61 Braids With Beads Hairstyles For Black Kids, How To, Price & More

Braids With Beads Hairstyles For Kids

Braids with beads are a great style for kids. There are many types of braids of this style.

Doing braids with beads is also quite easy once you know how.

In this article, we share how to do them, the prices of getting beads in your braids, and more.


How To Do Braids With Beads For Kids

How To Do Braids With Beads For Black Kids

Doing braids with beads for kids is quite easy. It just involves following a few steps. 

Firstly, you need to make sure the child’s hair is well prepared for braiding. It needs to be washed, conditioned and dried. 

You can use a hair dryer to dry the hair as this helps it straighten out. But just don’t overdo it as excessive heat can cause heat damage. 

Once the hair is prepared, you need to gather some key materials. 

You will need a rattail comb, some styling gel, the beads of your choice and some rubber bands depending on the style. 

Once you have these materials, you can begin the process. The first thing you’ll need to do is part the hair.


There are a few different ways to part hair if you want to do kids braids with beads. 

For most ways however, you will need to start by making a simple middle part from the forehead down to the nape.

You should use a rattail comb for this to make the parting distinct. You can add some styling gel to smoothen the hair.

Once you’ve done this first parting, you can section the hair further. If you want to braid cornrows, you can do more section from the forehead to the nape for each braid you will do.

If you want to do box braids, you can make small sections as you go, parting enough hair for each braid in the square shape.

Braiding And Beading

Once the hair is parted, you can begin braiding. If you want to do three strand box braids or cornrows, you need to start at the scalp on the section of hair you created.

Separate the hair into three strands and begin to do a knotless braid of thickness you want.

When you get to the end of the braid, you can secure it with a rubber band. Or you can braid all the way to the end of the hair to make a thin ended braid.

With twist styles, you need to separate the hair into two strands and twist towards the end before securing the last bit of hair with a rubber band.

Or you can twist it all the way to the end, but make sure the twist is firm and won’t unravel.

Repeat this process until all the braid are done. Then you can add the beads.

To add most types of beads, you just need to push the end of the braid through the hollow of the bead. And then twist the bead up the braid until it gets to the position you want it and it is snug.

There are a few methods you can use to get the hair through the bead. You can use a hair tie, a crotchet hook, a beading tool or various other tools.

Making sure the beads are not loose is important because if they are, they may fall out easily.

One way to secure beads it to wrap the hair at the end around the beads or to tie it into a knot.

Can You Use Extensions?

Can Black Girls Use Extensions?

One question many people have around braids with beads styles for kids is if you can use hair extensions for them.

And the answer is yes. You can braid kids’ hair with extensions and bead the braids afterwards just as you would with natural hair. 

You can use the same type of extensions you would for adult braids too.

How Much Do Beaded Braids Cost?

How Much Do Beaded Braids Cost?

Braids with beads for cost have a few costs associated with them. 

The beads themselves are not too expensive. You can get a bag of beads of any style you like for between $5 to $15.

If you want to do an extension style, the cost for extension would be around $10 to $15. But if you are doing a natural hair style you can skip this cost.

Getting kids’ hair professionally braided can cost around $50 to $100 depending on the style.

But you can also skip this cost if you do the braids at home.

How Long Do Beaded Braids Last?

How Long Do Beaded Braids Last On Black Kids?

Usually, braids with beads for kids can last from six to eight weeks if they are well taken care of.

You just have to make sure you wash them once a week or so to keep them clean and looking fresh. 

And make sure you add moisturizing products when you style them to keep them hydrated. 

You should also cover the child’s hair when they go to sleep if possible. 

Preferably with a silk scarf or bonne to keep the hair from experiencing friction that can make it unravel.

1. Heart Design Beaded Ponytail Updo

This cute style of beaded braids for kids is so neat and is one of our favorites. 

2. Double Ponytail Beaded Braids With Side Braids

This style really stands out and is so stylish and that’s why we love it. 

3. Beaded Cornrows With High Bun

This simple style with simple beads is one you really cannot go wrong with.

4. Multi Colored Beaded Cornrows

This style is great for kids who love multi colored beads and simple styles.

5. Cornrows With Bead Pom Poms

This is a unique style we love so much because of its boldness and how it stands out.

6. Heart Design Box Braids With Beads

Box braids with beads are always great and we love the cute heart design.

7. Many Beaded Medium Twists

Medium twists are an easy-going style and they look so great with beads. 

8. Beaded Box Braids With Bow Updo

This style with the cute bow and minimal beads is definitely one to try out.

9.Beaded High Ponytail Cornrows With Fringe

Styles with a fringe are always cute and the beads make this one even better.

10. Thick Natural Hair Braids With Beads

This is a great low effort natural hair style for black girls with adorable beads to enhance it.

11. Wrap Around Cornrows With Beads

Wrap around braids are great and we love the simple beading here. 

12. Middle Parted Box Braids With Beads

This symmetrical style is cute for kids and the beads make it even better.

13. Triangle Parted Box Braids With Beads

The triangle parting makes this style stand out and the beads are so great.

14. Beaded Natural Hair Cornrows With High Puff

This natural style is adorable and the minimal beads are so cute.

15. Patterned Hight Cornrows With Beads And Bow

This is a great cornrow style with flair and the beads here are very cute.

