.

If you want a straight answer, you’re not going to get one of those either.

Do Black girls like White guys?

Yes and no.

You could ask this question of any demographic, and you’d get the same answer.

Whether you’re dealing with Black women, Latino women, or Asian women, you’re going to have some women who like White guys and others who don’t.

And here are some reasons why.

There are going to be Black women who like all men.

As a black woman, I’ve been able to identify men within all ethnicities that I find attractive whether they’re Black, White, Hispanic, or Asian.

While I might have a preference who I end up with, most of it boils down to characteristics outside the physical.

Black women are going to look at whether you’re a good person, financially stable, educated, and more.

These are more commonly the factors that make or break the relationship or the possibility of one.

Now, I mentioned that word preference before.

This comes up a lot when people talk about interracial dating.

While you might come across Black women who are open to dating different men, you’ll also come across the ones who prefer White men.

These women are 100% down for the swirl and find themselves naturally navigating towards White men.

This is only the case for some Black women.

And now, we get to the “no” part of the answer.

Do all Black girls like White guys?

This would be no.

There are Black women who while they might find a White man attractive, they wouldn’t pursue a relationship with him.


Well, there are a number of reasons for this.

For many Black women, they strongly believe in raising a family where they’re children look like them and their father.

Others are simply very proud of being Black and believe that there is nothing better than marrying a Black man.

Another reason is that many Black women feel that they would never be able to connect to a White man on the same level that they do with a Black man.

And while these are just three of the reasons some Black women aren’t interested in White guys, there are probably countless others.

That’s really all it is.

It comes down to preference.

Some Black girls like White guys and some don’t.

There are a number of interracial celebrities showing that it happens in all walks of life though.

Are Black Women Turning To White Men Because They’ve Given Up On Black Men?

Same race relationships are the most common pairings.

If you’re a White man who is interested in dating Black women, it’s important to educate yourself on the divisiveness that sometimes occurs between Black men and women.

Oftentimes, what you see during your formative years shapes how you think the world works or how you think it’s supposed to work.

Since same race relationships are more common across the board, everyone is conditioned to believe that this is “the norm.”

I’m bringing this up to say that most Black women grow up thinking that they’re “supposed” to end up with a Black man.

It probably works the same for most races, but as many of us got older, we became aware of the idea that yes, we could date outside our race.

Even so, many Black women still hold onto the idea that they are meant to be with a Black man.

Now, I’m going to get a bit frank and maybe even a bit controversial.

While I won’t call it a trend, there’s a pattern that’s been going within the Black community.

You’ll hear ignorant rappers like Kodak Black mention that he, as a dark-skinned man, doesn’t like dark-skinned women.

You’ll hear Black men tear down Black women by calling them angry, bitter, or loud.

You’ll see hip hop or R&B music videos where the women that are featured are mostly white, light skinned, or racially ambiguous.

Now, for a lot of Black women, they’ve had enough.

You’ll hear some mention the pro-athlete pattern where a Black man will come from “the hood,” make it into a professional league, and more often than not, marry a non-Black woman.

You’ll hear that if Black men aren’t checking for them, then they’re no longer checking for Black men.

Truth be told, a lot of Black men are fed up with constantly sticking up for Black men when they’ll sooner put a non-Black woman on a pedestal.

So to be frank again, yes, there are some Black women who are probably turing to White men or dating outside of their race because they’re tired of dealing with Black men.

They’re tired of pursuing a demographic of men where many of them don’t seem interested.

And while there are some women who are turning to White men because they’re over Black men, there are tons of other women who are just interested in White men because they like what they like.

Like I mentioned before, everyone has a preference, and it just so happens that there are many Black women who prefer a White man over any other race.

Do White Guys Like Black Girls?

Similarly, while some White men like Black women, there are others who do not.

You might be reading this and thinking duhhhhh, of course White guys like Black girls, but it’s not as obvious as you think.

Black women who are interested in White men often ask themselves this question and that’s why I need to explain this question from the perspective of a Black woman.

As a White man who likes Black women, you’re probably thinking it’s pretty clear, but not to Black women, it isn’t.

The same answer for this question is the main answer to this article.

While there are White guys who like Black girls, there are also those that don’t.

And while I can’t speak for all Black women, I can speak for myself when I say that my gut reaction when I see a White man is to think that he’s not interested in Black women.

Obviously, my gut reaction is wrong because even my dating history would show that this isn’t true, but it’s still my reaction.

And here’s why.

As I mentioned before, same race relationships are the most common, so when I see an attractive White male, I’m already, albeit ignorantly, assuming he’s only into White women.

And even as Black women become more open to the fact that yes, White men do like Black women, there’s also the notion that White men are interested in mostly one body type.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t notice this.

Yes, I have noticed that in a lot of interracial relationships where the man is White and the woman is Black, the woman tends to be slim and petite.

Now, while I’m aware that this is just an example of some interracial relationships, many women believe that if they don’t fit into this particular body type, White men aren’t interested in them.

And lastly, the most heartbreaking reason as to why Black women don’t think White men are interested in them is because the world hasn’t always been kind to Black women.

There are many Black women who have been told that they’re “pretty for a Black girl” as if one, most Black women are ugly and two, this still doesn’t make them generally pretty.

When it comes to representation in the beauty industry, Black women always seem to come last where images of non-Black women take up most of your Instagram feed.

Look at all the reality TV shows.

This, I feel particularly strongly about.

TV shows like Paradise Island will put one black girl on the show to prove they’re “diverse,” and then we’ll spend the entire season watching as none of her castmates are interested in her. 

To put it simply, many Black women don’t believe White men are interested in them because it almost feels as if society tries to enforce the idea that most men aren’t.