16. Thick Double Ponytail Braids

This style is unmatched and the black and white look with the beads is great.

17. Side Swept Twist Cornrows With Beads

Twist cornrows are unique and this style with minimal beads is adorable.

18. Double Bun Cornrows With Two Beaded Side Braids

This double bun style really stands out and the beads in the front are cute.

19. Double Bun Curved Cornrows With Beads

This curved cornrow style is unique and the gold beads are very cool.

20. Low Beaded Ponytail Braids With Side Braids

This style looks great with beads on all three sides matching. We love this style.

21. Overlapping Middle Ponytail Braids With Beads And Clips

Beads and hair clips are a great combination and this adorable style shows it.

22. Beaded S Shape Braids With Heart Design

This style of heart design braids is always adorable with added beads. 

23. Brown High Bun Braids With Beads

Brown braids can be so great for kids and these look better with beads. 

24. Forward Braided Cornrows With Beads

Forward braids are a unique style that stands out with colored beads. 

25. Pink And Black High Ponytail Braids With Beads

This very colorful style with transparent beads is one of our favorties. 

26. Beaded Close Packed Curved Braids

This is a very special style for kids that stands out because of the beads at the end.

27. Beaded Cornrows With Middle Design

This style is also very unique and we love the colorful beads on it. 

28. Bead Ponytail Braids With Zig Zag Parting 

This style is fun and the colorful beads make it very adorable.

29. Beaded Butterfly Braids

Butterfly braids are a favorite and the minimal beads make them even better.

30. Three Bun Braids With Beads

Three bun styles are adorable on black kids and the beads here are really great.

31. Beaded Color Streaked High Bun Braids

Braids with a single streak of color stand out and we love this beaded style.

32. Short And Long Beaded High Ponytail Braids

This style is like no other and it looks even cuter with transparent beads.

33. Single Braid Butterfly Braids With Beads

This single braid butterfly looks is so adorable with the pink beads added to it. 

34. Three Bead Puff Braids

The beads on this look are so special and really stand out which we love. 

35. Long Beaded Box Braids With Ribbon

This style with a ribbon is cool and the colored beads at the end are great.

36. Double Parted Cornrows With Beads

Double parted braids are unique and stand out and the beads here make the style better.

37. Thick And Thin Braids With Beads And Bow

These braids are cool and the bow and beads make the style very adorable.

38. Medium Thick Multi Beaded Box Braids

This simple box braids style is really enhanced by the beaded ends and we love it.

39. Cornrows With Short Front Beaded Braids

This style is very special and the beads really stand out in the front. We highly recommend it.

40. Double Up Knotted Beaded Braids

Gold beads styles are always great for kids and this one is no exception. 

41. Half Curly High Bun Beaded Braids

Curly hairstyles for kids are very cute and this beaded style is a favorite. 

42. Super Thick Beaded Twists

This twist braid style is adorable and the beads at the end are so great.

43. Super Thin Beaded Cornrows

Thin braids are great and this style with beads is adorable.

44. Forward Knotted Beaded Braids

Forward knotted braids with colorful braids is a style we really love for kids.

45. Front Braid With Double Ponytail Beaded Braids

This front braid style is unlike any other and it’s cute with golden beads.

46. Wide Parted Box Braids With Beads

Wide parted braids are effortless and casual and very cute with beads. 

47. Beaded Braid With Double Heart Design In The Back

The double heart design style is very cute and the beads make it even better. 

48. Close Parted Beaded Braids

This is another great close parted braid style with colorful beads that we love.

49. Double Bun Braids With Beaded Rows

Double bun styles are adorable and this beaded rows look is great.

50. Thick And Thin Front Beaded Braids

This style with minimal colored beads is cool and very cute. 

51. Beaded Three Strand Braids And Twist Mix

This style is unique and stands out even more so with the adorable beads. 

52. Beaded Fulani Braids

Fulani braids are a style we love and with beads they are great for black kids.

53. Beaded Curved Braids With High Ponytail

Curved braids with a colorful beaded ponytail are a lovely style for kids.

54. Beaded Bangs Braids

Bangs are always adorable on kids and these beaded ones are great.

55. Inter-locking Beaded Front Braids

Inter-locking braids with colored beads at the end are a great style to try.

56. Curly Ended High Ponytail Braids With Front Beads

Another great curly braid style for kids is this one with colorful beads.

57. Thick Twist Ended Beaded Braids

This is a unique twist style that we love with transparent braids.

58. Untied Cornrows With High Ponytail And Beads

These pink, white and purple beads are so cute on this style.

59. Back Knotted Beaded Box Braids

This is a great knotted style for kids that looks great with beads. 

60. Thin Beaded Natural Braids

This thin braid style is one we love and it’s adorable with beads.

61. Asymmetric Side Braided Cornrows With Beads

This braid style is unique and the transparent beads make it even better.

Braids With Beads Hairstyles For Black Kids, Final Thoughts

61 Braids With Beads Hairstyles For Kids, Conclusion

There are many styles of braids with beads for kids to choose from. 

And many of them are easy to do. These styles are cute, well put together and they are affordable. 

Hopefully, this article has given you many ideas. And hopefully it has answered many of your questions around these styles. 

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