What To Do If You’re A White Man Who Likes Black Women

For White men who like Black women, it is important to make your interest known.

If you’re shy, you might have a problem with this, but you’re going to have to make the first move.

And no, I’m not immediately telling you to ask her out, but you are going to have to gauge her interest.

Like I mentioned before, most Black women don’t think White men are interested in them, so in order to protect themselves from rejection, they won’t even consider approaching you.

And while I don’t want you to have to open yourself up to rejection either, there are a few things you can do to see where her head is before you even approach her.

If you can, try to gain some eye contact.

Trust me, we women love that.

And when you manage to catch her eye, smile.

That’s the most important thing.

People lock eyes by accident all the time, but a simple smile can let her know that you might be interested.

But if you’re not afraid to jump off the high dive, just jump right into speaking with her. 

Don’t play it cool or aloof, because she’ll think you’re just bored and looking for something (or someone) to pass the time.

Start a genuine conversation and be engaged.

All you really have to do is ask her if she’d mind talking to you for a bit of time, and if the answer is yes, you’re golden.

And while it’s great to put the vibe out there that you’re interested, how can you tell if a Black woman is interested in you?

How Can You Tell If Black Women Are Interested In You?

Women will often show their interest by spending time with you.

I’m not going to lie and act like some women don’t look at dating as a game.

This could probably just be said as a whole for people in general.

Regardless, there are some things you can pay attention to that might show you her interest.

The biggest thing is time.

No one likes to waste their time, so if she gives you a bit of hers, that could be an indication that she’s interested.

Pulling from my own experience, I’ve turned down conversations with tons of guys (that I wasn’t interested in) just so they wouldn’t think I was interested in them.

However, if I’m going to stand there and seek out a conversation with a man, chances are I’m interested in him.

Alternatively, I want to point something out.

While engaging in conversation can show that she’s interested in you, you might think that her asking follow up questions might also seal the deal.

That’s not necessarily true.

Sometimes, we just ask follow up questions to probe deeper to see if the conversation is even worth continuing. 

When engaging in conversation, don’t be afraid to leave some things to mystery so she’s potentially interested in talking again later.

And the last way I’ll talk about is you’ll know a woman is interested in you if she touches you.

Now, personally, I don’t touch someone unless I’m okay with them touching me.

So I might put my hand on his arm or shoulder just so he knows that I’m interested.

If I’m feeling particularly bold, I might play with his fingers as well.

So what you can take from this is, if a Black woman touches you before, during, or after a conversation, chances are she’s interested in you.

What You Need To Know About Dating Black Women

Race is a topic that will almost always come up in interracial relationships.

There are a few things you need to know about dating Black women, and many of these things might come up in the beginning of the relationship.

One thing is public disagreement.

It doesn’t matter that Loving v. Virginia was over 50 years ago.

It doesn’t matter that we’re now living in the 21st century.

It doesn’t even matter if you’re living in the left-ist part of the country.

People are going to have comments about your interracial relationship.

Whether they’re Black or White, there are some who are going to disagree with it.

There are some White people who would act as if you’re doing something “beneath you.”

There are Black people who will act as if the Black woman is betraying Black men.

It doesn’t matter where you are, but you’d need to be prepared to face the public’s opinions together.

The second thing you need to know is that there is always some semblance of truth and lies in stereotypes, and you need to forget those when entering an interracial relationship with Black women.

Some common stereotypes that follow Black women are the “Jezebel” and the “Sapphire.”

The Jezebel is used to further the stereotype that all Black women are sexually promiscuous.

The Sapphire is the stereotypical “angry, Black woman” where she is domineering, overbearing, and emasculating.

While many are quick to point these stereotypes to Black women, they can apply to all women.

There are women within all races who are sexually promiscuous and the same can be said for women who are aggressive and overbearing.

It is important to note that the stereotypes that many non-Blacks and even some Black men use to portray Black women are false.

And the last, and most important, thing you need to know about dating Black women is that race will come up.

It’s not a matter of if.

It’s a matter of when.

With the divisiveness that is seen all around the world, it’s a conversation that has to be had, and if you don’t bring it up, chances are, she will.

There are a few ways that race might come up throughout your relationship.

As a White man, she’s most likely going to ask if you’ve ever dated outside your race before, and more specifically, if you’ve ever dated any other Black women.

Some women ask this because they want to make sure they’re not “just a phase.”

Other women ask this to make sure that they’re not a fetish.

Tons of men fetishize black women, especially with the stereotype of the Jezebel at the front of their minds.

She’ll often ask this question to gauge how serious you are about her and the relationship.

Race might come up in another way, especially if you’re living in the United States.

There’s tons of systemic racism and racial injustice that still goes on, so there will come a time when you lay down all your thoughts because let’s face it, racism isn’t something one can disagree on and continue in a relationship.

There’s a lot of depth that can be reached with interracial relationships, and no amount of words would be able to cover the entire topic.

Some choose to read about it in romance novels that actually take the time to show the goings on and nuances of black women/white men (BWWM) relationships.

For a glimpse into these relationships and for a taste of what other women interested in an interracial relationship might be reading, you can explore these BWWM romance novels.

Do Black Girls Like White Guys Conclusion

While everyone has their own preference, there are Black women who prefer to date White men.

While the answer doesn’t seem clear cut, it pretty much is.

Do Black women like White guys?

Yes, some do and no, some don’t.

There are going to be women who mirror your interest and those who don’t.

All you really need to do is make your interest known with a few subtle cues, and see if she’s as open to the relationship as you are.

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  1. I have dated black woman and found that the first couple of dates they were unsure, for example, they would not hold hands in public or show affection. After a few dates it changed and in fact they showed off by making a fuss of me in public. Nothing came of these romances however we are still great friends.

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